Is ERA a first step to GLOREA (Global Research Area)?

October 15, 2007

In an acknowledgment of the European Commission's plan to revive the plan pf the European Research Area (ERA) - an effort to create a single European market for scientists and their works the European Science Foundation (ESF) will schedule a science policy conference for European policy makers, researchers, science organisations' managers, the private and non-governmental sectors to interact with each other and to voice their opinions on the this much publicised plan that is set to have a far-reaching effect on European science.

The ESF has recently submitted a joint response with the Heads of European Research Councils (EUROHORCs) per Commissioner Janez Potočnik's request to seek public comment and recommendation for the Green Paper on the ERA. (link

The two-day Science Policy conference titled Is ERA a first step to GLOREA (Global Research Area)", which will be held in Strasbourg, France, will provide an occasion for policy makers to interact with the science community, the industry and charities from Asia and North America to discuss topics that are concerning the ERA such as Research Infrastructure, Peer Review: Benchmarking, Strategic Foresight, Young researchers development, Collaborative Research ...etc.

Famed BBC Radio 4 presenter Quentin Cooper from the programme The Material World will serve as a moderator for the conference.

Also at the conference the winner of the 2007 European Latsis Prize will be announced. This year's winner will be chosen from the Medical Imaging field. The European Latsis Prize, valued at 100,000 Swiss francs (€65,000) is financed by the Geneva-based Latsis Foundation and awarded by the ESF to an individual or group who, in the opinion of their peers, has made the greatest contribution to a particular field of European research.

Time: 28-29 November 2007
Venue: Maison De La Region Alsace, Strasbourg, France
Please RSVP to
Thomas Lau
Communications Unit
European Science Foundation
Tel: +33 3 88 76 21 58 (Direct Line)

PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME (subjected to change)
WEDNESDAY 28 NOVEMBER, 13.30 - 19.00 HRS.
Is ERA a first step to GLOREA (Global Research Area)?
The ERA from an international perspective
13.30- 15.00 Session 1: Opening15.00-15.30 Coffee Break

15.30-17.30 Session 2: International views on the ERA17.30-17.45 Light Refreshments

17.45-19.00 Session 3: ESF "Showcase"
This session aims at giving the floor to the ESF Standing Committees and Expert Boards and Committees. Chairs of ESF Committees will engage on their views on the ERA and how ESF and its structures have contributed and could contribute more. The discussion will be led by Quentin Cooper, science journalist with BBC Radio 4.

THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER, 09.00 - 19.00 HRS.
Is ERA a first step to GLOREA (Global Research Area)?
The ERA from an international perspective

09.00-09.15 Session 4: ESF's role in the emerging ERA (and GLOREA) - IntroductionThe ERA from an international perspective

09.15-11.00 Session 4: ESF's role in the emerging ERA (and GLOREA) - 2 series of 3 parallel sessions

Session 4.1: Young Investigator's CareersSession 4.2: Researcher Driven Collaborative ResearchSession 4.3: Strategic ForesightSession 4.4: Peer Review: BenchmarkingSession 4.5: ESF-COST SynergySession 4.6: Research Infrastructure11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 Session 5: Views on ERA from the perspectives of private sector and charities13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 Session 6: ERA in an international Context: A view from science16.00-16.30 Coffee Break

16.30-17.45 Session 7: Round up and concluding remarks18.00-18.45 European Latsis Prize Ceremony: Medical Imaging

19.45 Dinner

European Science Foundation

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