1998 AAAS Annual Meeting And 150th Anniversary

October 17, 1997


The 1998 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) will be held February 12-17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The meeting will take place at the Philadelphia Convention Center and Philadelphia Marriott Hotel where the Association will launch its 150th anniversary celebration.

More than 180 multidisciplinary sessions featuring more than 900 speakers will include the latest research on topics such as pain management, the sun's impact on climate change, the connection between sunscreen and skin cancer, trends in mortality rates, ebonics and its influence on linguistic evolution, and treatment for obesity.

A special seminar, "Genome Seminar: Countdown to 2000 - Medicine," will address the changes occurring in the practice of medicine as a result of the human genome project. The seminar will be held February 14-15 (Saturday and Sunday) and will include cutting-edge presentations on functional diagnostics.

Featured speakers at the meeting will include former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, who will discuss the tobacco wars, "Dolly" creator Ian Wilmut, who will discuss the role of nuclear transfer in medicine and research, and top AIDS researcher Anthony Fauci who will address host factors in the pathogenesis of HIV disease. U.S. President Bill Clinton has also been invited to address the meeting.

The Philadelphia Marriott adjoins the Convention Center, and is the headquarters hotel for the newsroom. The workshops sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) will be held on Thursday, February 12 at the Marriott.

There are a limited number of rooms available at the Marriott at the AAAS conference rate of $139 (single). Reservations for all hotels must be received by December 15. We highly recommend that you select other hotels on the form, in order of preference, in case the Marriott is booked. Click here for a description and map of the hotels.


The newsroom operation will be located on the fourth floor of the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel. It will include news briefings, a workroom equipped with Internet access and computers, and private interview rooms. Newsroom registration will be located in Room 405 and will open on Thursday, February 12, at 8 a.m.



Only working reporters and public information officers who work directly with the media may register through the press office and receive complimentary registration. To register as media, complete the enclosed card and return it to the AAAS News & Information Office. Y

Reporters - Proper credentials are required to receive a press pass in the AAAS newsroom headquarters. These credentials include: a recognized press card, a current National Association of Science Writers (NASW) or International Science Writers Association (ISWA) membership card, a business card clearly showing media affiliation and position (such as editor, writer, producer, reporter, etc.), or a letter on official letterhead from an editor of a publication or a producer of a program certifying that you are covering the conference for their respective organization. (Please note that freelance journalists will need to present such a letter, unless they can show proof of membership in NASW or ISWA). Spouses and other guests of journalists cannot register as press and must pay the regular registration fee.

Journalism professors and journalism students - Journalism students and their professors are welcome to register through the newsroom. Proper identification is required at time of registration. Students must present a letter on official letterhead from their journalism professor certifying that they are attending the conference as part of a class activity.

Public Information Officers - Proper credentials are required to register in the AAAS newsroom headquarters. These credentials include a current National Association of Science Writers or International Science Writers Association membership card or a business card clearly showing position (communications officer, editor, writer, public affairs director, public information specialist, etc.) . Ad sales representatives, publishers, and others must register through the AAAS Meetings Office and pay the registration fee.

For further information contact:
Ellen Cooper
Dave Amber

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