Leading STEM publisher launches open access platform

October 18, 2016

New Rochelle, NY, October 17, 2016--Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, announces the launch of its LiebertOpenAccess.com platform, featuring the company's open access publications and services in one online destination. Using the latest technology, LiebertOpenAccess.com offers an intuitive interface and tools to help researchers discover free, open access content and explore the Liebert Open Access publishing services.

The robust LiebertOpenAccess.com search feature allows researchers to discover open access content published in Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. peer-reviewed journals. This functionality ensures that researchers will discover and read important articles from all areas of scientific research and medicine. Additionally, users can browse highlighted open access articles published daily, read blog posts, and peruse a portfolio of fully open access journals. The platform provides useful information on open access publishing including Creative Commons licensing, research funder policies, and helpful details about writing and submitting articles for publication.

The LiebertOpenAccess.com platform is one of several initiatives that Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is undertaking to enhance and develop its growing open access program. The company has revamped its publishing policies and introduced Creative Commons licensing to ensure that all articles comply with the open access policies of major research funders. The launch of Liebert Author Advocacy Program, allows institutions and scientific organizations to support open access publishing for their researchers through membership participation. Liebert Open Access continues to expand its portfolio of fully open access journals with the launch of more premier journals across the publishing program.

"The Liebert Open Access portfolio is growing rapidly. This new platform is an important resource for the scientific community to discover our growing database of open access articles and publications," says Jordan L. Schilling, Director of Open Access Publishing.
For a full description of features, benefits, and content, visit our website.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers is a privately held, fully integrated media company universally acknowledged for publishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in the most promising areas of biomedical research, biotechnology and regenerative medicine, clinical medicine, public health, law, environmental studies, and technology and engineering. The company's publications make critical contributions in advancing research and facilitating collaboration throughout the world in academia, industry, and government, and are also highly respected resources for legislators, policymakers, and educators. A complete list of the firm's journals, books, and newsmagazines is available on the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers website.

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