EMBO elects 40 top researchers to its membership

October 24, 2005

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) today announces the election of 40 leading life scientists to its membership. Each member has been elected on the basis of proven excellence in research and joins the ranks of over 1,200 of Europe's foremost researchers.

EMBO membership elections take place annually. Selection as an EMBO member recognises the key work being carried out by the chosen researchers in Europe and identifies them as among the very best in their field.

Frank Gannon, EMBO Executive Director, said, "EMBO members are the organisation's most valuable asset and the basis for our international reputation. This year's election once again puts a spotlight on the most outstanding representatives of the current generation of life scientists. We look forward to the fresh input this exceptional group of young researchers will bring to the organisation."

EMBO members represent a highly dynamic cross-section of the scientific community, covering the full breadth of the life sciences disciplines. 38 are Nobel laureates and many more are recipients of other prestigious international awards. EMBO members provide valuable scientific input to the organisation and through their contribution help to maintain the high standards of scientific excellence that EMBO has upheld since its foundation in 1964.

EMBO members are based predominantly in Europe. However, every year EMBO also extends an award of associate membership to a select group of scientists from outside Europe. The aim is to highlight the importance of interacting with scientists on an international level. A list of all new EMBO members and associate members is featured below.

The EMBO members elected in 2005 will be welcomed into the organisation and give a presentation on their research at the EMBO Frontiers of Molecular Biology meeting on October 13-17, 2006 in Sheffield, UK.

2005 EMBO members:
Dario Alessi
Silvia Arber
Philip Avner
Stephen D. Bell
Walter Birchmeier
Stephen D.M. Brown
Jozsef Burgyan
Jean-Laurent Casanova
Maria Antonietta De Matteis
Riccardo Fodde
Robert Fuchs
Kenn Gerdes
Pierre Gönczy
Edith Heard
Christine Holt
Andreas E. Kulozik
Achim Leutz
Julian Lewis
Joachim Lingner
Michael H. Malim
Maria G. Masucci
Harvey T. McMahon
Christoph W. Müller
Ulf Nehrbass
Luke O'Neill
Linda Partridge
Jerzy Paszkowski
Laurence Harris Pearl
Felix Rey
Mart Saarma
Kári Stefánsson
Jens Stougaard
Giulio Superti-Furga
Alfonso Valencia
Hervé Vaucheret
Isabelle Vernos
Stephen W. Wilson

Associate members: Ira Mellman
Roger Y. Tsien
Bert Vogelstein

European Molecular Biology Laboratory
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