TPV EU approval provides new HIV active drug to be combined with FUZEON®

October 26, 2005

The clinical trials RESIST I and II showed that almost double the proportion of patients who received FUZEON plus tipranavir/r showed a 90 percent drop in viral load compared with patients not receiving FUZEON. This FUZEON effect was shown in other clinical trials combining FUZEON with other boosted protease inhibitors, including lopinavir/r and TMC 114/r.

The use of FUZEON with tipranavir for the management of treatment-experienced patients was supported by recently updated treatment guidelines by the Department of Health and Human Services in the US, where tipranavir has been available to patients since June 2005. For the first time, the guidelines also recommended the treatment goal of achieving suppression of the virus to levels that make it undetectable in the blood for these patients.
Notes to Editors:

Growing Body of Evidence, RESIST 1&2 / POWER 1&2 / TORO 1&2 - Collectively the data from all six studies, in over 2,500 patients, establish a new paradigm in the management of triple class-experienced patients.

RESIST Phase III tipranavir trials
POWER Phase II TMC114 dosing trials
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