National digital library goal boosted by NSF awards

November 01, 2000

Projects to develop library for science, math education

A national online digital library, considered a key step toward addressing the digital divide, moved closer to reality recently with 29 awards totaling some $13.5 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The awards aim to create, organize and install high-quality education resources onto the Internet.

The awards from NSF's National Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) program may strongly affect K-12 and undergraduate education by providing anytime, anywhere access to a rich array of authoritative and reliable interactive materials and environments, according to Lee Zia, NSDL program officer at NSF.

The awards for 2000 range in size from $160,000 to $840,000 over two years. Some of the newly funded projects focus on gathering and organizing content in areas such as geosciences, life sciences, engineering and mathematics. Others will develop the processes to manage and coordinate that content in the library's core collections, and develop services for users and collection providers.

"NSF's goal is to provide access to the very best standards based, inquiry driven learning for K-12 and undergraduate students," says Judith Sunley, interim assistant director for Education and Human Resources. "The NSDL also will serve as a platform to enhance the professional development of teachers and faculty."

The program continues ongoing efforts of the national, multi-agency Digital Libraries Initiative begun in 1994, which has involved NSF, the Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and other federal agencies.

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National Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) Awardees

Brown University
Andy van Dam - Collaborative Project: A Component Repository and Environment for Assembly of Teaching Environments (CREATE) -
Amount: $244,000

University of California-Berkeley
Alice Agogino - Developing a Core Integration System for a NSDL Library -

California State University Foundation
Gerry Hanley - Peer Review of Digital Learning Materials: Critical Service for Digital Libraries -

Carnegie-Mellon University
Howard Wactlar - Threading Information Pathways Through NSDL Video (Services Proposal) -
Amount: $500,000
Dave Yaron - Collaborative Project: A Component Repository and Environment for Assembly of Teaching Environments (CREATE) -
Amount: $244,000

Columbia University
Kim Kastens - Collaborative Project: To Gather, Document, Filter and Assess the Broad and Deep Collection of the Digital Library for Earth Systems Education -
Amount: $98,711
Kate Wittenberg - Columbia Pubscape: A Core Integration System for a National Science Digital Library Publishing Center -
Amount: $497,212

Cornell University
Bill Arms - The NSDL Central System - Amount: $799,085 Dogan Seber - Collection and Distribution of Geoscience (Solid Earth) Data Sets for the National Science Digital Library -
Amount: $158,000

Drexel University
Michael Atwood - Improving Knowledge Transfer: Prioritizing Content Creation in Digital Libraries Using Competitive Intelligence Systems -
Amount: $498,751

Dartmouth College
Barbara DeFelice - Collaborative Project: To Gather, Document, Filter and Assess the Broad and Deep Collection of the Digital Library for Earth Systems Education -
Amount: $98,711

Eastern Michigan University
Ellen Hoffman - TeacherLIB--Digital Community and Collections for Science and Mathematics Teacher
Education Amount: $799,864

Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Calif.
Chris DiLeonardo - Collaborative Project: To Gather, Document, Filter and Assess the Broad and Deep Collection of the Digital Library for Earth Systems Education -
Amount: $98,711

University of Missouri-Columbia
Su-Shing Chen - National Biology Digital Library -
Amount: $805,680

Ohio State University Research Foundation
Kim Roempler - National Digital Library for Undergraduate Mathematics, Science, and Technology Teacher Preparation and Professional Development -
Amount: $500,013

Syracuse University
Elizabeth Liddy - Breaking the Metadata Generation Bottleneck -
Amount: $366,293

University of Utah
Sharon Dennis - A Digital Multimedia Library for Health Sciences Education -
Amount: $355,678

Utah State University
Mimi Recker - The Instructional Architect: A System for Discovering, Recommending, and Combining Learning Objects
Amount: $399,878

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Saifur Rahman - A Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology -
Amount: $605,573

Washington and Lee University
Frank Settle - The Alsos Digital Library -
Amount: $224,349

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC Yolanda George - Biosciences
Education Network (BEN)
Amount: $799,285

American Geological Institute, Alexandria, Va.
Sharon N. Tahirkheli - Collaborative Project: To Gather, Document, Filter and Assess the Broad and Deep Collection of the Digital Library for Earth Systems Education -
Amount: $98,711

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Ill.
Chris Klaus - Atmospheric Visualization Collection -
Amount: $741,660

Mathematical Association of America, Washington, D.C.
Lang Moore - MATHDL: A Library of Online Learning Materials in Mathematics and Its Applications -
Amount: $856,257

National Association of Biology Teachers, Reston, Va.
Wayne Carley - Biology Education Online -- An Interactive Electronic Journal
Amount: $749,487, Syracuse, N.Y.
Woojin Paik - Breaking the Metadata Generation Bottleneck
Amount: $366,293

Texas Engineering Experiment Station, College Station, Texas
Rick Furuta - Metadocuments as Communicative Artifact to Enable Use of a Research Digital Library in Undergraduate SMET Education -
Amount: $249,945

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colo.
Dave Fulker - Core Integration Services for a Federated NSDL
Amount: $599,924

Universities Space Research Association, Columbia, Maryland
Donald Johnson - Implementing an Electronic Peer-reviewed Journal of Earth System Science Education Resources (JESSE): A Pathfinder for SMETE Resource Peer Review -
Amount: $249,861
Media contact:
Charles Drum

Program contact:
Lee Zia

National Science Foundation

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