CSIRO enters landmark research alliance with Orica

November 02, 2009

CSIRO's Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark said the alliance will strengthen Australia's science capability in areas of importance to both organisations, with the objective of improving the international competitiveness of Australian industry.

"The alliance will engage our programs in manufacturing, materials and minerals, embracing three of CSIRO's National Research Flagships: Future Manufacturing, Minerals Down Under, and Energy Transformed," Dr Clark said.

Orica is a leading publicly owned company based in Australia. It is also one of the few truly global Australian-based companies, employing around 15,000 people, with operations in around 50 countries and customers in twice that many.

Orica Managing Director Graeme Liebelt welcomed the ongoing collaboration with CSIRO.

"Orica and CSIRO have a long history of collaboration and cooperation to produce innovations of value to the mining and chemicals industries and broader community," Mr Liebelt said.

"This agreement captures the capabilities of both organisations and aims to deliver further ongoing benefit from newly developed technology."

With access to CSIRO's world class experts and facilities, the alliance will focus on projects over three time horizons: "The alliance with Orica is testament to CSIRO's commitment to not only engage with and support Australian industry, but also to continue to develop Australia's science capability," Dr Clark said.
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