Leading scientists elected to EMBO ranks

November 06, 2006

EMBO elects new members annually on the basis of scientific excellence. Its membership comprises over 1,200 of the world's finest researchers. The latest scientists to join the fold come from 14 different countries and represent a broad cross-section of the molecular life sciences community. 44 of the new members are based in Europe, while five distinguished scientists from the USA and China receive the special honour of associate membership.

Frank Gannon, EMBO Executive Director said, "EMBO Members are the organisation's most valuable asset and the basis for our inter¬national reputation. This year we welcome another group of exceptional scientists to the EMBO community. I look forward to the fresh input they will bring to the organisa¬tion."

EMBO has over 1,200 members in Europe and more than 70 associate members worldwide. 43 are Nobel laureates and many more recipients of other prestigious awards. EMBO Members provide scientific input to the organisation in all of its activities. Their contribution helps to maintain the high standards of scientific excellence EMBO has upheld since its foundation.

2006 EMBO Members

Ruedi Aebersold, CH
Bruno Amati, IT
Sebastian Amigorena, FR
Stylianos Antonarakis, CH
Dennis Bamford, FI
Tobias Bonhoeffer, DE
Allan Bradley, UK
Joanne Chory, USA *
Désiré Collen, BE
Gianni del Sal, IT
Suzanne Eaton, DE
Martin Eilers, DE
Ronald M. Evans, USA *
Jan Ellenberg, DE
Marc Feldmann, UK
Anne C. Ferguson-Smith, UK
Michael Gait, UK
Magdalena Götz, DE
Gillian Griffiths, UK
Lee Hood, USA *
Carlos Ibáñez, SE
Alain Jacquier, FR
Olli Kallioniemi, FI
Christian Klämbt, DE
Eva Kondorosi, FR
Ulf Landegren, SE
Krzysztof Liberek, PL
Isabelle Mansuy, CH
Patrick Mehlen, FR
Bénédicte Michel, FR
Anthony P. Monaco, UK
Salvador Moncada, UK
Jacques Neefjes, NL
Poul Nissen, DE
Valerio Orlando, IT
Francesc Posas, ES
Peter Ratcliffe, UK
Caetano Reis e Sousa, UK
Artur Scherf, FR
Manfred Schliwa, DE
Paul Schulze-Lefert, DE
Bruce Spiegelman, USA *
Murray Stewart, UK
Frank Uhlmann, UK
Jean-Paul Vincent, UK
Michael Way, UK
Andrew Wilkie, UK
Huanming Yang, CN *
Rolf Zeller, CH
* Associate Members

European Molecular Biology Laboratory

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