APS awards more than $160,000 to minority students of physiology

November 08, 2001

2001-2002 William T. Porter Fellowship winners announced

Since 1966, the American Physiological Society (APS) has awarded its Porter Physiology Fellowship to historically underrepresented minorities in science to encourage diversity among students pursuing full-time studies toward a Ph.D. in the discipline of physiology. This year, nine students have been awarded the one-year fellowship that provides each winner with an $18,000 stipend. To date, the APS has provided more than 70 fellowships to minority pre- and postdoctoral students.

2001-2002 APS Porter Physiology Fellows:

· Wendy Brisbon - Meharry Medical College

· Marcelo Febo-Vega - University of Puerto Rico

· Jorge Gonzalez-Perez - University of Puerto Rico

· Lisa Hernandez - University of California, Davis

· Adrienne Hicks - Meharry Medical College · Sonia Houston - University of Missouri Medical School

· Carmen Padro - University of Puerto Rico

· Annelyn Torres-Reveron - Ponce School of Medicine

· Maurice Williams - University of N. Texas Health Sciences Center

"This program has aimed to make careers in physiology accessible to minority students for 35 years and has been widely successful in that goal," said Dr. Martin Frank, executive director of the APS. "Former Porter Fellows include a director of a NIH Institute, leaders within the National Science Foundation, and department and program heads of academic institutions. The Society is happy to have assisted in their success," he added.

The program is designed to increase the participation of underrepresented minority students in the physiological sciences and to encourage their recruitment to responsible positions in academic institutions throughout the United States. The fellowship is open to underrepresented ethnic minority applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories (African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Native Alaskans or Native Pacific Islanders). For more information on the Porter Physiology Fellowship or the other education programs APS administers, log on to www.the-aps.org or email the APS Education office at education@the-aps.org.
The American Physiological Society is a professional scientific membership organization devoted to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information. The APS supports a variety of educational activities including programs and fellowships to encourage the development of young scientists at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with a particular focus on women and underrepresented minorities. Founded in 1887, the Society's membership includes more than 10,000 professionals in science and medicine.

American Physiological Society

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