'Italy at Cern': Italian high technology industry protagonist at Geneva research centre

November 11, 2005

The Italian industry will be protagonist from 14th to 17th November thanks to the exhibition "Italy at Cern": an excellent shop-window where the most technologically qualified companies will present their avant-garde products.

The 'Italy at Cern' exhibition takes place every two or three years. It is organized by Sandro Centro, Infn researcher and Industrial Liaison Officer at Cern, and by Federico Ferrini, scientific officer at permanent representation at International Organizations of Geneva, with the collaboration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland. The inauguration of the event will take place on Tuesday, November 15th at 14:30 p.m. at the Anfitheater Building of Cern in presence of M.P. Guido Possa, Vice-Minister for Education, University and Research.

"The challenge for the building of detectors for Lhc experiments requires the development of innovative technologies to which realization industries are called. An immediate economic return derives from the collaboration between research centres and industries, as well as a technological transfer, essential for the improvement of competitiveness" says Roberto Petronzio, president of Infn.

Italian industry is required to provide Cern high technological equipments with a great added value. Our country characterizes itself in particular in the fields of mechanics, high vacuum technologies, electronics for detectors, and electric and civil engineering. "The position of Italian industry is very satisfactory not only in percentage terms, in view of the relationship between acquired orders and national contribution to the Cern, but most of all in absolute terms. Italy is the second supplier country and since 2004 the returns in terms of orders have been overcoming the paid contribution. For an Italian contribution of 80,4 millions of Swiss franc, Italy has received orders for 85 millions and 2005 will shut up in an even more positive way" says Sandro Centro. In particular Italy, with Ansaldo Superconduttori, excels in the building of one third of 1200 magnetic dipoles of Lhc, and with Simic in the production of the 75% of cryostats, which contain the cold masses of the dipoles. Besides the two mentioned companies, other 24 firms will participate in Cern exhibition. Among these, Renco, Caen, Cecom, Ocem and Saes Getter.

National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
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