Springer titles to be preserved by Portico

November 14, 2007

With the inclusion of Springer's publications, over 7,200 titles have now been entrusted to the Portico archive. The complete list of titles is available at http://www.portico.org/about/committed_titles_alpha.html.

Portico has been founded in response to a critical need. The scale and complexity of the technology infrastructure, specialized expertise and quality control processes necessary to preserve electronic resources exceeds that which can be supported by any individual library or institutional budget. Long-term preservation also requires committed publisher participation. Supporting Portico, libraries and publishers can take collective action to protect vulnerable resources central to research and teaching. Portico offers a not-for-profit service that provides a permanent archive of electronic scholarly journals.
Springer is one of the world's largest publishers of journals in the STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) sector, the largest publisher of STM books, and the largest business-to-business publisher in the German-language. Springer is comprised of around 60 publishing houses in about 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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