APT launches new I/O Weblog

November 30, 1999

Darien, CT, April 14, 2005 - Applied Psychological Techniques, Inc. (APT) today announced its new Weblog, I-Opening Views, at the Twentieth Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, California (www.SIOP.org).

Available on the Web at http://I-OpeningViews.blogspot.com, this blog posts the pros and cons on topics related to I/O psychology and invites comments by readers in applied and academic settings, as well as human resource professionals and the general public. Topical feedback is moderated continually by members of APT's I/O consulting staff.

"We see I-Opening Views as a way to contribute in an ongoing way to our I/O professional community," said John Scott, Vice President of APT. "It also helps our own people stay focused on emerging trends, research, writing, networking within the profession and continuous learning-all important in the development successful I/O consultant careers."

I-Opening Views features monthly blog topics beginning with Credibility in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, written and moderated by Kathleen K. Lundquist, President of APT. Dr. Lundquist will expand upon her blog comments in a presentation today as Chairman of SIOP's Twentieth Annual Doctoral Consortium.

Also featured are Webcolumns Ask an I/O Expert, which invites readers to submit questions I/O experts, and What They Did Not Teach Me in I/O Graduate School which invites readers to relate "eye-opening" stories that make ABDs and new Ph.D.s aware of potential educational gaps between their academic training and the demands of business-world settings. "We are delighted to be on the cutting edge of the Weblog trend," said Scott. "We view our new Weblog as a tool that will keep us sharp, it will position us to a broad base of readers as industry experts and help keep our name at top of mind for our current and potential clients."
About APT
APT is a human resource consulting firm headquartered in Darien, CT. Now celebrating its tenth year in business, APT's staff of organizational psychologists, human resource professionals, and IT specialists are experts in delivering talent management strategies to Fortune® 100 organizations and others. APT offers systems and services in the areas of: job analysis; selection; assessment; performance management; multisource feedback; corporate board development; organizational surveys; human resource process audits; and employment litigation support.

APT is certified as a woman-owned business with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (www.wbenc.org). For more information about APT visit its Web site at www.appliedpsych.com.

Applied Psychological Techniques, Inc.

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