Tip sheet, Annals of Internal Medicine, Dec. 4, 2007, issue

December 03, 2007

1. Internists Diagnose Health Care System Ills, and Prescribe Remedies to Achieve Universal Coverage, Better Quality, and Lower Costs

Note: This paper is being released early online at the Web site of Annals of Internal Medicine www.annals.org. It will appear in the Jan. 1, 2008, print edition of the journal. A separate news release is issued.

2. Internists Say Pay-for-Performance Programs Must Put Patients First
(Article, p. 792. A separate news release is issued.)

3. U.S. Task Force Reaffirms Benefits of Screening All Over 18 for High Blood Pressure
(Clinical Guidelines, p. 783.)

4. Drugs Considered Inappropriate for Older Adults Cause Few Visits to Emergency Departments, Compared with Other Medications
(Article, p. 755.)

The embargo has been lifted only on this article due to an embargo break.

5. Survey Finds Many Physicians Agree with Professionalism Standards but Do Not Always Behave in Accordance with Reported Beliefs
(Academia and Clinic, p. 795; Editorial, p. 809.)
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