ResearchChannel awards matching funds for video production

December 04, 2006

SEATTLE -- ResearchChannel awarded matching funds to five institutions today as part of its first-ever Matching Funds Production Awards Program which encourages the creation of productions that further public awareness of research addressing important and wide-ranging issues.

"We received a wealth of terrific proposals from a diverse group of institutions," said Amy Philipson, ResearchChannel executive director. "The projects chosen represent outstanding work that demonstrates how the public can benefit from learning about vital research developments."

ResearchChannel also announced its continuation of the program next year. For more information on submission deadlines, visit "We look forward to continuing this awards program and helping researchers make their important work accessible to a large, public audience," Philipson said.

ResearchChannel's Matching Funds Production Awards Program provides production funding for the important work of world-class researchers and brings that work to millions through its television and Internet platforms. The awards program also enables accredited universities and nonprofit research institutions to share their research through video production, especially those that would not have sufficient funds otherwise.

Awarded Institutions and Productions

Montana State University: "Silky Sifaka," a documentary on the behavior, ecology and conservation of one of the most endangered lemurs in Madagascar.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas: "Behind the Research: A Study of a Model Hot Spring," a documentary showcasing the innovative research efforts of Brian Hedlund, UNLV assistant biology professor and a recipient of the 2006 National Science Foundation Early Career Award.

The American Meteorological Society: "Hurricane-Climate Connection," a program featuring the work of Kerry Emanuel of MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences and winner of AMS's prestigious Bernard Haurwitz Memorial Lecture prize.

The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Fort Pierce, Florida: "Corals at the Crossroads," a documentary examining the threats modern life poses to coral reefs in the Florida Keys.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison: "Research Journal" reports on three UW research projects: The IceCube Project, an observatory installed in the ice below the South Pole Station; a revolutionary new MRI technique; and a large physics detector being built in Switzerland on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
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