COVID-19 in Victorian schools and childcare mainly driven by community transmission

December 04, 2020

News at a Glance: COVID-19 cases in schools, early childhood education centres and childcare are mainly driven by community transmission. Off-site learning should therefore be a last resort, a new Australian report has found.

The Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) prepared the COVID-19 in Victorian Schools Report at the request of the Victorian State Government. The report recommends schools and childcare centres should re-open as soon as community transmission of coronavirus falls and stays low.

Professor Fiona Russell, from MCRI and The University of Melbourne, who led the analysis team said, "School and childcare COVID-19 outbreaks were far more likely in those areas that also had high community levels, suggesting community transmission drives COVID-19 spread in schools."

"The single best policy to support school reopening prior to the development of a vaccine or treatment is suppression of COVID-19," she said.

The report analysed government data which included reported COVID-19 cases and outbreaks across all early childhood and primary and secondary educational settings in Victoria from 25 January to 31 August.

At the start of August 2020, Victoria and the United Kingdom were reporting similar numbers of new daily cases. By mid-November, Victoria had recorded 14 days of no new cases while the UK was experiencing 25,000 new cases every day.

Cases associated with schools accounted for eight per cent of all cases in Victoria. Of 373 students and 139 staff who were infected and linked to a childcare or school event, four students and four staff were admitted to hospital, all of whom subsequently recovered.

The report's senior co-author MCRI Professor Sharon Goldfeld said, "Childcare and schools play a critical role not only in providing education, but also offer critical support, especially for the most vulnerable of students, which makes them a priority for opening and remaining open."

"Closing schools should be a last resort, especially for childcare and primary school children as cases in this age group are less likely to transmit and be associated with an outbreak."

The report also provided detailed scenario plans for possible outbreaks following the staged easing of lockdown restrictions which would follow a traffic light system. These plans have drawn on experiences from international settings, designed to reduce day-to-day disruptions as far as possible, while ensuring that teachers, students and the wider community is kept as safe as possible.

Key findings:
Visit the MCRI website to read the executive summary of the COVID-19 in Victorian Schools report, prepared by researchers and clinicians from the Melbourne Children's Campus; comprising Murdoch Children's Research Institute, The University of Melbourne's Department of Paediatrics, The Royal Children's Hospital and The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.

Available for interview: Professor Fiona Russell, Lead Investigator, COVID-19 in Victorian Schools report

MCRI Professor Sharon Goldfeld, Investigator and Advisory Committee member, COVID-19 in Victorian Schools report

Media Contact:
Bridie Byrne
MCRI communications specialist
+61 403 664 416

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