Nanolive launches the ultimate live cell imaging tool at ASCB2015 in San Diego

December 09, 2015

The two year-old Swiss spin-off company - which this year has already received several of the most prestigious Innovation awards, including the R&D100, The Scientist's Top 10 and the Microscopy Today Innovation Awards - is now ready to address the worldwide market.

Yann Cotte, Nanolive's CEO and inventor of the technology, will hold a keynote lecture during the event. He has stated that Nanolive's microscope has the potential to fundamentally change research in cell biology at all levels: education, universities, cosmetics, hospitals and pharma industry.

<< We designed the 3D Cell Explorer to enable your dreams: Unlimited live cell imaging in 3D at every second, preparation-free and non-invasive. Since it measures the cell's own physical properties, it opens the door for fundamental scientific discoveries in cell biology. It truly is THE Ultimate Live Cell Imaging Tool for everyone>>

The company will exhibit the product throughout the entire conference at booth #1322.


The 3D Cell Explorer is a high speed, high resolution and non-invasive microscope that allows for real-time exploration of living cells, fixed cells and tissues, in 3D.

Through a combination of holography and rotational scanning the system detects changes to light as it propagates through the cell, i.e. the 4D distribution of the physical refractive index (RI). The RI distribution within the cell is measured at each voxel and the researcher can decide which parts of the cell to visualize by digitally staining them in contrasting colors, without interfering with the cell's normal physiology.

The 3D Cell Explorer is the result of years of hard work, innovation and an obsessive attention to detail. Moreover, thanks to a few ground-breaking innovations, the 3D Cell Explorer is available online at a surprisingly competitive price (19'900 €).

With the 3D Cell Explorer, researchers, students and medical doctors are able to directly experience what happens inside the living cell - in real time.


We are scientists, working for scientists.

Our belief is that each and every Biologist, Researcher and Physician should be able to explore and interact instantly with living cells without damaging them.

We want to support the study of how living cells and bacteria work, evolve and react, thus building a solid basis for the development of new drugs and therapies, in order to enable breakthrough research.

Phone: +41 21 693 7100

Nanolive SA

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