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American Association of Anatomists announces winners of $75,000 for Scientific Gap Funding

December 14, 2016

Bethesda, MD-The American Association of Anatomists is proud to announce the winners of our inaugural Fellows Grant Award Program (FGAP). FGAP supports scientific researchers with up to $25,000 in grant funding to support research proposals submitted to national or international funding agencies (e.g., NIH, NSF) that were scored, and generally well-received, but did not receive funding.

This year's recipients showcase the breadth of scientific research taking place in the anatomical sciences.

Rebecca S. Hartley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of New Mexico, School of Medicine-Award amount: $25,000

Dr. Hartley's research focuses on inhibiting the formation of tumor-inducing inflammation in breast cancer. This research is conducted at the University of New Mexico on mouse models and FGAP funds will be used to support a graduate student to perform this research.

Anthony Huang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine-Award amount: $25,000

Dr. Huang's research explores the effect of neurotransmitter release on taste receptors to help explain the complex interplay between taste cells and chemosensory neurons. FGAP funds will be used to facilitate the collection of pilot data to strengthen the proposal for future NIH submission.

Johnathan M.G. Perry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine-Award amount: $25,000

Dr. Perry's research will entail a paleobiological analysis of fossils from the Santa Cruz Formation in Southern Argentina and relate changes to climate in the mid-Miocene era. Funds will support a field expedition to Argentina for specimen collection.

Dr. Wayne Vogl, Ph.D., Professor at the University of British Columbia, and Chair of the FGAP task force and selection committee noted that "The Fellows Grant Task force was greatly impressed with the quality of applications for funding. The applications truly represented the diversity of excellent science being done by members and included projects in the areas of Biological Anthropology, Developmental Biology, Neurobiology and Cell Biology."

Shawn Boynes, CAE, Executive Director of AAA, acknowledged the organization's commitment to invest in supporting members to help them advance their research portfolios. "The FGAP directly aligns with AAA's mission and strategic plan which makes it possible for our leadership to advance the Association's goals."

American Association of Anatomists

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