Announcing IOF Regionals 1st Asia-Pacific osteoporosis meeting

December 17, 2009

Mark December 10-13, 2010 on your calendar and don't miss this important scientific event, organised by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF).

IOF has adopted a long term plan for the development of Regional Programs that aims to create strong regional structures based on collaboration among the CNS member associations. The overall Regional Program includes the organization of Regional Scientific Meetings.

We are pleased to announce that the first IOF Regional Meeting will be held in Singapore, December 10-13, 2010. The meeting will be chaired by Cyrus Cooper (UK, Chair of IOF's Committee of Scientific Advisors) and Ambrish Mithal (India). The Local Organizing Committee, Steering Committee and the invited speakers will be invited from among our Asia Pacific CNS Members.

The IOF Regionals - 1st Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting will be organised in conjunction with the opening of IOF's new Asia Pacific Office in Singapore - one of Asia's most vibrant and exciting cities.
Stay tuned for more information to be made available in the coming weeks on

International Osteoporosis Foundation

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