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Russia-China: History and culture

December 17, 2016

2017 is anniversary year for all Russian sinologists. In the approaching 2017 Russian academic Oriental Studies will turn 200 years, and it will be 180 years since formation of first department of Chinese verbal folklore in Kazan Imperial University; 60 years since foundation of Russian-Chinese friendship Community and 10 years since foundation of Confucius Institute of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (CI KFU). Prior to these events we welcome you to participate in X Anniversary International Research and Practice Conference "RUSSIA - CHINA: HISTORY AND CULTURE".

First international research and practice conference "Russia-China: History and Culture" in October, 2007 was coincided with the opening of Confucius Institute in Kazan University. During this period it turned into important academic event - representatives of academic and college science of Russian Federation, China and other countries can share their opinion on questions of Russian-China cooperation.

Main prospects of conference:

1. Current issues of Chinese language and literature
2. Chinese language teaching methodology
3. Foreign policy of China and Russian-Chinese relations
4. Chinese economics and Russian-Chinese relation in economic sphere
5. Chinese history
6. Chinese philosophy and culture
7. Young sinologists' section

There will be proceeded three round-table discussions within the framework of Conference:

1. International economic strategy of China: "One zone - one way"
2. Ideology of Chinese state-building and future reforms
3. Classic sinology in an age of changing world

Public lectures of leading scientists of Russia and China on the questions of development and cooperation of two counties are also scheduled for the conference. All participants of conference, guests and everyone interested are welcome to take part in these lectures.

Lecturers, academic researchers, students of bachelor and master degrees and Ph. D. candidates are welcomed to participate in Conference.

Publishing of student's articles is possible only in co-authorship with their academic advisers (materials and proposal should be signed by student and his/her academic adviser, also recommendation letter of academic adviser should be handed).

General session of Conference and functioning of sections will be hold in Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.

Russian, Chinese and English are the working languages of Conference.

Pre-reviewed source book will be published by the beginning of Conference. Source book is published with ISBN.

In order to be published participants should provide next materials before 15 of April:

* Article completed in accordance with requirements;

* Information about author(-s) (for bachelor and master students and Ph. D. candidates information about academic adviser).

Kazan Federal University

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