Orthodontic and regenerative therapy work together

December 18, 2002

CHICAGO (Dec. 18, 2002) - Many times dentists and periodontists have patients with complex clinical problems that require the attention of multiple disciplines. A case report published in this month's Journal of Periodontology is the first reported case that demonstrates how orthodontic regenerative combined therapy offered the best option for a complex situation.

Japanese clinicians were presented with a 49-year-old patient whose right maxillary premolar furcation had a bony defect with poor biologic width resulting from extensive subgingival caries. The condition originated about 15 years earlier when his canine was extracted resulting in epithelial cell down growth from the extraction socket to the furcation defect. And the patient was diagnosed with chronic periodontitis.

Knowing that furcation invasion treatment remains one of the most difficult clinical problems, this case presented Dr. Shigeki Ogihara, a private practitioner in Tokyo who is trained in periodontics, orthodontics and restorations, with a greater challenge.

"In this case, we saw comprehensive problems and could not solve them with providing orthodontic or regenerative therapy alone," said Ogihara. "In fact, we could have caused other problems, such as further periodontal tissue break down. We were in a dilemma. Thus, we decided that combination therapy would result in predictable outcomes."

After nine months of combined therapy, periodontal and orthodontic treatment proved to be a success and final restoration was completed.

"This is an example of how periodontal regenerative therapy appropriately sequenced with orthodontic treatment saved a tooth that would have otherwise been lost," said Gordon Douglass, D.D.S., president of the American Academy of Periodontology. "It further demonstrates that regenerative periodontal tissues are strong enough to adapt to orthodontic movement."
For complete treatment details about this case, please call the American Academy of Periodontology's Public Affairs Department at 312-573-3243.

The American Academy of Periodontology was established in 1914 and focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures of the teeth and in the placement and maintenance of dental implants.

**EDITOR'S NOTE: A copy of the Journal of Periodontology case report titled "Alveolar Bone Upper Growth in Furcation Area Using a Combined Orthodontic and Regenerative Therapy" is available by calling 312-573-3243.

American Academy of Periodontology

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