U of Chicago, Argonne to collaborate with Idaho universities

December 18, 2003

The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory today signed collaborative agreements with two Idaho universities, bringing the total of such agreements to four.

The University of Chicago, which has operated Argonne National Laboratory-West since its inception in Idaho in 1949, will collaborate with Boise State University on social policy and economic and environmental issues associated with energy, business and technology management, and joint faculty and staff appointments. The agreement with Idaho State University establishes joint research in nuclear engineering as well as joint faculty and staff appointments.

Earlier agreements signed with the University of Idaho established joint research projects, as well as joint recruitment of faculty and staff. An agreement with Brigham Young University-Idaho will provide broad internship opportunities for BYU-I students at Argonne National Laboratory-West.

The new agreements, in the form of Memoranda of Understanding, were signed today in the office of Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne.

"The Idaho universities are a source of strength and pride to each area of our state, providing a high quality education to our workforce, and enhancing our economy and communities in countless ways," Gov. Kempthorne said. "For 54 years, the University of Chicago, through Argonne National Laboratory-West, has also been a significant part of our state. It is a world-class university, and we are pleased to have it here in Idaho. Today's agreements will strengthen each of the universities involved and will provide greater educational opportunities for Idaho students."

University of Chicago President Don Randel said that the agreements build on the University's long history of research relationships in Idaho. "After more than a half-century of collaboration between the University of Chicago and our partners in Idaho, it is a great pleasure to strengthen further this close relationship. The challenges of this century--energy, environment, national security, economic opportunity for all--are both formidable and exciting.

"To meet these challenges, we must forge broad partnerships and alliances among government, industry and universities through which we will do what we have always done--bring technical and scientific excellence to bear on the grand challenges of our age."

Randel signed the Boise State University agreement alongside BSU president Bob Kustra, and the Idaho State University agreement with ISU President Richard Bowen. Others participating in the ceremony were Brian Pitcher, Provost of the University of Idaho; David Bednar, President of Brigham Young University-Idaho; and Hermann Grunder, Director of Argonne National Laboratory.

DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

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