North-star perspectives for Actinium-225 production at commercial scale

December 21, 2018

Alpha Immuno Therapy (AIT) or Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) refers to the use of medicines conjugated with alpha particle emitting elements to target specific tissues. Advanced drug delivery technologies allow researchers to deliver molecules directly to cancer cells.

Actinium-225 and Bismuth-213 are used in AIT However, both of these isotopes have low production yields and their production currently doesn't match the scales of their consumption in medical processes. In numerical terms, it costs way much more per millicurie for long term sustainability of production.

This review presented by James Harvey from Northstar Medical Technologies LLC - and published in Current Radiopharmaceuticals - shares information about useful techniques which can be employed for making Actinium-225 more sustainable in the long term. Harvey summarizes the importance of new techniques required to produce larger quantities of Actinium and presents the information about the leading producers of Actinium. This is followed by details of established and experimental methods of Actinium production.
About Northstar Medical Technologies LLC

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC is a privately held nuclear medicine technology company committed to providing reliable and environmentally friendly radioisotope supply solutions to meet patient needs and advance clinical research. Founded in 2006 and based in Beloit, Wisconsin, NorthStar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NorthStar Medical Technologies, LLC.

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North-star perspectives for Actinium-225 production at commercial scale
Resolution of both supply and cost issues allows clinical research to proceed through clinical trials and potentially produce one or more effective therapies for cancer or infectious diseases that could benefit the public.NorthStar Medical Technologies, LLC, has investigated several routes that could lead to commercial scale production of actinium-225.The outlook for future supplies of actinium-225 from multiple sources to support clinical needs is encouraging.

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