Fluidization -- XII

December 27, 2006

Fluidization is an important field of both fundamental research and broad industrial applications. Current understanding of the complex fluid-particle two- and three-phase flow patterns, coupled with heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions, is still insufficient for practitioners to reliably design and scale up commercial fluidized bed reactors.. The past eleven ECI Fluidization Conferences, from 1975 to 2004, have put the emphasis on fundamental research to stimulate exchange of ideas from researchers all over the world in order to develop generic tools and theories for applications.

The proposed Fluidization XII conference will continue the tradition of this conference series, with its focus on fundamental research on fluidization, but it will significantly expand into emerging applications of fluidization and novel fluidization technologies, especially those related to new processes for the production of environment-friendly chemicals, pharmaceuticals and renewable and sustainable energy, such as hydrogen and bio-fuels.

The number of participants in the last conferences has been around 200, balanced from all over the world and from both academia and industry. The Proceedings of this Conference Series have long risen to the role of an internationally reputed key reference. They lend themselves to be a directory of qualified people and a treasure of current trends and perspective goals in fluidization research.

The conference will be held for four days rather than the usual five days. In addition to the Conference Program, a one-day pre-conference mini-course on fluidization will be offered to industrial attendees and graduate students on Sunday May 13, 2007.

The Conference will consist of plenary lectures, presentations-poster combined contributions, and workshops. Plenary lectures will reflect challenges, visions and opportunities. At least four plenary lectures of 60 minute duration each will be coordinated as part of the Technical Program, selected to reflect the specific conference themes. The plenary lectures will be accompanied by short presentations of refereed papers (10-15 min), combined with poster display sessions of both these presentations and of the plenary contributions for discussion. Papers will be refereed and selected on the basis of the full manuscript (8 printed pages). There will also be workshops, a regular poster session and other technical activities that will enhance and enrich the technical program.

The conference Co-chairs are: Prof. Xiaotao (Tony) Bi, Fluidization Research Centre, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Canada; Prof. Franco Berruti, Western Fluidization Group, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, Canada; and Prof. Todd Pugsley, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Original papers for oral and poster presentations are encouraged. Those who wish to be considered for an oral or poster presentation should electronically submit a one page abstract by February 28, 2006 per instructions on the ECI web site. Only papers containing unpublished, original, and significant information will be considered for the Conference. Particularly, papers containing novel concepts in either fundamental or applied areas that enhance the perception and scope of Fluidization are especially sought and invited as plenary lectures. All papers will be refereed and those accepted for publication will be printed in the Conference proceedings, which will be available at registration. Scope of the Conference:

Theme I: Hydrodynamics of Two- and Three-Phase Fluidized Beds across the Regimes.
Theme II: Fluidization of Ultrafine Powders, Nano-Particles and Assisted Fluidization.
Theme III: Applications to Traditional and Novel Manufacturing Processes and Products (Fine Chemicals, Foods, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Green Products, and Bio-Products).
Theme IV: Fluidization Applications to Clean/Renewable Energy.
Theme V: Novel Applications, Novel Reactors, Sensors and Instrumentation.
Theme VI: Scale-Up and Lessons Learned.

The research and development areas that will be covered include:Conference Organization:

The Conference will be co-sponsored by relevant industrial companies, research agencies, institutions and professional societies.

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