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Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio
CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.
Quick tests for COVID, rat hides poison in its fur, neuroscientists see how we see colour, our planet's climate zones are changing and why the hottest temperatures are in Death Valley
2020-11-26 21:10:00
Could quick COVID 'antigen' tests break the back of the pandemic?;This gorgeous African rat combs poison into its fur to deter predators; Neuroscience suggests that yes, when you see purple, it's the same purple I see; The world's major climate zones - polar, temperate and tropical - are transforming as we watch; Why are the hottest temperatures measured in Death Valley?

54 minutes, 1
Microbial mining in space, baby birds get the boot, palm oil substitutes, deep sea squid says 'g'day', Canada's place in space and how do fans make cool air?
2020-11-19 21:10:00
Microbes may be our miners on asteroids, moons and other planets; Songbird parents manipulate their chicks out of the nest before they're ready to go; Canadian food scientists develop eco-friendly substitutes for palm oil; Super rare deep sea squid spotted in Australian waters for the first time; Canadian technological ingenuity and astronaut talent has been our ticket to space; Why do fans make the air feel cooler?

54 minutes, 1
COVID vaccine & immune durability, Wallabies in the UK, ancient female hunters, humans are cooler than we used to be, Herzberg gold medal winner and how old are circadian rhythms?
2020-11-12 21:10:00
COVID vaccines are on the horizon, but how long might protection last?; Wallabies from Australia have gained a foothold in the UK, and may be there for good; In the ancient Americas, female big-game hunters were common; You're cooler than your ancestors – by about a degree; Chemical engineer Molly Shoichet wins Canada's most prestigious science prize for 'hydrogels'; How far back, evolutionarily speaking, do circadian rhythms go in animals?

54 minutes, 1
Fast radio bursts, monkeys with a puberty switch, black hole at our galaxy's centre, and forever chemicals
2020-11-05 21:10:00
A blast of radio waves in our galaxy gives insight into mysterious 'fast radio bursts'; These monkeys have a 'puberty switch' they flip when the right male comes along; Extreme Astrophysics: new Nobel Laureate Andrea Ghez's work on supermassive black holes; 'Forever chemicals' can have far-reaching consequences, need more regulation in Canada, scientists say.

54 minutes, 1
Wasps make cockroaches into zombies, water on the moon, how remoras surf whales, what Spirit bears do when we aren't watching, and why hope matters in our environmental crisis and a continental question.
2020-10-29 21:10:00
Forget fake vampires and ghouls, here's a real life zombie story from nature; The moon's a wetter place than we thought, and that could be critical for exploration; How remora 'sucker fish' use physics to surf on their whale hosts; An argument for 'evidence-based hope' to help fight the environmental crisis; How have supercontinents affected the Earth's rotation?

54 minutes, 1
Ironclad beetle's uncrushable shell, extinction made us upright and warm blooded, 'Forever chemicals' contaminate all of Canada, and a vet takes on great apes
2020-10-22 21:10:00
The diabolical ironclad beetle's super-tough shell can even resist being run over by a car; How birds and mammals got their evolutionary edge by getting their legs under them; How 'forever chemicals' have come to contaminate even the remotest parts of Canada; How a Canadian vet took on the challenge of saving the world's great apes.

54 minutes, 1
Coronavirus and pain, sampling an asteroid, intersex moles, wildfires and CO2, Angry Weather and oxygen from trees.
2020-10-15 21:10:00
The coronavirus could be messing with your pain perception – and that could help it spread; A NASA probe with Canadian content will touch an asteroid next week; Which forest fires spew out the most CO2? It's the soil that matters, not the trees; Female moles are intersex – they have testicle-like tissue that helps them grow big and tough; Angry Weather: the science of blaming droughts, hurricanes and wildfires on climate change; Which trees provide the most oxygen over the course of a year, deciduous or evergreen?

54 minutes, 1
A Nobel for CRISPR, awakening with a sleeping pill, sea turtle egg decoys thwart thieves, and the toxic threat of forever chemicals
2020-10-08 21:10:00
Jennifer Doudna on her Nobel win, the ethics of gene editing, and CRISPR's full potential; Decoy sea turtle eggs with GPS crack illegal egg trafficking; An 'awakening' moment: a sleeping pill restores function to a brain-injured patient; A new class of 'forever chemicals' is an emerging threat to our health and environment.

54 minutes, 1
Fat bears and living with grizzlies, singing dogs back from the dead, wasp ovipositor inspires medical device and the price of too much information.
2020-10-01 21:10:00
Here's how Canada's grizzlies are faring during Fat Bear week; DNA testing confirms singing dogs aren't extinct in the wild after all; A wasp's gruesome egg-laying organ inspires a new medical tool; Too much information: a new book explores the paradox of the information age; Is a planet full of exhaling humans contributing to global warming?

54 minutes, 1
Sep 26: Tailings pond detoxification, baboon friendship and longevity, ancient DNA in dirt, tickling rats for science and 5 ways the universe might die
2020-09-24 21:10:00
Oil sands tailings ponds are toxic. Canadian-made nanotech could help fix that. Male baboons make friends with females for just one reason: a longer life. Less than a teaspoon of dirt could hold the history of an entire landscape. Tickling rats to improve animal - and scientists' - welfare. Five ways the universe might die - including one that could happen at any time

54 minutes, 1
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