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Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio | Best Science Podcasts (2018)

Our selection of the best science podcasts of 2018. New science podcasts are updated daily from your favorite science news services and scientists.

Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio
CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.

Animals becoming nocturnal, cod comeback stumbles, mantis shrimp's brainy punch, drilling holes in skulls, to Pluto and beyond and why cereal sticks together.
2018-06-15 11:15:00
Fear of humans is driving animals into the darkness - and nocturnal life; Newfoundland's cod comeback faces a setback - is fishing to blame?; The mantis shrimp's violent punches harness brains as well as brawn; Incan doctors scraped holes in skulls with stone tools - and the patients survived; To Pluto and beyond! The inside story of a mission to the edge of the solar system; Why do Cheerios stick together when they are floating in milk?
54 minutes, 36 seconds

Rising CO2 levels making food less nutritious, neonicotinoids and bees, tricking facial recognition systems, slowing cyclones, crocodiles' brains on Bach, and more
2018-06-08 11:46:00
Rising carbon dioxide levels is turning rice and fish into junk food; Hurricanes are slowing down and settling in to do more damage; Scientists say restrictions on neonic pesticides aren't enough - we need a ban; AI researchers develop a way to trick facial recognition systems; Crocodile Bach - what classical music does to a reptile's brain; Where was the Higgs boson particle 'hiding' before it was discovered?
54 minutes, 34 seconds

Kids and Concussions, the gene for our big brain, island hopping into the Americas and animals are loud, humans are quiet
2018-06-01 11:55:00
Kids and concussions - the latest science on risks and long term effects; A gene for our big brains was rescued from the DNA garbage bin; The first Americans 'island hopped' down the west coast past the glaciers; Animals vocalize 100 times louder than humans - it's a matter of survival
54 minutes, 15 seconds

Someone's cheating on the ozone treaty, nano-nutrients for crops, why birds almost died with the dinosaurs, sports excellence needs great brains, not enough sleep or too much awake and lightning zig-zags
2018-05-25 11:15:30
Scientists discover secret polluters may be eroding the ozone layer; Dino killing asteroid also took out the trees - and the birds that lived in them; Cancer researcher uses medical nanotech to deliver nutrients to hungry crops; Great athletes have high performance brains, as well as bodies; The sleep deficit puzzle - is it not enough sleep or too much being awake?; Why doesn't lightning travel in a straight line?
54 minutes, 36 seconds

Science of psychedelics, understanding Kilauea up close, hippo poop kills fish Also pain enables flesh eating bacteria, green blooded lizards and genes for ethnicity?
2018-05-18 12:41:00
Michael Pollan on the science of how psychedelics can 'shake your snow globe'; Kilauea's lava has been flowing for 35 years - what's science learning from the latest eruption?; Flushing hippo toilets smother fish in African rivers; Flesh eating bacteria stun the immune system into silence - with pain; Green-blooded reptiles are on the edge of poisoning themselves; Is there a genetic marker for ethnicity?
54 minutes, 36 seconds

James Hansen's 'I told you so', elephant earthquakes and third-hand smoke Also digging into Mars, New Brunswick floods and health risks, and could humans get heartworm?
2018-05-11 11:19:00
'Father of global warming' worries the climate young people inherit will be out of their control; 'Third hand smoke' can leap from clothes and surfaces into the air you breathe; Listening for elephant earthquakes might help us save pachyderms from poachers; Mars InSight lander will use seismology to see what's shaking on Mars; Flood waters up in BC, down in NB - what health concerns do they leave behind?; Why don't humans get heartworm like our canine friends?
54 minutes, 21 seconds

Preserving brains for uploading, Coral reefs sound sick, South American child sacrifice and more...A ray-gun to stop rogue vehicles, the first bird beak and the Earth's 'dark side'.
2018-05-04 11:57:00
Preserving your brain might kill you, but it could it help you live forever; The Great Barrier Reef sounds sick, so baby fish aren't attracted to it; Ancient Peruvians sacrificed 140 children by tearing their hearts out; Could this Pentagon-developed 'ray gun' have stopped the Toronto van attack?; The first bird beak came with teeth as well; Will the Earth ever have a 'dark side'?
54 minutes, 36 seconds

Scrap medical weed; women in space; and more
2018-04-27 10:11:30
Doctor's group wants to scrap Canada's medical cannabis program' Right stuff, wrong gender - the true story of the women who almost went to the moon; An ancient giant sloth hunt, frozen in time; Study after study has shown that corporate anti-bias training doesn't work; How do tiny songbirds sing so loud, for so long?
54 minutes, 41 seconds

Chemical weapons history, exploding ant, switchblade fish and more
2018-04-20 10:54:30
A scientific history of chemical weapons; Kamikaze ants blow themselves up and cover their victims with killer slime; Deep-diving 'sea nomads' have evolved an internal scuba tank; Trans Mountain spill 'could have significant impacts' says Canadian government scientist; One of the most venomous fish in the ocean also has switchblade eyes; Why doesn't life continue to spontaneously occur around hydrothermal vents in the ocean?
54 minutes, 38 seconds

Arctic salt lake, eyebrow communication, and creating Captain America PLUS - Hummingbird songs, and the double-edged sword of aerosol reduction
2018-04-13 11:49:30
Newly discovered salt lakes in Canadian arctic help us understand Jupiter's moons; Why humans ditched the mono brow, for two eyebrows; Chasing Captain America: Author explores real-life science that could build a super-soldier; Hummingbirds 'sing' with their tail feathers to impress the females; Catch-22: polluting aerosols cool the Earth, removing them warms it; Can we make veggies winter hardy like daffodil plants?
54 minutes, 4

Best Science Podcasts 2018

We have hand picked the best science podcasts for 2018. Sit back and enjoy new science podcasts updated daily from your favorite science news services and scientists.
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