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The Science Show | Best Science Podcasts (2018)

Our selection of the best science podcasts of 2018. New science podcasts are updated daily from your favorite science news services and scientists.

The Science Show
RN's science flagship: your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery. The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio.

William Whewell - coined osmosis, conductivity, ion and scientist!
2018-06-22 19:05:08
William Whewell - coined osmosis, conductivity, ion and scientist!
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Artificial floating nations, and artificial teachers: visionary or hype?
2018-06-15 19:05:50
This week, two artificial replacements: artificial floating nations, and AI teachers. Science Journalist Carl Smith is Robyn's artificial replacement for this episode.
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Bespoke bodies - the path to human regeneration
2018-06-08 19:05:41
Bespoke bodies - the path to human regeneration.
8 minutes, 38 seconds

A tropical Science Show
2018-06-01 19:05:10
Gender equity an ongoing challenge for Australian Academy of Science High hopes for double the hit from solar cells Carbon capture and storage places costs and risks with all future generations JCU voice of the tropics at UN Small reef fish - born athletic champions Groovy patches may bring improved results for heart disease patients
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Australia's deep history
2018-05-25 19:05:34
Stargazers find new exploding stars The Moon and Leo shining bright for stargazers Reef restoration projects for GBR Algae used for development of new products, and a light feature at Vivid Understanding how plants respond to pathogens may lead to more resistant crops Uncovering ancient Australia
11 minutes, 38 seconds

Chase the darkness and change the sex
2018-05-18 19:05:57
Australian Space Agency to guide space investment Nation taken for a ride with R and D budget measures - Roy Green Primordial black holes may have formed in the very early moments after the Big Bang Distant galaxies may help reveal dark energy Drones and whale snot propel Aussie Famelab winner Vanessa Pirotta to world final Old-school breeding and high-tech genomics to boost prawns and barramundi Pseudocopulation - beneficial to the orchid, exploitative of the wasp Feeling a touch hormonal?
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Two legends of science fiction
2018-05-11 19:05:56
Science lukewarm on 2018 Australian federal budget New approaches aim to circumvent penicillin resistance Fifty years back, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey foreshadowed artificial intelligence and much more The accuracy and value of science on the big screen Tribute to Ursula Le Guin Riddle of wasps and orchids solved by amateur naturalist Fred Dagg's weather report Lewis Fry Richardson - pioneer of modern weather forecasting
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Tim Flannery on energy, climate and kelp
2018-05-04 19:05:03
ABC's Top 5 media residency program in science and humanities A decade ago climate experts were deeply worried. Now they are terrified - Tim Flannery
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Fish pornography and fishy sounds
2018-04-27 19:05:11
New NASA head unconvincing on human contribution to climate Sounds reveal details of aquatic environmental health Fish concealment methods may lead to better underwater mapping Deep-sea corals indicate past climate events Heat from north Atlantic hastens melt of Antarctic ice shelves Tragedy follows exposure of US Antarctic base bureaucracy Headlines used as click bait The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke Ep 3 - Beryl Hoke: the Forge of Destiny
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Welcome to the Kuiper Belt
2018-04-20 19:05:15
It's the massive stellar events where elements are formed Kuiper Belt helps reveal history of our Solar System Denial a coping mechanism for climate change The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke Ep 4 - The Murky Arts of Silas Hoke Camels dominate and destroy desert water holes
53 minutes, 52 seconds

Best Science Podcasts 2018

We have hand picked the best science podcasts for 2018. Sit back and enjoy new science podcasts updated daily from your favorite science news services and scientists.
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#478 She Has Her Mother's Laugh
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