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A schoolgirl's plea, a flying monster and kids on screens
2020-04-03 18:05:56
Despite shutdowns caused by that virus, we are gaining little benefit in emissions reduction. Rebecca Ford, age 16, who's at The Senior High School in Albany WA tells The Science Show  why she is so concerned and how much young people need our support. Yes, we are distracted, but climate change won't go away and could make corona seem like a mere passing sniffle if we're not careful. 
54 minutes, 6 seconds

Fear! Should we be frightened? ...and survive?
2020-03-27 18:05:18

53 minutes, 52 seconds

Why is it so cold in here?
2020-03-20 18:05:16
Besides the virus, what's bothering people in offices and cabs around the world? Well, it's freezing. Especially for women. Tom Chang at the University of Southern California did the tests and found there's a marked drop in productivity if people are uncomfortable because the air-conditioning is berserk. He published his findings and was astounded to find there were millions of responses. Is there a gender difference? Do men in suits really not feel the freeze? Can we afford to waste the energy on unwanted ice boxes to work in? 
54 minutes, 7 seconds

The arts meet the sciences - and ads in the sky?
2020-03-13 18:05:19
White dwarfs reveal composition of gobbled planets How light pollution impacts animals Plan to create advertising messages in the sky using satellites Tragedy of the commons now being played out in space The arts and sciences dance together with inspiring results Curiosity the cornerstone for artists and scientists
54 minutes, 29 seconds

Our superginormous black hole is hungry again
2020-03-06 17:05:16

54 minutes, 2

The grid is wobbling - what to do? And here comes the WA Scientist of the Year, and he's running!
2020-02-28 17:05:41

54 minutes, 7 seconds

The USA, and Australian forests under extreme pressure
2020-02-21 17:05:27

54 minutes, 49 seconds

A wire around the world
2020-02-14 17:05:16

54 minutes, 2 seconds

The new science of success
2020-02-07 17:05:43

54 minutes, 3 seconds

The formula - the new science of success
2020-02-07 17:05:43

54 minutes, 3 seconds

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We have hand picked the top science podcasts of 2020.
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Teaching For Better Humans 2.0
More than test scores or good grades–what do kids need for the future? This hour, TED speakers explore how to help children grow into better humans, both during and after this time of crisis. Guests include educators Richard Culatta and Liz Kleinrock, psychologist Thomas Curran, and writer Jacqueline Woodson.
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#556 The Power of Friendship
It's 2020 and times are tough. Maybe some of us are learning about social distancing the hard way. Maybe we just are all a little anxious. No matter what, we could probably use a friend. But what is a friend, exactly? And why do we need them so much? This week host Bethany Brookshire speaks with Lydia Denworth, author of the new book "Friendship: The Evolution, Biology, and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond". This episode is hosted by Bethany Brookshire, science writer from Science News.
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One of the most consistent questions we get at the show is from parents who want to know which episodes are kid-friendly and which aren't. So today, we're releasing a separate feed, Radiolab for Kids. To kick it off, we're rerunning an all-time favorite episode: Space. In the 60's, space exploration was an American obsession. This hour, we chart the path from romance to increasing cynicism. We begin with Ann Druyan, widow of Carl Sagan, with a story about the Voyager expedition, true love, and a golden record that travels through space. And astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson explains the Coepernican Principle, and just how insignificant we are. Support Radiolab today at