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Living Planet: Cost of development

From Living Planet - Mongolia's miners consider the environmental cost of gold, Albania's hydropower plans threaten Europe's last large free-flowing river, and meet the pipeline protestor on a mission to save the planet.

Living Planet
Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day.

Living Planet: Cost of development
2017-09-07 09:55:00
Mongolia's miners consider the environmental cost of gold, Albania's hydropower plans threaten Europe's last large free-flowing river, and meet the pipeline protestor on a mission to save the planet.
29 minutes, 59 seconds

Living Planet: Building eco-metropolises
2018-06-07 09:00:00
Ever more people in the world are living in urban areas. But how can we make our cities sustainable? From the dangers of air pollution to shrinking natural spaces and our carbon footprint in cities — it's high time for action.

Living Planet: Africa's resource wars
2018-05-31 09:55:00
Fertile land in Nigeria is being eaten up drought, fueling conflict between herdsmen who need what's left to graze their animals and farmers who need it for their crops. Meanwhile in East Africa, tensions are rising over who controls the waters of the Nile.

Living Planet: Spring cleaning
2018-05-24 08:55:00
It's time for a bit of spring cleaning, whether it's your summer wardrobe, the local beach - or even the air we breathe! From the heart of Europe to China - we're cleaning up our act.

Living Planet: Batty about biodiversity
2018-05-17 10:00:00
There's bat appreciation day, international day for biodiversity and the day of endangered species - we're great at naming days after our animals, but is it enough? Are we treating our biodiversity wisely, or failing them badly?

Living Planet: Journeys to Africa
2018-05-10 08:55:00
This week, three stories from the African continent: In Rwanda, we explore the mountain gorilla's complex relationship with its human neighbors; in Kenya, we uncover the ugly side of the flower industry; and in the Congo Basin, we find out about how the world's second-largest tropical forest is under threat.

Living Planet: Climate action - walk the walk!
2018-05-03 08:55:00
Climate protection is on the agenda at talks in Bonn. But back home, who's really taking action? We visit a budding environmental movement in Poland's coal heartland and find out how an oil pipeline has pitched environmentalists against the Canadian president. Plus, solar power in Kenya and a cool solution to LA's urban heat problem.

Living Planet: To the ends of the Earth
2018-04-26 08:55:00
Our planet is full of remote and risky places — and some people will do anything to protect them or unlock their secrets. From researchers uncovering hidden ecosystems in Antarctica to park rangers in Africa who risk their lives to defend wildlife, we take a journey to some of the harshest corners of the globe.

Living Planet: Bird's-eye view
2018-04-19 09:35:00
What's happening to our birds? French songbirds are disappearing, Berlin's pigeons are thriving, and wetland birds all over the world are suffering from lead poisoning. As they say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander — and what's bad for the birds is definitely bad news for us humans.

Living Planet: Extreme weather and us
2018-04-12 09:55:00
From hurricanes in the Caribbean to drought in Africa and the Middle East —As our planet warms, extreme weather events are becoming ever more frequent and intense. But people around the world are learning to adapt to these disasters and make a new, greener start.

Living Planet: Our edible footprint
2018-04-05 09:55:00
From wine to maple syrup, some of our most-loved delicacies could be at risk from climate change if we don't act fast. Plus, the humble sandwich may not be as environmentally innocent as you think.

Living Planet: Nature in transition
2018-03-29 09:55:00
On this week's show, Colombia's impressive birdlife has survived civil war. Can it now help save the country's forests? Alien iguanas are invading the US state of Florida with dramatic results. Plus, why South-East Asia's longest river could be destroyed in just a few decades.

Living Planet: Playing with food
2018-03-22 10:55:00
From cultured cabbages to musical leeks, we explore the weird and wonderful ways that we use and produce food.

Living Planet: After the storm
2018-03-15 10:55:00
In 2017, two hurricanes of the highest intensity — Category 5 — wreaked havoc on the Caribbean islands. Irma came first, Maria followed, leaving a trail of destruction, displacing communities, and causing billions of dollars in damage. Now, six months on, the still-recovering island nations are having to prepare for the next hurricane season that's just months away.

Living Planet: Nuclear, post-Fukushima
2018-03-08 09:55:00
Seven years on from Fukushima, we look at Japan's controversial efforts to send evacuees home, and battles raging in France and the UK over where to store nuclear waste. And we ask if, for all this, there's still a place for CO2-free atomic energy in a world threatened by climate change?

Living Planet: Surprise, surprise!
2018-03-01 08:55:00
Our planet is full of surprises, from burning ice to clever fish! Expect the unexpected on this week's episode of Living Planet.

Living Planet: The limits of exploitation
2018-02-22 09:55:00
Our forests are rich in trees, our seas are full of fish, the earth holds a wealth of precious metals - but for how long?

Living Planet: Animals, to cuddle or kill?
2018-02-15 09:55:00
Shoot to kill or live and let live? We're not always kind to animals, unless perhaps they're in a zoo. We'll get up close and personal with a zebra finch and find out why Germans really love their bears.

Living Planet: The cost of farming
2018-02-08 09:55:00
From Kenyan coffee to Ecuadorian bananas - the price we pay for food from the land.

Living Planet: In deep water
2018-02-01 09:55:00
Climate change means the sea level is rising and storms are more frequent and intense. We visit communities around the world facing rising waters - from Fijians being forced to relocate to the Dutch marketing their flood-defense expertise.

Living Planet: Pining for paradise
2018-01-25 09:55:00
Planning your next holiday? Maybe you're dreaming about relaxing on an island beach, snorkelling in coral-rich waters or touring a quaint European city. Wherever you're headed, it's worth sparing a thought for the locals. While tourism can be a blessing for businesses, it can often be a curse for the environment.

Living Planet: The new gold rush
2018-01-18 09:55:00
We live on a planet of finite resources but our demand for new consumer products and technologies keeps growing. That's driving a race to extract materials from ever-more remote corners of the Earth - and beyond.

Living Planet: Sustaining nature
2018-01-11 09:55:00
Climate change threatens India's most sacred river, Senegalese octopus come back from the brink, Chilean fishermen embrace sustainable practices, and we meet the volunteer who's been spearheading the world's biggest beach cleanup.

Living Planet: Earth, Ice, Water and Air
2018-01-04 09:55:00
From saving tees in Poland, to defending Mesopotamian marshes, we look at how our planet's vital elements come together in precious ecosystems that are now under threat.

Living Planet: Festive feast
2017-12-28 09:55:00
A rebroadcast of some of this year's best reports on food and drink: Wine producers vs. wild boars in Italy, bugs on the menu in Kenya, Costa Rica coffee growers go green and Louise Osborne attempts the vegan challenge.

Living Planet: Harnessing nature
2017-12-21 08:55:00
Canada debates whether its Mounties should be wearing muskrat hats, French farmers try to come to terms with increased numbers of brown bears, and Florida's Everglades deal with the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

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