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Living Planet: High tech farming from Living Planet

From Living Planet - Drones flying above farms in the United Kingdom, app-based farming in Uganda and improving potato farming in India. We look at how technology is helping feed the world, and what new developments are out there.

Living Planet
Every Thursday, a new episode of Living Planet brings you environment stories from around the world, digging deeper into topics that touch our lives every day.

Living Planet: High tech farming
2019-04-11 09:00:00
Drones flying above farms in the United Kingdom, app-based farming in Uganda and improving potato farming in India. We look at how technology is helping feed the world, and what new developments are out there.
29 minutes, 59 seconds

Living Planet: Battery powered
2020-02-13 06:30:00
This week on the show, we take a look at lithium-ion batteries — how they are both necessary to ending our dependence on fossil fuels and how our increased demand for lithium is affecting communities on either side of the globe. We also hear about how the UK is using a citizens' assembly to find the best solutions to address climate change.

Living Planet: Under threat
2020-02-06 07:00:00
This week we have stories of activists. In one case, fighting against hydropower, despite the fact that it has helped Montenegro reduce its dependence on coal. We hear how environmental activists in certain parts of the world often face much more perilous consequences for their work. We'll also look at threats faced by journalists covering the environment.

Living Planet: Invasion of species
2020-01-30 05:58:00
East Africa is dealing with the worst locust infestation in decades. No one knows why millions of fruit bats descend on one particular spot in Zambia every year — but they are actually helping our environment. We also hear how South Africa's Black Mambas are keeping rhinos safe by stopping the invasion of poachers.

Living Planet: Ticking time bombs
2020-01-23 06:38:00
One year after the Brumadinho dam collapse in Brazil that killed 270 people and wreaked havroc on the environment, we talk about how to avoid similar tragedies in the future. We also hear how development is pitted against our environment in India's metropolis Mumbai and visit peatlands in the Democratic Republic of Congo that store massive amounts of CO2.

Living Planet: In conflict
2020-01-16 07:00:00
Active war zones don't just leave scars on the people involved in them or civilians in their path, conflict also affects the land people depend on for their livelihoods, as well as the wildlife that inhabits it. What impact does war have on the environment? How do environmental problems increase the likelihood of conflicts flaring up? And how is wildlife affected by human combat?

Living Planet: Wildfires and reforestation
2020-01-09 06:30:00
This week we've got trees on the brain in light of devastating wildfires raging across Australia. We look at trees' role in fighting climate change and how we can help trees adapt to a changing climate. On a more seasonal note, we'll also look at how New Yorkers are getting rid of their Christmas trees.

Living Planet: Into the Forest
2020-01-02 07:00:00
We're easing you into the New Year with a gorgeous listen on this week's Living Planet - a trip to New Zealand's Waipoua Forest. It's one of the oldest forests on this planet and has a deep place within the hearts and souls of the indigenous Polynesian people of the country - The Māori. In this beautifully rich soundscape, we are taken on their spiritual journey.

Living Planet: Into the forest
2020-01-02 07:00:00
We're easing you into the New Year with a gorgeous listen on this week's Living Planet - a trip to New Zealand's Waipoua Forest. It's one of the oldest forests on this planet and has a deep place within the hearts and souls of the indigenous Polynesian people of the country - The Māori. In this beautifully rich soundscape, we are taken on their spiritual journey.

Living Planet: Best of 2019
2019-12-19 04:26:00
As the year draws to a close, we bring you our favorite reports and look back at some of the big news stories of 2019. We'll meet young climate activists in Germany, travel to communities devastated by wildfires in the Bolivian Amazon, and find out how global warming is altering natural patterns in Alaska. Plus, legendary primatologist Jane Goodall on why she still has hope for the planet.

Living Planet: In the air
2019-12-12 07:00:00
On the show this week, we discuss the environmental situation in the world's most populated country. From air pollution to greenhouse gas emissions, what's going on in China and how will it affect the rest of the world? We also hear about climate negotiations at COP25 and we take a look at the fastest growing continent and what growth in its cities means for the environment.

Living Planet: The deal with recycling
2019-12-05 07:00:00
How good are you at recycling? While it's good to reduce how much we consume, and reuse what we can, most of us do have to dispose of items and packaging, usually on a daily basis. But what happens to all of our containers and bottles and cardboard after we take them to the curb? Today on the show, we'll be diving into the realities of recycling.

Living Planet: Toxic flow
2019-11-28 06:55:00
This week, we look at river systems under pressure and what that means for biodiversity, human health and the livelihoods of vulnerable communities. Plus, the Turkish scientist who ended up on trial after he blew the whistle on pollution levels in his country.

Living Planet: The Invisibles
2019-11-21 07:00:00
On this week's program, we explore 'invisible' polluters - noise, light and air. And we visit an exhibition in Berlin, questioning rational thinking in its quest surrounding sustainability.

Living Planet: New species and old breeds
2019-11-14 07:00:00
This week we have stories of discovering new species, those that have made a home out of an unusual piece of land, efforts to preserve some less familiar breeds of livestock, and the science that shows us how we can help save one of our sweetest insect friends.

Living Planet: Planes, Trains, Automobiles
2019-11-07 07:00:00
Lower prices helped democratize air travel, but flying is one of the most carbon-heavy actions a person can take. We look at Sweden's No Fly campaign, take a journey on a night train and visit a city in Spain that is mostly car free.

Living Planet: Adaptation & Change
2019-10-31 08:00:00
How do we inspire the fundamental changes that are needed to safeguard our planet? On this program, we look at some novel ideas, from restoring peatlands to their natural state to climate change resistant apples.

Living Planet: Not so fantastic
2019-10-24 07:35:00
Today on the show, we're taking a look at our plastic world — from the oceans, to its place in our homes, to its original source. What can we do now about our plastic problems and what do we still need to figure out?

Living Planet: Extinction and invasion
2019-10-17 07:25:00
This week on Living Planet, we hear about the people protesting extinction — our own, to be exact. And we examine how climate change is bringing insects and the diseases they carry to new places around the world.

Living Planet: Struggle for survival
2019-10-10 07:12:00
This week, we look at how melting sea ice is threatening the survival of polar bears in the Arctic, and ask what impact shrinking glaciers will have on Switzerland's hydroelectric power supply. We'll also meet UNDP goodwill ambassador Olafur Eliasson, and find out how illegal mining is destroying India's fragile Aravali mountains.

Living Planet: Deep dive into food waste
2019-10-02 03:18:00
Why do we waste so much food? And what can we do about it? Neil King and Gabe Borrud get to the bottom of these questions on this week's Living Planet. They visit a supermarket to gauge their role as consumers, and team up with two dumpster diving sisters for a nighttime harvesting spree. They also talk to a leading food economist and discover the root of the food waste problem runs a lot deeper.

Living Planet: Ocean deep - Mountain high
2019-09-26 07:00:00
The much anticipated IPCC report on the oceans and the cryosphere sets out the full extent to which the world's oceans, glaciers, mountains and polar ecosystems are being disrupted by climate change, with dire consequences for life on our planet.

Living Planet: Leapfrogging to a greener world
2019-09-19 08:00:00
As young people all over the world take to the streets to demand climate action and the United Nations Secretary General hosts a special climate summit in New York, the UN Environment Programme's Executive Director, Inger Andersen tells us people power is proving pivotal. And we look at new ways of getting the climate message across.

Living Planet: Given Half a Chance
2019-09-12 07:00:00
The dilemma of our times — our fast-moving, convenient lifestyles are polluting the planet and heating up the climate. Could a plastic-free supermarket — or a recycling app help solve some of our problems? Author Edward Davey says there is hope and suggests "Ten Ways to Change the World" in his book "Given Half a Chance."

Living Planet: In times of change
2019-09-05 07:20:00
This week on Living Planet, we tackle stories of environmental change. Fires are burning throughout the Amazon, but what does this mean for the world's largest tropical rainforest? We also see how gardeners in Spain are adapting to a changing climate and explore what climate insurance looks like in Uganda.

Living Planet: Jumping in the green end
2019-08-29 07:00:00
DW's Neil King, Gabriel Borrud and Vanessa Fischer drop by the studio to talk about the new DW podcast On the Green Fence. They discuss how making this 5-part series that explores issues like climate change, water pollution, biodiversity loss and food sustainability has affected their outlooks on the world. And we hear what chaos ensued when Neil and Gabe shared a tent with a few mosquitoes.

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