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The Science of Happiness | Top Science Podcasts 2019

The top science podcasts of 2019 updated daily.

The Science of Happiness
Research-based tips for a meaningful life. A co-production with the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

How To Get Your Priorities Straight
2019-11-07 03:00:00
It's easy to lose sight of what matters most. Our guest finds a way to reconnect with her values during stressful times.
19 minutes, 22 seconds

Does Your Doctor Listen to You?
2019-10-24 03:00:00
Doctors are often trained to be emotionally detached. But our guest finds greater meaning in his work as a physician when he tries to connect more deeply with his patients, co-workers, and family.
21 minutes, 44 seconds

Finding Beauty in the Everyday
2019-10-10 03:00:00
A tree next to a bus stop, a flower poking through the sidewalk. Our guest, a veteran of the Iraq War, discovers how awe and wonder can be found anywhere —  if you just pay attention.
19 minutes, 28 seconds

How to Find Your Silver Linings
2019-09-26 08:47:33
Do you fixate on what's going wrong in your life? Poet and "recovering pessimist" Maggie Smith practices looking on the bright side.
25 minutes, 44 seconds

Can Margaret Cho Get Any Better?
2019-09-12 03:00:00
She's one of the most accomplished comedians of her generation. But Margaret Cho wants to find a different kind of happiness.
19 minutes, 5 seconds

Can You Humanize a Zombie?
2019-08-29 03:00:00
Should we try to find common ground with the villains in our lives? Comedian Zahra Noorbahksh tries to understand a "zombie" from her past.
19 minutes, 12 seconds

Making Kindness Contagious
2019-08-15 03:00:00
We gave our Happiness Guinea Pig a mission: Do five random acts of kindness in one day.
15 minutes, 58 seconds

Facing Your Fears
2019-08-01 03:00:00
Heights. Public speaking. Death. Our Happiness Guinea Pig explains how she overcomes her fears, one small step at a time.
16 minutes, 39 seconds

How Michael Lewis Finds the Funny
2019-07-18 03:00:00
How can you unearth humor in everyday life? Best-selling author Michael Lewis goes looking for laughs.
14 minutes, 6 seconds

How to Keep Love Alive
2019-07-04 03:00:00
After more than a decade together, our Happiness Guinea Pig tries to bring the spark back into her marriage.
20 minutes, 29 seconds

Top Science Podcasts

We have hand picked the top science podcasts of 2019.
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Why do we revere risk-takers, even when their actions terrify us? Why are some better at taking risks than others? This hour, TED speakers explore the alluring, dangerous, and calculated sides of risk. Guests include professional rock climber Alex Honnold, economist Mariana Mazzucato, psychology researcher Kashfia Rahman, structural engineer and bridge designer Ian Firth, and risk intelligence expert Dylan Evans.
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#541 Wayfinding
These days when we want to know where we are or how to get where we want to go, most of us will pull out a smart phone with a built-in GPS and map app. Some of us old timers might still use an old school paper map from time to time. But we didn't always used to lean so heavily on maps and technology, and in some remote places of the world some people still navigate and wayfind their way without the aid of these tools... and in some cases do better without them. This week, host Rachelle Saunders...
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Dolly Parton's America: Neon Moss
Today on Radiolab, we're bringing you the fourth episode of Jad's special series, Dolly Parton's America. In this episode, Jad goes back up the mountain to visit Dolly's actual Tennessee mountain home, where she tells stories about her first trips out of the holler. Back on the mountaintop, standing under the rain by the Little Pigeon River, the trip triggers memories of Jad's first visit to his father's childhood home, and opens the gateway to dizzying stories of music and migration. Support Radiolab today at