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Low zinc and copper levels might cause spontaneous abortion
This hypothesis had never been proven before in humans, and it has been demonstrated by University of Granada researchers. Spontaneous abortion is estimated to affect 15 percent of women, mainly in the first trimester of pregnancy. (2011-09-28)

Extreme appeal: voters trust extreme positions more than moderate ones, study finds
Trying to appear moderate is not always the best strategy for capturing votes during an election, reveals a new study. Extreme positions can build trust among an electorate, who value ideological commitment in times of uncertainty. (2008-08-07)

A better way to help high-risk pregnant smokers
Cigarette smoking among drug dependent pregnant women is alarmingly high, estimated at 77 to 99 percent. Programs that treat pregnant patients for substance use disorders often fail to address cigarette smoking despite the clear risks to both mother and child, including ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, low birth weight, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, programs to help people quit smoking do not seem to interfere with drug abuse treatment, and may actually improve drug abstinence rates. (2012-06-21)

Study finds Republicans and Democrats can agree on some moral issues
A new study that asked U.S. conservatives and liberals to rate the most influential historical figures of the 20th Century finds that the two sides of America's (2012-11-02)

New Study: Evangelicals Most Active Christian Group Politically, Socially
Evangelical Christians are worried about the United States, feel threatened by current trends in U.S. culture and vote most often with the Christian Coalition, according to a new study (1996-12-21)

The key to cooperation? Think fast
A team of researchers trying to answer an age-old question about human goodness have found evidence for a (2012-09-19)

Presbyterians vote in favor of fetal, embryonic, and stem cell research
The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church overwhelmingly affirms the use of fetal tissue and embryonic tissue for vital research, including the use of human stem cell tissue for research that may result in the restoring of health to those suffering from serious illness. (2001-06-14)

Study indicates England's strategy to reduce teenage pregnancies is working
The number of under-18s conceiving and having babies in England has declined since the implementation of the government's national teenage pregnancy strategy in 1999, according to an Article in this week's issue of the Lancet. (2006-11-23)

Epidemic played large role in shift of attitudes on abortion, author says
Ten years before the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, German measles probably played the biggest part in starting to shift public attitudes about the criminal abortion laws, University of Illinois historian Leslie J. Reagan says in a new book. (2010-06-25)

Dominant meerkats render rivals infertile
When pregnant, dominant female meerkats subject their subordinates to escalating aggression and temporary eviction causing them to become overly stressed and as a result infertile, a new study finds. (2006-08-07)

Daughters preferred?
In a new study Dr. Hilke Brockmann from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock has examined how sex-preferences in Germany have changed over time and in response to changes in welfare regimes. She concludes that the process of modernization does not neutralize sex- preferences. In Germany there could be a trend towards a one- daughter family. (2000-02-27)

The abortion mediation misoprostol -- under the tongue or vaginally, and how often?
Administration under the tongue of the abortion medication misoprostol is most effective when taken in three hour intervals, but this can cause more side effects than when taken every 12 hours. The vaginal route of administration should be used if 12 hour intervals are preferred. The findings are reported in the latest edition of the Lancet. (2007-06-07)

Study finds two-thirds of unplanned pregnancies in women using contraception
A survey on contraception by French researchers has found that a third of the pregnancies among women in their study were unplanned and that two-thirds of these pregnancies occurred in contraception users. The findings show that contraception failure is still a major problem even in a country with the highest use of medical contraception in Europe. (2003-04-29)

The birth of reproductive health: A difficult delivery
In 1994, the landmark (2004-09-08)

Estimated 5 million women admitted to hospital each year following an unsafe abortion
In the developing world as a whole, an estimated 5 million women are admitted to hospital each year for the treatment of complications from induced abortions, concludes a study in this week's issue of the Lancet. By comparison, in developed countries complications from abortion procedures or hospitalizations are rare. (2006-11-23)

Widespread support for nonembryonic stem cell research, VCU Life Sciences Survey shows
The VCU Life Sciences Survey is the first poll to reflect the discovery reported internationally in November that human skin cells can be used to create stem cells or their near equivalents. When asked about the implications of this development, more than six in 10, or 63 percent, say that both embryonic and nonembryonic stem cell research is still needed, 22 percent say this development means embryonic stem cell research is no longer necessary. (2007-12-19)

University of California, San Francisco psychiatrist's new book offers inside look into the sex lives of teenagers
Sexuality is both an important and confusing part of adolescence. It is also a subject parents and others often do not want to talk about-sometimes going so far as to deny that teenagers have sexual lives. (2000-08-14)

Researchers uncover clues to horse herpes and neurologic disorders
Cornell microbiologists show that change in just one amino acid in a horse herpes virus can make all the difference between triggering a cold or a life-threatening neurological disorder. (2007-11-08)

Extra checks for breast cancer in pregnancy needed
Obstetricians should perform a thorough breast examination of pregnant women to detect breast cancer. (2003-06-20)

Violence against women
This week marks the start of a new Lancet series-Violence against Women. Over the next six weeks, the series will discuss current challenges and debates on violence against women and the implications for public health. (2002-04-04)

Manual, low-tech method for 2nd trimester abortions found safe and effective
A hand-held vacuum aspiration device works as well as a more expensive electrical one for ending second-trimester pregnancies, according to results of a study by Johns Hopkins obstetricians published in the October issue of the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics. (2003-09-30)

As stem-cell debate heats up, public still uninformed and undecided
Public opinion about stem-cell research appears to be very volatile, and could be swayed in either direction, according to a researcher who recently studied poll results on the issue. (2004-06-22)

Elsevier announces the 2008 supplement of Reproductive Health Matters
Second trimester abortion: women's health and public policy. (2008-12-02)

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