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Intestinal worms may solve allergy puzzle
Young people with parasite worms currently have a four times higher risk for developing allergies and asthma than others. (2017-12-04)

Discovery of a crucial immune reaction when solid food is introduced that prevents inflammatory disorders
In newborn infants, gut microbiota is first conditioned by breast milk components. When solid food is introduced, gut microbiota develops and bacteria proliferate. Scientists have discovered that a key immune response is generated in mice when solid food is introduced and microbiota expands. But, above all, they have shown that this immune reaction is essential as it is involved in educating the immune system and leads to low susceptibility to inflammatory disorders in adulthood. (2019-03-19)

Study finds asthma and food allergies predictable at age 1
Using data from more than 2,300 children from across Canada participating in the CHILD Study, the researchers evaluated the presence of AD and allergic sensitization at age one. When the children were three years of age, the researchers performed a clinical assessment to determine the presence of asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergy and AD. (2017-11-15)

Food allergy is linked to skin exposure and genetics
Infant and childhood food allergy has now been linked to a mix of environmental and genetic factors that must coexist to trigger the allergy, reports a new study. Those factors include genetics that alter skin absorbency, use of infant cleansing wipes that leave soap on the skin, skin exposure to allergens in dust and skin exposure to food from those providing infant care. The good news is factors leading to food allergy can be modified in the home environment. (2018-04-06)

How does diet during pregnancy impact allergies in offspring?
A small percentage of women said they consumed fewer allergens during pregnancy to stave off food allergies in their newborns, according to preliminary research Karen Robbins, M.D., presented during the American College of Asthma Allergy and Immunology 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting. (2018-12-14)

New Atopic Dermatitis Yardstick provides practical guidance and management insights
A newly published Atopic Dermatitis (AD) Yardstick from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has practical recommendations for physicians about the treatment of AD. (2018-01-04)

Nutritionally-speaking, soy milk is best plant-based milk
A new study from McGill University looks at the four most-commonly consumed types of milk beverages from plant sources around the world -- almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk -- and compares their nutritional values with those of cow's milk. After cow's milk, which is still the most nutritious, soy milk comes out a clear winner. (2018-01-29)

Asthma in infant boys may eventually be preventable
A new University of Alberta study shows that the family risk for asthma -- typically passed from moms to babies -- may not be a result of genetics alone: it may also involve the microbes found in a baby's digestive tract. (2017-11-27)

Sucking your baby's pacifier may benefit their health
Many parents probably think nothing of sucking on their baby's pacifier to clean it after it falls to the ground. Turns out, doing so may benefit their child's health. A Henry Ford Health System study found that babies whose parents sucked on their pacifier to clean it had a lower level of the antibody that is linked to the development of allergies and asthma. (2018-11-16)

Almost half of food allergies in adults appear in adulthood
New late-breaking research being presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting shows that almost half of all food-allergic adults surveyed reported one or more adult-onset food allergies. (2017-10-27)

Dental checklist of bad practice has patient care at its heart
Dental experts have drawn up a definitive list of never events -- scenarios that patients should never face -- in a bid to ensure excellent patient care worldwide. (2018-05-11)

Children bear the brunt of secondhand smoke in Bangladesh
Children in Bangladesh are being exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke despite laws banning smoking in public spaces, a study carried out by the University of York suggests. (2017-12-08)

Kids persistently allergic to cow's milk are smaller than peers with nut allergies
Children who experience persistent allergies to cow's milk may remain shorter and lighter throughout pre-adolescence when compared with children who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, according to a retrospective chart review. (2018-03-03)

Newly found immune defence could pave way to treat allergies
Scientists have made a fundamental discovery about how our body's immune system clears harmful infections. (2017-11-16)

Adolescents with hay fever have higher rates of anxiety and depression
An article published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology shows allergies can have serious, far-reaching consequences, especially on adolescent sufferers. (2018-05-24)

Turning off asthma attacks
Working with human immune cells in the laboratory, Johns Hopkins researchers report they have identified a critical cellular 'off' switch for the inflammatory immune response that contributes to lung-constricting asthma attacks. The switch, they say, is composed of regulatory proteins that control an immune signaling pathway in cells. (2016-12-02)

Eczema plus family history can mean a longer hospital stay for kids with asthma
Research being presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology's Annual Scientific Meeting examines the relationship between medical history and allergic reactions in children, and how long they stayed in the hospital after an asthma attack. (2017-10-27)

Omalizumab improves efficacy of oral immunotherapy for multiple food allergies
Combining a 16-week initial course of the medication omalizumab with oral immunotherapy (OIT) greatly improves the efficacy of OIT for children with allergies to multiple foods, new clinical trial findings show. After 36 weeks, more than 80 percent of children who received omalizumab and OIT could safely consume two-gram portions of at least two foods to which they were allergic, compared with only a third of children who received placebo and OIT. (2017-12-11)

Scientists develop a new test to safely and accurately diagnose peanut allergies
Scientists have developed a new laboratory test to diagnose peanut allergy. The test has 98 percent specificity and, unlike current options, it doesn't run the risk of false-positives or causing allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock. (2018-05-03)

Influence of C-section, formula feeding and antibiotics on infant gut microbiome
Researchers characterize the combined influence of cesarean delivery, antibiotic treatment, and formula feeding on the development of gut microbiota in infants. (2017-09-26)

New MRI tech could help doctors detect heart disease with better accuracy
Doctors might be able to better detect any disease or disorder that involves inflammation thanks to a new MRI imaging technology co-developed by faculty at Binghamton University, State University of New York. (2017-12-13)

Food allergies connected to children with autism spectrum disorder
A new study from the University of Iowa and published by the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more than twice as likely to suffer from a food allergy than children who do not have ASD. (2018-06-08)

Gene therapy could 'turn off' severe allergies
A single treatment giving life-long protection from severe allergies such as asthma could be made possible by immunology research at The University of Queensland. (2017-06-02)

Milk allergy affects half of US food-allergic kids under age 1
New research found that over two percent of all US children under the age of 5 have a milk allergy, and 53 percent of food-allergic infants under age 1 have a cow's milk allergy. (2018-11-16)

The miseries of allergies just may help prevent some cancers, study finds
There may be a silver -- and healthy -- lining to the miserable cloud of allergy symptoms: Sneezing, coughing, tearing and itching just may help prevent cancer -- particularly colon, skin, bladder, mouth, throat, uterus and cervix, lung and gastrointestinal tract cancer, according to a new Cornell study. (2008-11-11)

Mum's immune response could trigger social deficits for kids with autism
Children with autism are more likely to show severe social symptoms if their mother had chronic asthma or allergies while pregnant, the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre reveals today in Molecular Psychiatry. (2017-10-10)

Breastfeeding does not protect children against asthma and allergies
The effect of breastfeeding on the risk of developing asthma and allergy has been debated for a long time. In a recent study, Uppsala University researchers show that breastfeeding might in fact increase the risk of developing hay fever and eczema, while not having any clear effect on the risk of asthma. The results have been published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. (2017-11-13)

Reducing peanut allergy risks in children -- The Nurse Practitioner presents update
New prevention and treatment approaches can reduce serious health risks due to peanut allergy in children, according to an article in the March issue of The Nurse Practitioner, published by Wolters Kluwer. (2018-02-15)

Folic acid late in pregnancy may increase childhood allergy risk
Research from the University of Adelaide suggests that taking folic acid in late pregnancy may increase the risk of allergies in children affected by growth restriction during pregnancy. (2017-12-22)

Protein active in life-threatening allergic reactions is a promising target for therapy
In a recently published study supported by Food Allergy Research & Education, researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have described a signaling pathway that can contribute to the dangerous circulatory and respiratory symptoms of anaphylaxis. The pathway, which promotes fluid loss from blood vessels into surrounding tissues, includes the interleukin-4 receptor, a protein that is targeted by a drug already approved to treat moderate to severe eczema. These findings hold promise for a treatment to make anaphylaxis less deadly. (2018-02-22)

Trial finds diet rich in fish helps fight asthma
A clinical trial has shown eating fish such as salmon, trout and sardines as part of a healthy diet can reduce asthma symptoms in children. (2018-11-04)

How herpesviruses shape the immune system
DZIF scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen have developed an analytic method that can very precisely detect viral infections using immune responses. (2019-01-08)

White blood cells related to allergies may also be harnessed to destroy cancer cells
A new Tel Aviv University study finds that white blood cells which are responsible for chronic asthma and modern allergies may be used to eliminate malignant colon cancer cells. (2019-01-22)

Probiotic bacteria can induce monocyte-derived dendritic cells maturation?
Probiotic bacteria are defined as living microorganisms that have beneficial effects on human health. The mechanisms behind these actions are not yet fully characterized. A group in Finland investigated the capacity of nine probiotic bacteria to induce the maturation and the production of cytokines in human dendritic cells. The ability to induce cytokine production in leukocytes may exemplify one of the health promoting effects of probiotic bacteria. (2008-09-24)

Challenges of food allergies connected to personality traits for first time
The first study published connecting challenges of food allergies with personality traits finds that higher openness to experience is the biggest predictor of more allergy issues, while neuroticism does not lead to more frequent allergy issues. The study could improve the quality of life of people with allergies, by helping them understand how their personality traits might help or hinder their management of food allergy. (2018-03-01)

Allergies: Cross-reactivity between cypress pollen and peaches/citrus fruits explained
In collaboration with teams from the Czech Republic and Japan, researchers from the Institut Pasteur, (AP-HP), and (AP-HM) have identified the likely origin of the cross-reactivity between cypress pollen, peaches and citrus fruits. Their work has shown that these sources contain allergens belonging to a new family of proteins involved in pollen food associated syndrome. This discovery, published in JACI on Aug. 3, paves the way for the development of novel allergy diagnostic tests. (2017-08-18)

Safest way to dine out for those with food allergies is using up to 15 strategies
New research examined what tools people who have food allergies use to prevent allergic reactions at restaurants. (2018-11-16)

Pregnant women and new moms still hesitant to introduce peanut products
In January 2017 guidelines were released urging parents to begin early introduction of peanut-containing foods to reduce the risk of peanut allergy. A new study shows those who are aware of the guidelines are still hesitant to put them into place and not everyone has heard of them. (2018-03-19)

HIV-1 regulation via protective human leukocyte antigen (HLA) haplotypes
HIV-1 regulation by the HLA-B*52:01 allele has been established for some time. However, evidence of regulation by its companion, the HLA-C*12:02 allele, has been difficult to produce due to the strong linkage. Researchers from the Center for AIDS research in Kumamoto University, Japan have produced the first evidence of HLA-C's control of HIV-1, but they note that it comes with a price. Namely, the possibility of a different autoimmune disease. (2017-12-12)

Secondhand marijuana smoke causes asthma symptoms in child allergic to cannabis
New research shows it's possible for both children and adults with uncontrolled asthma to find their symptoms worsening due to cannabis allergy and exposure to marijuana smoke. (2018-11-16)

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