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Bridge Medical experts speak at Atlanta pharmacy conference
Medication safety expert Susanne Larrabee, RPh will share her experiences in using barcode technology to protect patients from medication errors at the ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Midyear Clinical Meeting next week in Atlanta. (2002-12-03)

Dartmouth College researchers help set security standards for the Internet
Secure Internet activity requires being able to prove who you are, and experts agree that the traditional approach of passwords is not always effective. PKI and public key cryptography solve these problems, and a new system developed at Dartmouth called PRQP, which stands for PKI Resource Query Protocol, is now in the pipeline with the Internet Engineering Task Force to become the universal way to easily implement PKI-enhanced computing security. (2009-07-07)

Highway safety and transportation research
With the twin forces of summer travel and road construction poised for their annual collision this time of year, reporters may be interested in projects at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that focus on the safety and reliability of America's highways. (2005-05-24)

BUMC, BMC receives Clinical and Translational Science Award from NIH
The National Institutes of Health have awarded one of 14 Clinical and Translational Science Awards for 2008 to a team based at Boston University Medical and Charles River Campuses and Boston Medical Center. These awards, together with 12 CTSAs awarded in 2007, and 12 awarded in 2006, form the core of an NIH effort to build a national consortium of select centers that will (2008-05-29)

U of Minnesota's independent study of the I-35W bridge collapse results parallel NTSB report
Preliminary results of the University of Minnesota's independent academic study of the I-35W bridge collapse suggest that lack of robustness in the bridge's original design, additional load from bridge improvements over the years, weight from construction materials and stresses induced by temperature changes contributed to the collapse of the I-35W bridge on Aug. 1, 2007. (2008-11-20)

New hope for wrinkles
A new anti-aging ingredient developed by Australian researchers is expected to be available in skin products next year. Known as GGC, it is a precursor for an effective antioxidant known as glutathione, which is the body's key defense for detoxifying harmful compounds implicated in cancer, diabetes, aging and other diseases and degenerative conditions. (2006-12-15)

Novel stem cell trial in heart failure patients to begin
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is beginning a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and feasibility of a potential treatment for heart failure that involves injecting stem cells into the heart of patients receiving a heart assist device as a bridge to transplantation. After transplant, researchers will for the first time be able to examine a heart treated with stem cells, which should help resolve debate about how they work to improve heart function. (2005-05-12)

Henry Ford's ideas may cut the cost and speed production of medicines
Ideas that Henry Ford taught a century ago about the advantages of continuous mass production are finding their way into the manufacture of one of the few remaining products still made batch-wise: The billions of tablets, capsules and other forms of medicine that people take each year. That was the topic of a keynote address here today at the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society. (2013-09-08)

University Of Florida To Be Testing Ground For New High-Speed Modem
About 100 University of Florida students and staff are trial testing the world's first residential telecommunications technology, called Universal ADSL, that enables regular telephone use and high-speed data access for the first time over a single telephone line without use of a line splitter device. (1998-09-18)

Mastering gravity: making liquids dance
Physics professor Charles Rosenblatt exercises scientific wizardry by levitating liquids and crystals to vary the effective gravitational force on them over time. He studies what happens to liquid bridges in a simulated zero-gravity environment when different gravitational forces are applied. The motion gives clues on many of the liquids' physical properties. (2000-08-20)

Researchers tackle collapsing bridges with new technology
In this month's issue of Physics World, an international group of researchers propose a new technology that could divert vibrations away from load-bearing elements of bridges to avoid catastrophic collapses. (2013-04-30)

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