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Bullying is common factor in LGBTQ youth suicides, YSPH study finds
Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have found that death records of LGBTQ youth who died by suicide were substantially more likely to mention bullying as a factor than their non-LGBTQ peers. (2020-05-27)

New study highlights high rates of suicide and self-harm among transgender youth
In a new study, 30 percent of transgender youth report a history of at least one suicide attempt, and nearly 42 percent report a history of self-injury, such as cutting. The Cincinnati Children's study also discovered a higher frequency of suicide attempts among transgender youth who are dissatisfied with their weight. (2016-08-31)

Verbal jabs and stabs from bullies can hurt, and even kill
A new book, (2002-08-30)

Psychologist receives NSF grant for research on school bullying
The National Science Foundation has announced the award of a grant of $77,092 to Williams College to support the work of Marlene Sandstrom, associate professor of psychology. The title of her research project is (2009-04-27)

Study: Kids with behavior problems, disabilities bullied more, more likely to bully others
Students receiving special-education services for behavioral disorders and those with more obvious disabilities are more likely to be bullied than their general-education counterparts -- and are also more likely to bully other students, a new study shows. (2012-07-02)

Camaraderie of sports teams may deter bullying, violence
As schools around the country look for ways to reduce violence and bullying, they may want to consider encouraging students to participate in team sports, according to a study to be presented Sunday, May 5, at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in Washington, DC. (2013-05-05)

Bullying may have long-term health consequences
Bullied children may experience chronic, systemic inflammation that persists into adulthood, while bullies may actually reap health benefits of increasing their social status through bullying, according to researchers at Duke Medicine. (2014-05-12)

Uncertain Vision: Birt, Dyke and the Reinvention of the BBC
The BBC is the world's most famous and powerful cultural institution. Throughout its 80-year existence it has attracted controversy and political bullying, as well as epitomising globally broadcasting's democratic potential and the heights to which non-commercial broadcasting can aspire. It remains the model for public broadcasters around the world. (2004-09-21)

Bullying leads to depression and suicidal thoughts in teens
High school students subjected to bullying and other forms of harassment are more likely to report being seriously depressed, consider suicide and carry weapons to school, according to findings from a trio of studies reported at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in San Diego. (2015-04-27)

ACPM to host Webcast on adolescent violence and bullying
The American College of Preventive Medicine will host a web-based conference to discuss adolescent violence and bullying. Violence is No Accident: The Role of Health Professionals in Keeping Adolescents Safe, developed under a cooperative agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau, will be held July 13, 2006, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET at Medscape (www.medscape.com) from WebMD. Continuing medical education (CME/CE) credit can be obtained for participation in this conference. (2006-07-11)

Breaking bullying behavior
An educational program designed to rid schools of bullying behavior directed at students who stutter is proving effective at changing attitudes in the classroom, according to research from the University of Alberta. (2012-06-06)

NIMBioS study finds bullies squelched when bystanders intervene
With new national anti-bullying ads urging parents to teach their kids to speak up if they witness bullying, one researcher has found that in humans' evolutionary past at least, helping the victim of a bully hastened our species' movement toward a more egalitarian society. (2012-08-13)

New study on media violence and kids could have applications on school bullying
A new study may provide schools with a new tool to help them profile students who are more likely to commit aggressive acts against other students. Published this week in the latest issue of the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, the study identifies media violence exposure as one of six risk factors for predicting later aggression in children. (2012-07-12)

Study probes the legalities of cyber-bullying
A research team led by Queensland University of Technology wants to help stop today's school cyber bullies from becoming tomorrow's boardroom bullies. The three-year study into cyber bullying is one of 13 QUT projects awarded a total of $3.19 million by the Australian Research Council in its latest funding round of Linkage Project grants. (2007-09-26)

Acceptance is protection: How can parents support gender nonconforming and transgender children?
How should parents respond when their four years old son insists on wearing girls' clothes, or their daughter switches to using a male version of their name? These are the questions increasingly being asked of family therapist Jean Malpas who writes in Family Process about a new approach to support parents with gender nonconforming and transgender children. (2011-12-06)

Family dinners good for teens' mental health, could protect from cyberbullying
Cyberbullying was associated with mental health and substance use problems in adolescents but family dinners may help protect teens from the consequences of cyberbullying and also be beneficial for their mental health. (2014-09-01)

High school girls who consider themselves attractive are more likely to be targets for bullying
University of Alberta researcher Lindsey Leenaars found high school females who viewed themselves as attractive had a 35 percent higher risk of being indirectly victimized. This study was recently published in the journal Aggressive Behavior. (2008-05-22)

Don't get mad, get creative
It's not just in movies where nerds get their revenge. Social rejection can inspire imaginative thinking, particularly in individuals with a strong sense of their own independence. (2012-08-21)

Bullying is not limited to unpopular loners, say researchers; many childrenbully each other especially in middle school
Bullying is a pervasive problem, with estimated worldwide rates of 5 to 15 percent. Bullying occurs more frequently and with greater lethality today than in the 1970s and 1980s, as incidents like Littleton, Colorado illustrate. Findings from three studies examine the prevalence of bullying behavior, children's perceptions of who bullies and who the victims are and why bullying is rising in middle schools. (1999-08-20)

Online program reduces bullying behavior in schools, tests show
Behaviors that enable bullying -- a significant public health problem for adolescents -- were reduced among students who completed a new online anti-bullying program, according to a new study. (2016-04-20)

Disabled children do matter
Many disabled children fail to reach their full potential because they continue to be marginalized in schools, health and social care, according to new research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. (2011-12-02)

Childhood mental health problems blight adult working life
Mental health problems in childhood blight adult working life, suggests research published ahead of print in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. And problems in working life are associated with mid life depression and anxiety. (2008-04-02)

I forgive you for taking his lunch money
New research conducted at the Australian National University supports forgiveness and reconciliation over punishment when dealing with bullies. (2006-07-11)

Frequency of violent behavior among youths similar in different countries
Adolescents from five different countries had similar frequencies of violence-related behaviors, including fighting and weapon carrying, according to an article in the June issue of The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. (2004-06-07)

Children with eczema have the same impaired quality of life as those with kidney disease
Having a serious skin condition can cause a child as much distress as having a chronic illness such as epilepsy, renal disease or diabetes. Researchers compared the quality of life of 379 children with skin diseases with 161 children with chronic illnesses, The study appears in the latest British Journal of Dermatology. (2006-07-18)

Bullied children 3 times more likely to self harm
Children who are bullied in childhood are up to three times more likely to self harm up to the age of twelve, a study published today on bmj.com suggests. (2012-04-26)

Save the date -- psychological science convention in Chicago, May 24-27, 2012
Save the date for the Association for Psychological Science's 24th Annual Convention in Chicago from May 24-27, 2012. Register now! If you cover health, business, lifestyles or science news, the APS convention provides news on the mind-body connection, discrimination, marketing, bullying, mental illnesses and more. APS conventions cover many types of science, including neuroscience, industrial and management psychology, and social interactions. (2012-04-11)

Psychological bullying hits just as hard
School bullying doesn't have to leave physical bumps and bruises to contribute to a hostile and potentially dangerous school environment. Behavior that intentionally harms another individual, through the manipulation of social relationships (or (2007-05-23)

Boy-girl bullying in middle grades more common than previously thought
Much more cross-gender bullying -- specifically, unpopular boys harassing popular girls -- occurs in later elementary school grades than previously thought, meaning educators should take reports of harassment from popular girls seriously, according to new research by a University of Illinois professor who studies child development. (2008-12-09)

Far from being harmless, the effects of bullying last long into adulthood
A new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, shows that serious illness, struggling to hold down a regular job, and poor social relationships are just some of the adverse outcomes in adulthood faced by those exposed to bullying in childhood. (2013-08-19)

Findings on obesity among preschoolers, post partum depression among Hispanic women and more
Leading researchers in prevention science are gathering to present new findings on health challenges facing kids, women, minorities and more. Presentations will be made on new ways that prevention programs can be implemented by schools, communities, and parents. (2006-05-24)

Suicidal talk on Twitter mirrors state suicide rates
Researchers compared tweets with suicide-related content with actual suicide rates across the country. Their findings suggest social platforms could serve as early warning systems. (2013-10-09)

The school bully -- does it run in the family?
University of Cincinnati research linking family relationships to childhood bullying is presented at the 103rd annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Boston. (2008-08-04)

Jeers of peers may affect adolescent adjustment
A University of Cincinnati researcher suggests that the struggles of adolescence can be particularly painful for children who also struggle with obesity. (2008-08-06)

Minority parents fear for kids online
Nearly all parents agree -- when their children go online, stranger danger is their biggest safety concern, followed closely by exposure to pornography, violent content and bullying, according to a collaborative study between researchers at Northwestern University and Microsoft Research. But, a parent's level of concern for these and other online safety issues varies depending on their racial and ethnic background, researchers said. (2013-11-21)

Researchers find genetic link to children's emotional problems precipitated by bullying
A team of researchers from Duke University and Kings College London have discovered a genetic variation that moderates whether victims of bullying will go on to develop emotional problems. (2010-07-22)

Bullying common in cyberspace
A new study in the Journal of School Health reveals that cyberbullying is common among teens who are frequent internet users, with 72 percent of respondents reporting at least one incident during the past year. (2008-10-02)

Bullies in the workplace
The stories are shocking and heartbreaking, but they are often disjointed and hard to follow. In severe cases, the narratives are even more chaotic. This is reality for victims of workplace bullying and a major reason why they stay silent, said Stacy Tye-Williams, an assistant professor of communications studies and English at Iowa State University. (2014-10-15)

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