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Marcellus shale science target of $2.5 million NSF grant
A science- and energy-based program focusing on Pennsylvania counties with natural gas exploration and production, and developed by a multidisciplinary team of Penn State researchers, is part of a $2.5-million grant from the National Science Foundation. (2011-09-27)

Community programs can help prevent heart disease
Community heart health programs with links to local hospitals can help reduce cardiovascular disease deaths, suggest the results of a study. Researchers based these findings on an analysis of one such community program in rural Franklin County, ME. (2000-06-18)

New textbook illuminates the close links between evolutionary and molecular biology
A new book, Evolution, combines the contemporary fields of genetics and molecular biology with traditional evolutionary theories to provide an elegant, cohesive view of biology. It was recently released by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. (2007-08-10)

Company uses Georgia Tech innovation to monitor high-temperature gas turbine engines
An Atlanta company formed by former Georgia Tech researchers has developed an innovative new sensor system that monitors industrial equipment, including sections of gas turbine engines that reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. (2004-05-24)

October 2008 GEOLOGY and GSA TODAY media highlights
GEOLOGY topics include the fossil conservation of organic tissues, including guts, gills, muscles, and eyes, as carbon; an habitable zone model for recovery after major extinction; the complex response of biodiversity to both climate and tectonics; the (2008-09-25)

Geology highlights: New research posted in Nov.
New GEOLOGY articles posted online ahead of print from Nov. 14-23 report the discovery of tranquillityite, formally believed to originate on Earth's Moon, in Australia's Eel Creek Formation; new HiRISE images from Mars showing evidence of dune migration; the first-ever observed earthquake-eruption-landslide sequence at an active submarine volcano in the western Pacific; and a presentation of the first 3-D seismic velocity model of the Hong Kong region. (2011-11-30)

'Failed' experiment yields a biocontrol agent that doesn't trigger antibiotic resistance
A failed experiment turned out to be anything but for bacteriologist Marcin Filutowicz. As he was puzzling out why what should have been a routine procedure wouldn't work, he made a discovery that led to the creation of a new biological tool for destroying bacterial pathogens -- one that doesn't appear to trigger antibiotic resistance. (2006-10-04)

Livermore Lab and American Shale Oil team to study carbon sequestration
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and American Shale Oil, LLC, a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, announced today that they have entered into a technical cooperation agreement to develop carbon sequestration technologies for in ground shale oil production processes. (2008-12-03)

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