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New research shows candidate name order will matter in California recall election
The ordering of candidates' names on ballots in the upcoming California recall election will likely affect the outcome, if the state's presidential election is a guide. In the 2000 presidential race, George W. Bush received 9 percent more votes among Californians when he was listed first on the ballot than when he was listed later, a new study found. (2003-08-18)

Sandia's Truman Fellowship program seeks nation's top postdoc talent
Sandia National Laboratories is offering the nation's outstanding new Ph.D.s in science and engineering an opportunity to conduct independent research of their own choosing within a national security context through a new prestigious postdoctoral research fellowship. (2003-10-22)

GroPep completes final milestone of the path malaria vaccine initiative
Adelaide biotechnology company GroPep has completed the manufacture of two vaccine antigens as part of the project funded by the international PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI). (2005-12-19)

Higher education representatives advise chemistry faculty candidates on how to apply for positions
Chemical & Engineering News offers some concrete suggestions for would-be faculty members on how best to apply for chemistry jobs in higher education based on advice from a panel representing a broad spectrum of universities and colleges. (2005-04-11)

Men, women treated differently for heart attacks
University of Washington researchers found gender-based differences in treatment of elderly patients suffering an acute myocardial infarction. Women are less likely to receive early treatment following a heart attack and are more likely to be assigned a do-not-resuscitate order during their hospital stay. There are other differences as well. (2000-07-04)

Elsevier Properties SA announces winners of the 2011 Reaxys Ph.D. Prize
Elsevier Properties SA announces the winners of the Reaxys Ph.D. Prize, a competition for candidates currently studying for a Ph.D. or having completed a Ph.D. within the last 12 months. The prize recognizes research and publication excellence in the fields of organic, organometallic and inorganic chemistry. (2011-06-27)

MedImmune awards five fellowship research grants to advance viral respiratory disease research
MedImmune has awarded grants to five pediatric fellows to assist their conduct of original research in the field of viral respiratory diseases. The fellowship research grants, which underscore the company's dedication to advancing research in pediatric health, were presented for the sixth consecutive year through MedImmune's Fellowship Research Grant Program. This year's recipients, awarded $35,000 each, were acknowledged on Sunday, May 3, 2009, at a reception at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting in Baltimore. (2009-05-04)

UMD team gives drug dropouts a second chance
A cross-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Maryland has designed a molecular container that can hold drug molecules and increase their solubility, in one case up to nearly 3,000 times. (2012-05-08)

Study: Sequential voting in presidential primaries best system to winnow candidates
A new study says the sequential election format of the US presidential primary is the best mechanism to select a candidate who would prevail in a head-to-head election against any one of the other candidates, says co-author and University of Illinois economist Mattias Polborn. (2015-08-04)

Nanyang Technological University and Technische Universitat Munchen announce joint Ph.D. collaboration
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany, today announced a new agreement that will enable both institutions to jointly offer Ph.D. programs. The move will establish a broad base of doctoral programs that will generate new research, as well as additional education and employment prospects for the students of both countries and beyond. (2009-09-01)

Gender and racial factors in medical exam success
Women from all ethnic backgrounds are more successful at passing UK medical exams than their male counterparts, according to research published today in the open access journal BMC Medicine. The research, which looked at gender and racial factors in medical exam success, also found that nonwhite males do least well in medical examinations. (2007-05-02)

Presidential science and technology appointments
A new report from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine, offers advice to presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama on filling high-level federal science and technology positions after the election. (2008-09-15)

Molecular insight begins Trofex Phase 1 trial for detection of metastatic prostate cancer
Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced today that it has initiated a Phase 1 clinical trial for its Trofex molecular imaging program for the detection and staging of metastatic prostate cancer. The trial is designed to investigate two small molecule radiopharmaceutical candidates that target prostate-specific membrane antigen, MIP-1072 and MIP-1095, to select a lead candidate for further development and commercialization. This marks the company's fourth clinical-stage program and the third in cancer. (2008-06-12)

Denver physician patents minimally invasive technology for hair transplantation surgery
James A. Harris, M.D., of the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado has invented and patented a new minimally invasive technology which will revolutionize the field of hair transplantation surgery. The new system utilizes an instrument called the Harris SAFE Scribe -- a small, self-contained device -- to isolate, extract and transplant single follicular units of hair without the trauma associated with other types of hair transplantation surgery. (2004-10-06)

More promising natural gas storage?
A Northwestern University research team has developed a computational method that can save scientists and engineers valuable time in the discovery process. The new algorithm automatically generates and tests hypothetical metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), zeroing in on the most promising structures. These MOFs then can be synthesized and tested in the lab. The researchers quickly identified more than 300 different MOFs that are predicted to be better than any known material for methane storage. (2011-11-06)

New law for organ donation in Israel: If prepared to donate, then you get increased priority when you need an organ yourself
A unique new law comes into effect in Israel in January 2010, stating that people who are prepared to sign donor cards themselves receive priority when they are in need of an organ transplant. Increased priority is also given to first degree relatives of those who have signed donor cards, to first degree relatives of those who have died and given organs, and to live donors of a kidney, liver lobe or lung lobe who have donated for as yet undesignated recipients. (2009-12-16)

Older kidney transplant patients should more often consider live donors
Almost half of kidney transplant candidates older than 60 die before getting a deceased-donor organ. (2009-06-24)

Obesity is major contributor to heart disease, impediment to diagnosis and treatment
Obesity is a major contributor to heart disease that substantially hinders the disease's proper diagnosis and treatment, says a cardiologist researching the impact of obesity and weight loss on the heart. With obese youth as the fastest-growing demographic group, the country's problem is only going to get worse, said Dr. Sheldon Litwin, a preventive cardiologist and Chief of the Medical College of Georgia Section of Cardiology at Georgia Health Sciences University. (2012-09-18)

A pretty face can make a difference in whom you vote for
According to a Northwestern University study, it's not surprising that everyone is talking about the great looks of Sarah Palin. The decision to play up the looks of the former beauty queen is a winning strategy. A perception of competence is not enough to give women the winning edge in political contests. For both male and female voters, female political candidates needed to be seen as attractive as well as competent to get their votes. (2008-10-30)

Surgery or radiation, not monitoring, most often sought for low-risk prostate cancer, Mayo finds
Mayo Clinic urologists will discuss findings on enlarged prostates, bladder cancer and other research and will be available to provide expert comment to journalists on others' studies. (2012-10-12)

National Academies advisory: July 21 meeting on S&T presidential advisory committees
The National Academies' Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy is examining barriers to selecting the most-qualified candidates for science and technology presidential appointments, and assessing the overall process of appointing scientists, engineers, and health professionals to serve on federal advisory committees. (2004-07-13)

Study: Voters in battleground states more ambivalent about presidential candidates
Heavy advertising by both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates may actually make voters in battleground states more confused about which candidate to vote for, a new study suggests. A nationwide study found that voters in heavily contested states like Florida and Ohio become more ambivalent when they are exposed to a lot of opposing messages from the two candidates. (2008-10-20)

More than issues, candidates hurt Democratic presidential ambitions in 2000, 2004
It's the candidate, stupid. A new book analyzing the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections in the United States provides some of the clearest evidence to date about why George W. Bush captured the White House and the Democratic candidates failed. While Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992 famously used the phrase (2008-06-02)

ISHLT updates guidelines for heart and lung transplants
During its annual meeting this week, the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation will revisit the current criteria used by organ centers for transplantation; the organization is working to provide comprehensive guidelines for transplant waiting lists and the management of potential transplant recipients. (2005-04-07)

System constraints forcing Canadian physicians to become medical brokers in prioritizing
Health-care system constraints combined with a lack of a uniform referral process are leaving Ontario physicians brokering which patients are in greatest need of hip and knee replacement, a study led by a St. Michael's Hospital researcher funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has revealed. The variability in this process means not everyone who needs this surgery will actually get surgery. (2008-06-19)

Postdoctoral students seek academic jobs at Philadelphia chemistry meeting
Some 130 postdoctoral students interested in careers in academia will present their research and teaching philosophies at an Academic Employment Initiative (AEI) poster session Aug. 23 at the American Chemical Society's 228th national meeting in Philadelphia. The purpose is to broaden the process by which colleges and universities recruit faculty into the chemical sciences. (2004-08-18)

Versartis presents positive preclinical data on 2 product candidates at ENDO 09
Versartis Inc., an emerging company developing novel biologics with enhanced properties for patients with metabolic diseases, today presented data for its long-acting product candidates, VRS-317 (hGH-rPEG) for treatment of growth hormone deficiency and for VRS-826 (IL-1ra-rPEG) for treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, at the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. (2009-06-10)

NIH awards Phylonix phase II SBIR to develop zebrafish models for eye diseases
Phylonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded a $1,092,031 Phase II Small Business Innovation Grant from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health to develop zebrafish eye disease models for drug screening. The grant for (2007-10-02)

DFG To Set Up 32 New Postgraduate Research Groups - First "Virtual Research Group"
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has decided to set up 32 new postgraduate research groups from a total of 90 applications. Under this programme the DFG has been promoting - since 1990 - especially qualified doctoral candidates of all scientific disciplines, ranging from natural sciences and the humanities to biosciences and engineering sciences. (1998-05-15)

Decline in performance of candidates taking a postgraduate medical examination between 1997 and 2001
The performance of doctors taking a postgraduate medical exam declined between 1997 and 2001, reveals a study carried out by the Royal Colleges of Physicians and published today in the Open Access journal BMC Medicine. (2005-07-17)

Nanyang Technological University and Karolinska Institutet Sweden launch new Ph.D. program
The collaboration with Karolinska Institutet is a major milestone for NTU as it is the university's first joint Ph.D. program in biomedical science and its third joint Ph.D. program with top European universities in just five months. Apart from KI, NTU separately signed agreements with Imperial College, London, in May 2009 and with Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany, in August 2009. (2009-09-17)

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