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Wolves gone, western ecosystems suffer
Research about wolves that began in Yellowstone National Park has been replicated in an adjacent area, and a growing body of evidence leads scientists to conclude that this historic predator may have an ecological impact far more important than realized in the American West. The near extinction of the gray wolf across most of the West in the past century now appears to have removed the natural element of (2004-12-08)

Bronx Zoo bears are new Samsonite gorillas
In a scene reminiscent of the famous Samsonite luggage commercial when a gorilla puts the product's durability to the test, grizzly bears at the Bronx Zoo gave a bear-proof food canister designed for backpackers a real beating, but still could not open it, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). (2005-09-07)

Ant invaders eat the natives, then move down the food chain
The Argentine ant, Linepithema humile, is one of the most successful invasive species in the world, having colonized parts of five continents in addition to its native range in South America. A new study sheds light on the secrets of its success. (2007-12-18)

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