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Radio astronomers develop new technique for studying dark energy
A new but technically challenging observational (2010-07-21)

Decision makers may be blind to the outcome of their choice
When evaluating facial attractiveness, participants may fail to notice a radical change to the outcome of their choice, according to a study by researchers at Lund University, Sweden, and New York University. Equally surprising, the study shows that participants may produce confabulatory reports when asked to describe the reasons behind their choices. The findings appear in the October 7 issue of Science. (2005-10-06)

Knowing me, myself and I: What psychology can contribute to self-knowledge
How well do you know yourself? It's a question many of us struggle with, as we try to figure out how close we are to who we actually want to be. A new report in Perspectives on Psychological Science describes theories behind self-knowledge (that is, how people form beliefs about themselves), cites challenges psychologists encounter while studying it, and offers ways we can get to know ourselves a little better. (2009-07-16)

Biomedical engineer shows how people learn motor skills
Practice makes perfect when people learn behaviors, from baseball pitching to chess playing to public speaking. Biomedical engineers at Washington University in St. Louis have now identified how people use individual experiences to improve performance. (2005-10-05)

Meteorite hits on Earth: There may be a recount
A University of Alberta researcher has found a tool that could reveal possibly hundreds of undiscovered craters across Canada and around the world. As more craters are found and analyzed existing theories on how many meteorites have hit Earth in the past and the frequency of future impacts will change. (2008-11-25)

Book 'Interest' traces intellectual history of the concept
In the new book called (2005-10-10)

Decisions, decisions: Feedback influences decision making
Numerous studies have shown that people will choose differently, depending on whether they are choosing based on experience or description. But, what is it that causes people to choose differently in the two situations? The results of a new study suggest that feedback plays a key role in decision making. The findings indicate that feedback after repeated choice may drive people towards rational decision making. (2008-11-12)

Hebrew University researchers show how we can do math problems unconsciously
Can we actually read words and phrases and solve multi-step mathematical problems without our having consciously been aware of them? A team in the Psychology Department at the Hebrew University has conducted a series of experiments that give a positive answer: people can read and do math non-consciously. (2012-11-14)

Growing bacteria keep time, know their place
Working with a synthetic gene circuit designed to coax bacteria to grow in a predictable ring pattern, Duke University scientists have revealed an under-appreciated contributor to natural pattern formation: Time. (2013-10-08)

High-predator environment has unexpected impact on aging in fish
Classic evolutionary theories of senescence, or the evolution of the rate at which organisms deteriorate as they age, have been challenged by the findings of researchers at the University of California, Riverside. (2004-11-08)

Astronomers capture "stellar sonogram" of a star in the making
A Florida astronomer is part of an international team that has captured the first images of the very earliest stages of a (1999-07-13)

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