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1 in 3 patients with asthma or COPD misuse inhalers
One out of three patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease use their inhalers incorrectly, a new study shows (2007-10-23)
Wireless patients
A wireless monitoring system for people with debilitating conditions such as Parkinson's disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder could allow health-care workers to assess a patient's health and the development of their disease without hindering their movements. (2010-05-26)
Yale study shows why cigarette smoke makes flu, other viral infections worse
A new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine could explain why the cold and flu virus symptoms that are often mild and transient in non-smokers can seriously sicken smokers. (2008-07-24)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease increases the risk of sudden cardiac death
People suffering from the common lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have an increased risk of sudden cardiac death, according to new research published in the European Heart Journal. (2015-04-28)
One in 5 older Americans take medications that work against each other
About three out of four older Americans have multiple chronic health conditions, and more than 20 percent of them are being treated with drugs that work at odds with each other -- the medication being used for one condition can actually make the other condition worse. (2014-03-13)
More penalties on the way for hospitals that treat the poor? New U-M study suggests so
The federal government will fine more than 2,600 hospitals in the coming year, because too many Medicare patients treated at these hospitals for chronic lung disease and other conditions are ending up back in the hospital within 30 days of going home. (2014-11-01)
World's leading lung societies unite to call for improvements in health care
Experts from the world's leading lung organizations have come together for the first time to call for a worldwide effort to improve health-care policies and systems and care delivery to make a positive difference for the lung health of the world. (2013-11-20)
Smoking history can predict survival time in COPD
Identifying an individual's the smoking history could help doctors to predict survival time in people with COPD. (2012-09-03)
High incidence of bowel disease seen in people with lung conditions
People with airway diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have a higher incidence of inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, according to the findings of a new study. (2014-11-18)
News briefs from the journal Chest, August 2007
The following are select studies from the journal Chest, the peer-reviewed journal of the American College of Chest Physicians. (2007-08-13)
Low vitamin D levels do not predict the risk of acute exacerbations of COPD
Baseline vitamin D levels do not predict the frequency or timing of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with severe COPD, according to a large prospective cohort study involving 973 North American patients. (2011-11-04)
New data show SPIRIVA® significantly reduces COPD exacerbations and related health resource burden
SPIRIVA® (tiotropium) significantly reduced exacerbations and health resource utilization compared with placebo in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a data presented today at the annual European Respiratory Society meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. (2004-09-07)
Studies find eating fruits and vegetables good for lungs
Eating fruits and vegetables appears to reduce the risk of developing some types of lung disease and may even improve lung function, according to research presented today at the American Thoracic Society's International Conference in San Francisco, California. (2001-05-20)
Media availability: New results show some severe emphysema patients continue to benefit from surgery
New results from the landmark National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) confirm and extend earlier findings that selected patients with advanced emphysema predominately in the upper area of the lung may benefit from bilateral lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) and the benefits are still apparent with two more years of follow-up. (2006-08-01)
Clinical trial data: Safety/efficacy of concomitant formoterol fumarate/tiotropium treating COPD
Data presented today at CHEST 2007, the annual scientific assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians, demonstrate concomitant use of nebulized formoterol fumarate and tiotropium provided improved bronchodilation over tiotropium monotherapy and was well-tolerated in this clinical study. (2007-10-24)
American Thoracic Society Journal news tips for March 2005 (second issue)
Newsworthy highlighted studies show that: in patients from five intensive care units, those who developed bloodstream infections while in the unit were 7 times more likely to die than those who did not; obesity was significantly associated with asthma and wheezing in a large group of 8- to 11-year old children; and researchers developed a new test that gauges mortality risk in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (2005-03-15)
Pfizer's VFEND(R) receives FDA approval for treatment of esophageal candidiasis
Pfizer Inc said today that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to market VFEND® (voriconazole), a broad spectrum antifungal medicine, for the treatment of esophageal candidiasis. (2003-11-17)
COPD patients may breathe easier, thanks to the Wii
According to a new study conducted by researchers in Connecticut, the Wii Fit offers patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease an effective workout -- and one that, because it is enjoyable, patients are more likely to use. (2011-05-16)
Psoriasis patients at increasing risk for range of serious medical conditions
Patients with mild, moderate and severe psoriasis had increasingly higher odds of having at least one major medical disease in addition to psoriasis, when compared to patients without psoriasis. (2013-08-07)
Obstructive lung disease linked with decline in memory and information processing
Obstructive lung disease has been linked with a decline in cognitive functioning, including memory and information processing. (2013-09-10)
Pulmonary rehabilitation and improvement in exercise capacity improve survival in COPD
Pulmonary rehabilitation and improvement in exercise capacity significantly improve survival in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to a new study from the UK. (2012-05-21)
Low level exposure to air pollution is harmful, mouse model shows
Scientists investigating the effect of air pollution on lung health, in an animal model, have concluded that even low levels of exposure can have a detrimental effect on the lungs. (2019-08-01)
MUHC leads pan-Canadian initiative on respiratory disease
The leading cause of hospitalization and the third leading cause of death in Canada, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is one of the least understood diseases. (2010-04-16)
Combined wood and tobacco smoke exposure increases risk and symptoms of COPD
People who are consistently exposed to both wood smoke and tobacco smoke are at a greater risk for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and for experiencing more frequent and severe symptoms of the disease, as well as more severe airflow obstruction, than those who are exposed to only one type of smoke, according to the results of a new population-based study conducted by researchers in Colombia. (2013-05-20)
Home-based primary care improves quality of life for VA patients and caregivers
A home-based primary care intervention program by the Department of Veterans Affairs significantly improved health- related quality of life and satisfaction for patients and their caregivers, according to an article in the December 13 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). (2000-12-11)
Family history a risk factor for COPD
A study shows that COPD in family history is a risk factor for patients having COPD. (2011-07-26)
Perforomist Inhalation Solution data to be presented at American Thoracic Society conference
Data to be presented via posters at upcoming ATS meeting. (2009-05-14)
Positive results for airway bypass
This month's issue of the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery features results on the airway bypass procedure for emphysema -- a COPD disease. (2007-10-09)
Endurance walking test distances improved significantly for COPD patients
Breathing a special gas mixture may significantly improve the exercise performance of individuals with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). (2006-04-14)
American Thoracic Society journal news tips for August (second issue)
Newsworthy research featured in the second of two August issues of the American Thoracic Society peer-reviewed journal highlight the association of sleep apnea in young children with big tonsils and enlarged adenoid tissue; why work-related factors contribute to a much higher persistent asthma rate in Finns than was previously shown; and how projections from a dynamic life table model demonstrate a 123 percent jump for Dutch women in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease rates by 2015. (2001-08-25)
International guidelines released on chronic obstructive lung disease
The first international guidelines for the diagnosis and management of COPD (a term for chronic bronchitis and emphysema) -- the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. and worldwide -- were released today by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), a collaboration between the NHLBI and the WHO. (2001-04-03)
The making of mucus in common lung diseases
In the lung, mucus is produced by cells known as goblet cells. (2009-09-14)
When disease discriminates: Women and COPD
Women have made a good deal of welcome progress in the last several decades, but at least one advance is unwanted: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is on the rise in women in prevalence, morbidity and mortality. (2007-12-14)
News briefs from the July issue of Chest
News briefs from the July issue of Chest feature studies related to how weekend ICU admissions may be linked to increased risk of death and how biomass smoke may be linked to COPD. (2010-07-06)
A*STAR scientists first to identify stem cell key to lung regeneration
Scientists at A*STAR'S Genome Institute of Singapore and Institute of Molecular Biology have made a breakthrough discovery in the understanding of lung regeneration. (2011-10-27)
Study shows COPD is associated with significant and persistent pain
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is primarily associated with the respiratory symptoms that are its hallmark, but in fact, patients who struggle with the disease also experience significant amounts of chronic pain. (2013-05-21)
Lifetime risk for COPD is one in four, much higher than risk of developing heart failure and several common cancers
One out of every four people aged 35 and older are likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) during their lifetime, according to the first comprehensive estimate of lifetime risk for COPD published in a special European Respiratory Society issue of The Lancet. (2011-09-08)
Scientists unlock secret behind cause of chronic lung disease
Australian researchers have discovered a vital clue to the causes of the many chronic and incurable lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD), emphysema and asthma. (2002-09-04)
Researchers to use novel metabolomics technology for COPD
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College were awarded a $6.5 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for a five-year investigation into metabolic changes occurring within airway epithelial cells in the lungs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients caused by cigarette smoking. (2012-07-16)
Early antibiotic treatment for severe COPD symptoms linked with improved outcomes
Among patients hospitalized for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), those who received antibiotics in the first two hospital days had improved outcomes, such as a lower likelihood of mechanical ventilation and fewer re-admissions, compared to patients who received antibiotics later or not at all, according to a study in the May 26 issue of JAMA. (2010-05-25)
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