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Burning for knowledge: Researchers set to ignite fire in space
Researchers from Case Western Reserve University, NASA John H. Glenn Research Center and around the world will perform the largest fire-safety experiment ever in space when the unmanned Cygnus cargo module backs a safe distance from the International Space Station, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. (2016-06-14)
Individual primates display variation in general intelligence
General intelligence varies among primates within a single species, according to new research from Harvard University. (2009-06-16)
Electrified nano filter promises to cut costs for clean drinking water
With almost one billion people lacking access to clean, safe drinking water, scientists are reporting development and successful initial tests of an inexpensive new filtering technology that kills up to 98 percent of disease-causing bacteria in water in seconds without clogging. (2010-12-02)
Dartmouth study measures breast cancer tumor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
A Dartmouth study suggests that it may be possible to use Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Tomographic imaging to predict which patients will best respond to chemotherapy used to shrink breast cancer tumors before surgery. (2014-10-23)
Self-cleaning cotton breaks down pesticides, bacteria
UC Davis scientists have developed a self-cleaning cotton fabric that can kill bacteria and break down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues when exposed to light. (2011-09-27)
US movies expose youth to billions of smoking images
Two new studies by Dartmouth pediatricians underscore the significant impact that movies have in influencing teens to smoke. (2007-05-07)
The USDA Develops Devices To Help Distribute Pest-Busters Around Fields
Farmers may soon be firing clay pigeon devices full of wasps around their fields to help control the pests that devastate their crops. (1998-08-19)
Integrated pest management promises crop yields with fewer chemicals, but will it prove effective in the long run
It used to be that most growers relied on chemicals to deal with pests that plagued their crops. (2001-08-15)
New probe provides vital assist in brain cancer surgery
A new probe developed collaboratively at Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Dartmouth College's Thayer School of Engineering uses an innovative fluorescence-reading technology to help brain surgeons distinguish cancerous tissue from normal tissue. (2012-07-24)
New Texas A&M gene study aimed at enhanced cotton fiber breeding, toolkits
A new study by Texas A&M University cotton researchers and breeders will take advantage of new high-throughput sequencing technology to rapidly advance cotton genetics research and breeding. (2013-10-29)
New imaging technique identifies receptors for targeted cancer therapy
Dartmouth researchers have developed a fluorescence imaging technique that can more accurately identify receptors for targeted cancer therapies without a tissue biopsy. (2014-11-14)
Looking for wireless? Try a local farm
Wireless. For most, the word conjures images quaint coffee shops or busy airport lobbies -- places where people drop in to check on business or check in with other people. (2010-11-10)
Center to investigate plant cells for better biomass fuels
Cutting edge approaches and methodology employed by plant and molecular biologists, chemists, physicists, material scientists, computational modelers and engineers will be applied to plant cells in the newly funded Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation, a US Department of Energy, Energy Frontier Research Center at Penn State. (2009-04-29)
Page 16 of 16 | 614 Results
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