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Designing diamonds for medical imaging technologies
Japanese researchers have optimized the design of laboratory-grown, synthetic diamonds. This brings the new technology one step closer to enhancing biosensing applications, such as magnetic brain imaging. The advantages of this layered, sandwichlike, diamond structure are described in a recent issue of Applied Physics Letters. (2018-03-19)

Wide variation in rate of death between VA hospitals for patients with heart disease, heart failure
Death rates for veterans with ischemic heart disease and chronic heart failure varied widely across the Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system from 2010 to 2014, which could suggest differences in the quality of cardiovascular health care provided by VA medical centers. (2018-05-16)

70Gb/s optical intra-connects in data centers based on band-limited devices
High-speed and low-cost data center optical intra-connects have been developed quickly. New research shows that a 70Gb/s optical interconnect based on 18GHz band-limited VCSEL has been experimentally demonstrated. (2017-12-01)

It's givin' me excitations: U-M study uncovers first steps of photosynthesis
Photosynthesis has driven life on this planet for more than 3 billion years -- first in bacteria, then in plants -- but we don't know exactly how it works. (2018-03-20)

Study: Zika could cause more miscarriages than we realize
More women could be losing their pregnancies to the Zika virus without knowing they're infected, suggests a collaborative study published in Nature Medicine.The study found 26 percent of nonhuman primates infected with Zika during early stages of pregnancy experienced miscarriage or stillbirth even though the animals showed few signs of infection. (2018-07-02)

MIT Energy Initiative welcomes Exelon as member for clean energy research
MIT Energy Initiative announces that national energy provider Exelon joins MITEI as a member to focus research support through MITEI's Low-Carbon Energy Centers. The Centers bring together researchers from multiple disciplines at MIT to engage with companies, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders to develop deployable clean energy technology solutions through a uniquely inclusive model. (2016-02-25)

For young adults with blood cancer, pediatric centers may improve survival
Adolescents and young adults with acute leukemia have a survival advantage if they receive treatment at a pediatric cancer center versus an adult center, according to a new study. (2018-04-18)

Child care providers need more education, training on benefits of breastfeeding, human milk
A Penn Nursing research team investigated individual child care centers' attitudes and policies related to breastfeeding in two distinct areas in Philadelphia. Their research concluded that there is much room for improvement in educating and training child care providers and staff on the benefits of breastfeeding and human milk. (2016-03-09)

Enhancing the quantum sensing capabilities of diamond
Researchers have discovered that dense ensembles of quantum spins can be created in diamond with high resolution using an electron microscopes, paving the way for enhanced sensors and resources for quantum technologies. This work demonstrates an improvement in the densities of Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in a variety of diamond types, foreshadowing future improvements in the sensitivity of diamond magnetic measurements, as well as promising directions in the study of solid state physics and quantum information theory. (2017-11-22)

VA patients face disparities in kidney transplantation
From 2004 to 2016, VA patients had lower rates of transplantation compared with patients with Medicare or private insurance. VA patients also had a higher rate of mortality on the waiting list compared with privately insured patients. Results from the study will be presented at ASN Kidney Week 2017 Oct. 31-Nov. 5 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La. (2017-11-04)

Improving researchers' abilities to forecast epidemics
An annual influenza season forecasting challenge issued by the US Centers for Disease Control provides unique insight into epidemic forecasting, according to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports. (2019-03-08)

Medicaid expansion linked to better care quality at health centers
In the first year of Medicaid expansion, four out of eight quality indicators at federally funded health centers improved significantly in states that expanded Medicaid compared to non-expansion states, according to a new study. (2017-01-09)

Treatment nonexistent for some glioblastoma patients
Patients diagnosed at high-volume centers are up to 40 percent more likely to receive treatment for glioblastoma. The study is one of the largest on glioblastoma treatment and outcomes. (2017-09-13)

Transparent pricing boosts business at outpatient surgical centers, study suggests
In a small study of ambulatory surgical centers across the country, Johns Hopkins quality care researchers found that publicly listing the prices of common operations, such as uncomplicated labor and delivery and tonsillectomies, generally increased business, revenue and patient satisfaction. (2018-06-13)

Defects promise quantum communication through standard optical fiber
An international team of scientists led by the University of Groningen's Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials has identified a way to create quantum bits that emit photons that describe their state at wavelengths close to those used by telecom providers. These qubits are based on silicon carbide in which molybdenum impurities create color centers. The results were published in the journal npj Quantum Information on Oct. 1. (2018-10-01)

Enhancing the sensing capabilities of diamonds with quantum properties
When a nitrogen atom is next to the space vacated by a carbon atom, it forms what is called a nitrogen-vacancy center. Now, researchers have shown how they can create more NV centers, which makes sensing magnetic fields easier, using a relatively simple method that can be done in many labs. They describe their results this week in Applied Physics Letters. (2017-09-22)

Affordable health care means better access to diabetes prevention, management
OHSU study compares rates of health care utilization at Community Health Centers in states with, without Medicaid expansion programs. (2018-11-13)

Survey reveals need for standardized oral chemotherapy prescribing practices, safeguards
Despite the widespread use of prescribing safeguards for infusion chemotherapy, few of those measures have been implemented with oral chemotherapy, according to a study led by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. (2007-01-11)

Family physicians in South Africa strengthen district hospital care
Family physicians in South Africa strengthen district hospital care, not community health center care. (2018-01-09)

Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centers
New architecture promises to cut in half the energy and physical space required to store and manage user data. (2019-04-03)

SR Scales introduces new stand-on scale for improved patient safety
SR Instruments, a leading manufacturer of purpose-built scales for hospitals, medical facilities, and long-term care centers today announced the addition of a new stand-on scale, the SR585i, to its SR Scales product line. (2016-05-24)

Early childhood education centers can boost parents' engagement at home
When early childhood education centers communicate well with parents, those parents are more likely to engage in educational activities with their children at home, a new University of Arizona study finds. (2020-07-07)

BU: Medicaid expansion increases volume and quality of care in rural areas
New study from Boston University School of Public Health finds that the first two years of Medicaid expansion were associated with increased coverage, better quality care, and more service use at rural community health centers. (2018-06-04)

Urgent care visits increase as emergency room visits fall
New findings suggest that patients are more likely to visit urgent care centers over emergency rooms for treatment of low-acuity conditions. (2018-09-04)

Comparison of outpatient antibiotic prescribing in traditional medical, retail clinic settings
Outpatient antibiotic prescribing varied among traditional medical and retail clinic settings and during visits with respiratory diagnoses where antibiotics were inappropriate, patterns that suggest differences in patient mix and antibiotic overuse. (2018-07-16)

More patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis receiving liver transplants
Increasingly, liver transplant centers are changing a long-standing practice of delaying potentially life-saving liver transplantation for patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis until after they stopped drinking alcohol for six months, according to a new study scheduled for presentation at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2018. (2018-05-22)

Study examines safety and efficacy of TPA in mild stroke cases
A national study looking at IV tPA treatment in mild stroke cases, led by researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine, is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (2018-07-10)

World's smallest radio receiver has building blocks the size of 2 atoms
Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have made the world's smallest radio receiver -- built out of an assembly of atomic-scale defects in pink diamonds. This tiny radio -- whose building blocks are the size of two atoms -- can withstand extremely harsh environments and is biocompatible, meaning it could work anywhere from a probe on Venus to a pacemaker in a human heart. (2016-12-16)

Yale astronomer discovers upper mass limit for black holes
There appears to be an upper limit to how big the universe's most massive black holes can get, according to new research led by a Yale University astrophysicist. (2008-09-11)

Location and brand affect people's trust in cloud services
People's stereotypes regarding different locations around the world influence whether they feel secure in storing their data in cloud service centers in those locations, according to researchers at Penn State, who also found that stereotypes regarding brand authority influence people's trust in cloud services. (2019-05-10)

College freshmen at high risk for chlamydia infection
College freshmen under the age of 20 at several colleges in the southeastern US were almost 70 percent more likely to test positive for chlamydia than students between 20 and 24 years of age, according to an analysis of data from a 2004 screening conducted by student health centers at 10 colleges in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. (2006-05-09)

Children fare better at pediatric trauma centers
A study by researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Children's Research Institute concludes that the risk of death for injured children is significantly lower when care is provided in pediatric trauma centers than in non-pediatric centers. Children's Research Institute is part of the Children's Hospital and Health System. The study on (2006-02-08)

Primary stroke centers more likely to be in states with certification programs
States that have certification programs designating primary stroke centers are more likely to have certified stroke centers than those that don't have state-run programs, according to a new study. (2011-05-14)

Annual report examines state of college student mental heath
Despite increased demand for counseling centers on college campuses, students aren't necessarily getting sicker. Instead, it's likely student mental health needs across the country have increased due to national prevention and awareness efforts over the past decade. (2017-01-12)

Missed opportunities for HIV testing
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least annual testing for people at high risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs. A new study from the CDC estimates substantial numbers of people infected with HIV, but unaware of their infection, weren't offered HIV testing by clinicians they've recently seen. (2018-06-26)

Many clinical trial results not shared, creating 'blind spot'
Less than 40 percent of the results of clinical trials conducted at leading academic medical centers were shared within two years of completion, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in a new study published in the current issue of the British Medical Journal. (2016-02-18)

WDCM released first Microbial Resource Development Report for China
The World Data Center for Microorganisms (WDCM) and Center for Microbial Resources and Big Data of the Institute of Microbiology of CAS (IMCAS) jointly released the '2016 Microbial Resource Development Report for China' on Sept. 6. It is the first report on China's microbial resource development. (2016-09-07)

Physicists from MSU stretched a diamond using an electric field
A research team from the Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University found out a stretching of acicular diamond crystallites under action of an electric field. Deformation occurring during the stretching causes changes in luminescence spectrum. This effect can be used for development electric field detectors and other quantum optic devices. The work was published in Nano Letters magazine (2017-12-06)

BU finds screenings for social determinants of health need to be tailored to clinics
An estimated 70 percent of the variation in healthcare outcomes is attributable to social determinants----but it is only in recent years that healthcare settings have begun formally looking at these factors to better understand and treat patients. A new study co-authored by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers and published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine finds that these social determinant screening systems need to be tailored to individual clinics. (2019-05-13)

Using mirrors to improve the quality of light particles
Scientists from the University of Basel's Department of Physics and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute have succeeded in dramatically improving the quality of individual photons generated by a quantum system. The scientists have successfully put a 10-year-old theoretical prediction into practice. With their paper, published recently in Physical Review X, they have taken an important step towards future applications in quantum information technology. (2017-09-11)

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