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Improved process of drying lumber may save millions
Watching lumber dry may be as boring as watching paint dry, but soon, the amount of time needed to dry a piece of wood might decrease dramatically, according to a Penn State forest resources expert. (2005-07-11)

Scientists develop a chemocatalytic approach for one-pot reaction of cellulosic ethanol
Scientists at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a chemocatalytic approach to convert cellulose into ethanol in a one-pot process by using a multifunctional Mo/Pt/WOx catalyst. This approach opens up an alternative avenue for biofuel production. (2019-06-12)

Making lab equipment on the cheap
Laboratory equipment is one of the largest cost factors in neuroscience. However, many experiments can be performed with good results using self-assembled setups involving 3-D printed components and self-programmed electronics. In a study publishing July 18 in the open access journal PLOS Biology, André Maia Chagas and Tom Baden from the Universities of Tübingen and Sussex present 'FlyPi' -- a low-cost imaging and microscope system for research, training and teaching. (2017-07-18)

Can all nations become democracies?
The answer can be found in MaxRange, which is the world's largest data set on all countries' political systems from the 18th century until today. MaxRange was created from research conducted at Halmstad University in Sweden showing that an analysis of history can help explain today's world of unrest. (2014-11-21)

Basque research harnessed to manufacture more environmentally friendly vehicles
The IK4 R&D Alliance has been leading a European project in which new techniques have been designed to manufacture lighter structural automotive parts. (2015-11-18)

Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies leads FP7 project on EU human rights policy
The Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies at KU Leuven is coordinating a major, four-year, FP7-funded project on the European Union's internal and external human rights policies. The consortium comprises more than 100 researchers from 17 countries. It will study the factors, actors and policies involved in the EU's human rights promotion efforts and ultimately seek to formulate practical recommendations and tools to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of EU human rights policy. (2013-05-21)

Batch control makes chemical reactions easier to manage
Two Dutch researchers have developed a method for managing so-called batch productions. During a batch production, substances react in a reactor vessel according to a certain recipe to produce an end product. After the reaction, the reactor is emptied and a new reaction with the same recipe is started. (2004-04-13)

The conditions for a society to become a democracy are analyzed
In view of the changes that have taken place in Europe, Jule Goikoetxea, a lecturer at the UPV/EHU's Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, has been conducting research into 'the conditions needed for a people to become a democracy or sustain its democratization process over time.' The study has been published in the specialized journal Nationalities Papers. (2014-02-17)

Global Uncertainties Fellowships announced
How individuals, communities and nation states form their ideas and beliefs about security and insecurity will form the basis for 14 new fellowships under the Research Council's Global Uncertainties program. (2009-05-14)

Lund researchers assist reforms in Vietnam
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency is investing in a new type of aid in cooperation with Vietnam. In a project which has received SEK 9.8 million of funding, researchers at Lund University will help the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture to prevent a human and environmental disaster as a large proportion of Vietnam's population leave rural areas to move to the cities. (2011-10-14)

QUT conference shines spotlight on China's media
The changing face of China's creative industries will be the focus of the 2007 China Media Center Conference to be hosted by Queensland University of Technology this week (July 5-6). The conference, titled (2007-07-03)

What's really happening to family and other intimate relationships?
Commonly made claims about changes in family and other intimate relations are not supported by actual research, according to a new working paper sponsored by the ESRC. (2003-08-28)

New study allows brain and artificial neurons to link up over the web
Research on novel nanoelectronics devices led by the University of Southampton enabled brain neurons and artificial neurons to communicate with each other over the Internet. (2020-02-26)

How the Internet influenced Indonesian politics
How does the Internet influence public opinion about political movements? Dutch-sponsored researcher Merlyna Lim investigated the role the Internet played in the Indonesian reformation of 1998. (2005-09-15)

Difficult to break 1-party domination in Tanzania
Opposition parties in Tanzania have still not managed to convince voters that they are capable of running the country since the introduction of a multiparty system at the beginning of the 1990s. According to a new thesis at the University of Gothenburg, instead of losing its dominant position, the ruling party, CCM, has consistently strengthened its position in parliament following each election. (2009-12-09)

Democracy is good for your health
Freedom has become the political buzzword of the 21st century. Now that the surviving Afganis and Iraqis are enjoying the benefits of Western freedoms, what will this mean for their health? (2004-12-16)

UN climate consultation to take place in over 80 countries
On Saturday, June 6, a citizen consultation on climate and energy issues will be organized in over 80 countries in preparation for COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. A new book on the emerging practice of global citizen consultation and deliberation provides tips and tools for increasing citizen participation and developing environmental protection in international politics. (2015-06-03)

Secularism and tolerance of minority groups predicts future prosperity of countries
Secular cultures which are tolerant of minority groups and respectful of individuals' rights tend to have more wealth, education and democracy, a new study by University of Bristol scientists has found. New research, which surveyed nearly half a million people across 109 countries, shows that changes in culture generally comes before any improvements in wealth, education and?democracy, rather than the other way around. (2020-02-11)

The day the music died
New research uncovers a severe crisis in the UK's recording studio sector. (2009-08-14)

What role will academic libraries play in moving towards and open access future?
In April, leading independent academic and professional publisher SAGE convened a roundtable in association with the British Library into the role of the academic library in an open access (OA) future. Chaired by publishing consultant Simon Inger and attended by an international panel of 14 senior librarians and other industry experts, the conclusions of this discussion have today been published in a report, 'Moving towards an open access future: the role of academic libraries'. (2012-09-04)

Informal elite network changed international politics in the 1970s
In the 1970s, a network of businessmen, politicians, and academics from the US, Europe, and Japan, also known as the Trilateral Commission, changed the way international politics was conducted. Informal links between Commission members, governments, and organizations paved the way for recognition of the new economic superpower Japan as an equal partner in international politics, concludes University of Copenhagen historian Dino Knudsen, who is the first researcher to get access to the Commission's own archives. (2013-11-07)

Exile groups should not be excluded from political dialogue
Members of exile movements are less likely to modify their aims and strategies if they are refused access to dialogue with the political establishment in their host country, according to research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council at the London School of Economics. (2002-10-26)

The Lancet: Universal health coverage in Latin America series
The Series will be launched on Thursday Oct. 16, at the Pan American Health Organization headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, and the Series is supported by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Rockefeller Foundation. (2014-10-15)

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