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Predicting divorce: U-M study shows how fight styles affect marriage
It's common knowledge that newlyweds who yell or call each other names have a higher chance of getting divorced. But a new University of Michigan study shows that other conflict patterns also predict divorce. (2010-09-28)

Parents' mental health more likely to suffer when a grown child struggles
Even into adulthood, problem children continue to give their parents heartache, and it doesn't matter if other children in the family grow up to be successful, according to a new study of middle-aged parents. (2010-08-12)

Americans ambivalent toward single-parent families
The increase in single-parent families was a dramatic social change of the 20th century. However, relatively little is known about the evolution of attitudes toward single-parent families. A new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows ambivalent acceptance of divorce rather than a full embrace of it. (2009-04-22)

Parental divorce in childhood is linked to raised inflammation in adulthood
People who experience parental divorce during childhood have higher levels of an inflammatory marker in the blood which is known to predict future health, according to new research from UCL. (2013-07-11)

Man longs for purity
Man's desire for purity is closely related to their need for order. That is why this desire is most evident during times of crisis when order is under threat. A dutch researcher took this as his basic premise when studying the bourgeois culture of Western Europe in the period from 1870-1914. (2000-08-15)

Male voice pitch predicts reproductive success in hunter-gatherers
According to a new study by researchers with Harvard University, McMaster University and Florida State University, male hunter-gatherers with lower-pitched voices have increased reproductive success, possibly as a result of increased access to mates. The study involved the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, who live much as humans did 200,000 years ago. (2007-09-25)

Strength of beliefs intensify sense of loss
Differences in people's beliefs about marriage are pivotal in explaining the mental health impact of transitions into marriage, divorce and separation, a new study by University of Iowa sociologists demonstrates. The negative effects of a marital loss on depression are greater for people who believe in the permanence of marriage. (1999-06-20)

Verbal snippets offer insights on well-being amid separation, divorce
UA psychology doctoral student Ashley Mason's study of romantically separated people shows they offer clues to their emotional status in just a few seconds of conversation. (2010-09-02)

Nevada professor releases book on powerful impact of women's movement
Portraits of Change is a deep, intimate look at the powerful impact of the women's movement and the widespread social upheaval of the 1960s and 1970s on women's lives. Mary White Stewart is a professor of sociology and the director of the School of Social Research and Justice Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno and teaches in the areas of family, gender and identity, and gendered violence. (2013-09-18)

No increased risk of infection for long-term sex partners of people with HPV-related oral cancers
Spouses and long-term partners of patients with mouth and throat cancers related to infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) appear to have no increased prevalence of oral HPV infections, according to results of a multicenter, pilot study led by Johns Hopkins investigators. The study's results suggest that long-term couples need not change their sexual practices, say the scientists. (2013-06-01)

Plentiful mid-life stress linked to heightened risk of dementia in late life
Coping with a lot of stress in middle age may boost the risk of developing dementia in late life -- at least among women -- suggests research published in the online journal BMJ Open. (2013-09-30)

MU researchers develop digital solutions to support divorced families
Conflict between parents, before and after divorce, is associated with feelings of anger, helplessness, loneliness and guilt in children. Now, an online program created by University of Missouri researchers is teaching separated parents to maintain and nurture relationships with their children. After completion of the course, parents reported improved relationships and better awareness of separation-related problems and how to solve them. (2009-12-01)

Islam book project funded by Carnegie Fellowship
Binghamton University political scientist Ricardo René Larémont will receive $100,000 to support his next book project through a prestigious and competitive fellowship program offered by the Carnegie Corp. of New York. (2007-05-16)

Face your 'ex-factor' after divorce or break-up
Over two-thirds of American families are (2009-08-03)

Why do power couples migrate to metropolitan areas? Actually, they don't
More than half of all (2007-06-26)

Divorce increases risk of Ritalin use
Divorce puts children at higher risk of Ritalin use compared to kids whose parents stay together, says new research by a University of Alberta sociologist, who cautions that this doesn't necessarily mean that divorce is harmful to a child. The study appears in this week's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. (2007-06-04)

National Center for Marriage Research to be located at BGSU
Rapid changes in family structure in recent decades, including increases in the percentage of children born out of wedlock and the average age of first marriage, raise important questions about how these trends may impact the health and welfare of individuals, families and communities. (2007-10-31)

Having more siblings means less chance of divorce as adult
Growing up with siblings may provide some protection against divorce as an adult, a new nationwide study reveals. (2013-08-13)

Research shows some benefits from programs for divorcing parents
Divorcing parents who attended a parent education seminar reported better parent-child relationships than those who were not offered such classes, an Ohio State University study has found. The program was most effective during the first four years following divorce. (1999-06-28)

Family stability may be more crucial than 2 parents for child success
The advantage that children get from living in two-parent families may actually be due to family stability more than the fact that their parents are married. A new study finds that children who who are born and grow up in stable single-parent homes generally do as well as those in married households in terms of academic abilities and behavior problems. (2009-08-31)

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