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Diagnosing chronic fatigue? Check for sinusitis
A new study published in the August 11 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine demonstrates a possible link between unexplained chronic fatigue and sinusitis, two conditions previously not associated with each other. (2003-08-11)
Mission impossible?
Researchers from UCSB and NASA team up to study monitoring failures in the cockpit -- even among experienced pilots. (2015-10-01)
No evidence of 'Iraq War Syndrome'
UK researchers have found no evidence for a new Iraq War syndrome in male armed forces personnel deployed to the 2003 conflict. (2006-05-15)
Argonne materials scientist wins young investigator award
Seungbum Hong, a materials scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, received the Young Investigator Outstanding Achievement Award from the International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics, a prize that recognizes his contributions to the study of a class of materials that could shape the frontier of information technology. (2008-06-12)
Reducing residents' work hours may have unintended consequences
Medical residents in Canada may work longer hours per shift and per week than their counterparts in Europe, Australia and New Zealand but there is conflicting evidence whether shorter shifts improve patient safety, a new study has found. (2014-05-20)
Lasershot Peening For Stronger Structures
A new technique for improving the mechanical properties of the metals and alloys used in the aerospace industry is being developed through a UK-USA collaboration. (1999-05-01)
Fatigue linked to safety problems among EMS workers, Pitt study finds
Fatigue and poor sleep quality, which affect many emergency medical services workers, are linked to higher reported rates of injuries, medical errors and safety-compromising behaviors, according to a study by University of Pittsburgh researchers that is now available online in Prehospital Emergency Care and appearing in the January/March 2012 print edition. (2011-11-17)
Insomnia prevalent among cancer patients who receive chemotherapy
In a study of cancer patients and survivors, three-quarters report having insomnia or sleep problems following chemotherapy. (2009-11-23)
Study links nutritional supplement, creatine, to increased metabolic energy
A Temple University researcher seeking physiological evidence of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has found a link between creatine and metabolic energy. (2004-08-23)
Veterans of first Gulf War have more chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
More than a decade after the first Gulf War in 1991, a detailed comparison of the health of veterans who were deployed to the Persian Gulf region and veterans who served elsewhere has found that the health of the two groups is very similar. (2005-06-08)
Researchers to discuss new study on Gulf War illness treatment at Military Health Research Forum
New research on treating Gulf War Illness is being presented this week at the Military Health Research Forum, a scientific meeting hosted by the US Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. (2009-09-01)
Too many ways to say 'it hurts'
David Cella is revolutionizing the language of pain, as well as fatigue, depression and anxiety. (2009-07-29)
Warning system for fatigued drivers nearing reality with new eye data
New research from Washington University in St. Louis and other laboratories is providing important clues on the bio- mechanics of driver fatigue and paving the way for development of on-board alarm systems capable of rousing a driver who is dozing toward catastrophe. (1999-07-26)
University of Kentucky physician publishes fibromyalgia study in Arthritis & Rheumatism journal
A study of a drug that reduces the pain of fibromyalgia and improves sleep is being published in Arthritis & Rheumatism. (2005-04-12)
Kessler Foundation researchers present at Society for Neuroscience Meeting in New Orleans
Kessler Foundation scientists will present findings in traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and aging at the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, October 13-17. (2012-10-03)
Penn researchers find many commercial drivers have impaired performance due to lack of sleep
Truck drivers who routinely get too little sleep or suffer from sleep apnea show signs of fatigue and impaired performance that can make them a hazard on the road, according to a major new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. (2006-08-15)
Accident prone eczema patients
First study to find adult eczema is a risk factor for fractures and other injuries. (2014-10-29)
Excessive mobile phone use affects sleep in teens
Teenagers who excessively use their cell phone are more prone to disrupted sleep, restlessness, stress and fatigue. (2008-06-09)
Social Support, Hope May Help Relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Strong social relationships with family and friends may play a powerful role in helping patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) improve, researchers have found. (1998-09-29)
Immune systems in breast cancer survivors who suffer from fatigue fail to shut off after therapy
Breast cancer survivors who suffer from persistent, debilitating fatigue years after their diagnosis have something in common: their immune systems don't shut down following treatment, according to researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center. (2006-05-01)
Army supports research at WPI that could help keep aircraft in service longer, more safely
A team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is expanding our understanding of how stress and fatigue cause microscopic damage in metal components. (2015-11-20)
Engineering researchers demystify fatigue failure in polysilicon used in MEMS devices
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University report in the November 8 issue of Science that miniature micron-sized polysilicon laboratory specimens subjected to cyclic tension/compression loading undergo fatigue, and could ultimately fail as a result of damage produced by the compressive cycles, rather than from moisture-assisted stress corrosion cracking. (2002-11-08)
New measuring system to objectively ascertain the fatigue level in physicians through eye movement
An international team of scientists including researchers from the U. (2014-11-26)
Science showcase presents psychology's 'hands-on' benefits
The American Psychological Association plans to feature three public demonstrations of psychological science applications, including one that enables (2011-08-03)
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