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Penn research helps to show how turbulence can occur without inertia
For more than a century, the field of fluid mechanics has posited that turbulence scales with inertia, and so massive things, like planes, have an easier time causing it. Now, research led by engineers at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that this transition to turbulence can occur without inertia at all. (2013-04-30)

Predicting fracking policy
In an article in Environmental Sciences Europe, Igor Linkov of the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Concord, Mass., and colleagues discuss the importance of predicting how countries move to regulate their domestic hydraulic fracturing industries in the midst of uncertain risks and benefits. (2014-08-14)

'Fracking' mobilizes uranium in marcellus shale
University at Buffalo researchers have found that hydraulic fracturing or (2010-10-25)

The power of film
Researcher at the University of Iowa is the first to use the Internet and social media to systematically show how a documentary film shaped public perception and ultimately led to municipal bans on hydraulic fracking. (2015-09-02)

Review calls for increased attention to cancer risk from silica
A new review highlights new developments in understanding the health effects of silica, and calls for action to reduce illness and death from silica exposure at work. (2013-12-10)

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