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75 science societies urge the education department to base Title IX sexual harassment regulations on evidence and science
The American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) today led 75 scientific societies in submitting comments on the US Department of Education's proposed changes to Title IX regulations. (2019-01-30)

Study confirms beauty is in the eye of the beer holder
University of Nebraska-Lincoln psychology researchers used eye-tracking technology to determine how alcohol influences when college-age will men drop their eyes from a woman's face to other parts of her anatomy. (2017-12-21)

Businesses need better approach to compliance programs, IU research finds
Recent reports of sexual harassment committed by powerful men also highlight the failures of corporate compliance programs designed to protect employees. This is because few companies understand how their employees reach unethical and illegal decisions or have compliance strategies aimed at curbing them. (2017-11-14)

Sexual harassment, gender stereotypes prevalent among youth
Young women enrolled in high schools and colleges told Washington State University researchers that people routinely make sexual comments, both in-person and online, about them and their bodies. (2018-03-07)

Community factors and social connection may determine whether sexual minority parents view their community as tolerant versus supportive
A new Family Relations study has found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) parents feel more positive about where they live when that place is more legally, politically, and religiously supportive of LGB people; when there are more LGB-friendly employers; and when there are other LBG-headed households. (2017-12-20)

Pew Research Center: Women and men in stem often at odds over workplace equity
Half of women working in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs report having experienced gender discrimination at work, according to a new Pew Research Center survey examining people's experiences in the workplace and perceptions of fair treatment for women -- as well as racial and ethnic minorities -- in STEM occupations. (2018-01-09)

Men who sexually harass subordinates fear being judged as incompetent
The numerous high-profile men who have recently been accused of sexual harassment may not have been simply exercising their power. Instead their behavior could be related to feeling insecure and believing that others find them ill-suited to or undeserving of their dominant position. This is according to new research in Springer's journal Sex Roles, which was led by Leah Halper of Ohio University and The Ohio State University, and Kimberly Rios, also of Ohio University in the US. (2018-07-11)

Study finds higher rates of sexual violence among bisexual women
In a new study, Lehigh University Assistant Professor Nicole Johnson proposes multiple factors that contribute to why bi women experience higher rates of sexual violence when compared to lesbian and straight women, as well as why bi women may have worse mental health outcomes following sexual violence. (2017-11-15)

Beyond bullying: Study shows damaging affects of multiple forms of victimization on school climate
School officials focused exclusively on bullying prevention efforts might want to consider the findings of a new study showing the highly damaging effects of multiple forms of victimization on school climate. (2017-10-06)

Culture affects how teen girls see harassment
Teenage girls of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds still experience sexism and sexual harassment -- but cultural factors may control whether they perceive sexism as an environmental problem or as evidence of their own shortcomings. (2008-05-15)

Sexual harassment statistics: Do the numbers reveal the true extent of the problem?
A new article addresses the statistics of sexual harassment and questions how prevalent it is. (2018-03-16)

Teenage girls still experience harassment
Findings from a study of 600 teenage girls from diverse and ethnic backgrounds indicate that the vast majority of girls have experienced sexual harassment in some form. Individual and social factors influenced whether girls were aware of sexism. Older girls and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds experienced more sexism than their peers. Latina and Asian American girls reported less harassment than others. Sexual harassment may lead girls to believe demeaning behaviors are normal in relationships. (2008-05-15)

Youth cybercrime linked to friends' influence
Peer influence and low self-control appear to be the major factors fueling juvenile cybercrime such as computer hacking and online bullying, according to a new study led by a Michigan State University criminologist. (2011-06-23)

Apps to keep children safe online may be counterproductive
Mobile apps designed to help parents keep their children safe from online predators may actually be counterproductive, harming the trust between a parent and child and reducing the child's ability to respond to online threats, conclude two new studies from the University of Central Florida. (2018-04-03)

Bullying makes men leave the labor market
Men and women are almost at an equal risk of being bullied in the workplace, but whereas bullying often causes women to go on prolonged sick leave or use antidepressants, men often choose to leave the labor market altogether for a period of time. (2016-12-12)

Study finds that discrimination is linked with worse health among transgender Americans
Despite a surge in public attention toward the transgender population, transgender adults continue to face both major and daily discrimination that often directly leads to dangerous health consequences, a new study finds. (2015-09-29)

Bullying based on stigma has especially damaging effects
In a new study, two professors are looking at bullying based on stigma -- where one is treated unfairly or unjustly due to one's race, sexual orientation, gender, or other characteristic -- and examining the methods used to prevent this type of bullying and address it when it happens. (2018-03-08)

Back-to-school worries for parents? 1 in 3 very concerned bullying, cyberbullying
What parents are most worried about as their children prepare to head back to school. (2017-08-21)

Medscape report finds physicians are sexually harassed on the job
A new report from Medscape finds that more than one in 10 female physicians and 16 percent of female residents have experienced sexual harassment within the past three years. Overall, 7 percent of physicians (12 percent women, 4 percent men), and 9 percent of medical residents (16 percent women, 4 percent men) reported harassment. This is the first in a series of Medscape surveys examining this issue. (2018-06-13)

Gender perceptions of sexual harassment can influence workplace policy effectiveness
Although 98 percent of all organizations have sexual harassment policies, sexual harassment remains an issue in the workplace. Researchers at the University of Missouri are evaluating how employees' interpretations of sexual harassment policies can invalidate the purpose of the policies. They found that employee perceptions of how exactly 'sexual harassment' is defined by a company's policy can, in effect, eliminate or reshape the meaning of these policies and contradict the norms and values of the companies that try to enforce them. (2016-04-07)

National Academies report on sexual harassment in academia
A systemwide change to the culture and climate in higher education is needed to prevent and effectively respond to sexual harassment, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. (2018-06-12)

Protecting campus free speech, even when it challenges beliefs
Two Cornell University researchers say psychological science's extensive study of bias offers an important lens to view conflicts between free speech and hate speech. (2018-05-02)

Poll: Younger women, college educated women more likely to say they have been harassed
This report is part of a series titled (2017-12-11)

Yale study tracks Title IX use across US colleges and universities
Title IX -- the US civil rights law passed in 1972 that prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded education programs -- has been widely recognized as a crucial step toward gender equality in America. A new Yale study tracks the changing use of Title IX over time in response to perceived gender disparities, and for the first time, systematically analyzes how the law has been mobilized at the federal level through complaints filed against four-year non-profit colleges and universities. (2018-06-01)

Study: LGBTQ+ individuals at high risk to be victims of violence
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are at high risk for being victims of physical and sexual assault, harassment, bullying, and hate crimes, according to a new study by RTI International. (2017-03-09)

Why US universities need better policies against workplace bullying
Higher education institutions in the United States should change their faculty codes of conduct to define bullying as a distinctive form of harassment, according to a new paper published in the National Communication Association's journal First Amendment Studies. Such codes also need to provide faculty and staff with clearer communications regarding bullying, and offer guidance for both targets and bystanders. (2018-07-27)

Viewing pornography increase unethical behavior at work
New research discovers employees who view pornography aren't just costing companies millions of dollars in wasted time, they're causing harm to the company. (2019-06-25)

All forms of sexual harassment can cause psychological harm
Even the least severe forms of sexual harassment can have serious consequences for high school students who are targeted. Girls struggle the most. (2017-11-09)

Study: Women firefighters can improve safety, but department culture must change
A new study by Drexel's Center for Firefighter Injury Research & Safety Trends discerned that gender may be a unique contributor to safety, but hypermasculine fire service culture creates barriers. (2017-10-03)

Analysis: Gender differences in depression appear at age 12
An analysis just published online has broken new ground by finding gender differences in both symptoms and diagnoses of depression appearing at age 12. (2017-04-27)

Study finds field of forensic anthropology lacks diversity
The field of forensic anthropology is a relatively homogenous discipline in terms of diversity (people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with mental and physical disabilities, etc.) and this is highly problematic for the field of study and for most forensic anthropologists. (2020-10-23)

Millions of Google searches for sexual harassment, assault since #MeToo
An estimated 40 to 54 million Google searches for sexual harassment and assault were recorded in the United States in the eight months after public accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein and the ensuing #MeToo movement. Searches related to reporting and preventing such actions also were up based on the results of a study that monitored and analyzed search activity. (2018-12-21)

Current training of physicians to care for LGBTQ individuals is falling short
Not enough is being done to prepare physicians to care for the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) patients. Better physician training on their unique clinical needs may eliminate many of the health disparities among this growing segment of the population according to a new study. (2019-03-15)

Sexual harassment by colleagues may be associated with more severe depression
Employees who experience sexual harassment by supervisors, colleagues or subordinates in the workplace may develop more severe symptoms of depression than employees who experience harassment by clients or customers, according to a study involving 7,603 employees from across 1,041 organizations in Denmark. The research is published in the open-access journal BMC Public Health. (2017-09-24)

Moderate decline in violent attacks against Jews, but attacks are becoming more brutal
Anti-Semitic violence around the world dropped 9 percent from 2016 to 2017, but a 'dramatic increase' of all other forms of anti-Semitic manifestations has raised 'grave concerns among European Jews regarding their security and the continuation of communal life,' according to an annual report from Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, published on April 11. (2018-04-18)

Vietnam-era women veterans continue to experience wartime stress
Vietnam-era women veterans suffer with stress-related mental health conditions, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depression and generalized anxiety disorder, more than four decades after their service. (2019-11-18)

Safety, not food, entices geese to cities
Canada Geese have shifted their winter range northward in recent years by taking advantage of conditions in urban areas -- but what specific features of cities make this possible? A new study from The Condor: Ornithological Applications suggests that rather than food, geese are seeking safety, congregating in areas where they can avoid hunters and be buffered from the coldest winter temperatures. (2017-10-11)

Mentor relationships can help female athletes deal with discrimination, bullying
When female athletes have strong mentors, the relationship helps them combat issues of sexism and helps them navigate problematic behaviors, according to a study by two University of Kansas researchers. (2018-08-12)

Aggression in childhood: Rooted in genetics, influenced by the environment
According to a new psychosocial study, reactive and proactive types of aggressive behaviour in 6-year-old children share most of the same genetic factors. However, their evolution over time seems to be influenced by various environmental factors, suggesting the need to develop different intervention methods. (2017-12-20)

For girls who mature early, psychological problems last into adulthood
Tracking nearly 8,000 girls from adolescence through their late 20s - far longer than other studies have - a Cornell University researcher says girls who get their periods earlier than peers are likely to experience depression and antisocial behavior well into adulthood. The study, (2018-02-28)

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