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Despite darkness, nocturnal bees learn visual landmarks while foraging at night
Day-active bees, such as the fabled honeybee, are well known for using visual landmarks to locate a favoured patch of flowers and to find their way back to their hive. Researchers have now found that nocturnal bees can do the same thing, despite experiencing light intensities that are more than 100 million times dimmer than daylight. The new findings, reported by a team led by Eric Warrant of the University of Lund, Sweden, advance our understanding of the visual powers of nocturnal animals. (2004-08-09)

Using sound waves for remote bomb detection
A remote acoustic detection system designed to identify homemade bombs can determine the difference between those that contain low-yield and high-yield explosive. (2013-10-23)

£1 million award to address honeybee decline
Scientists at the University of Warwick and Rothamsted Research have been awarded £1 million ($1.6 million) to research honeybee decline. (2009-10-01)

UCR entomologists report bee-dancing brings more food to honeybee colonies
P. Kirk Visscher, professor of entomology at UCR, reports in Nature that under natural foraging conditions the communication of distance and direction in the dance language can increase the food collection of honeybee colonies. The study also confirms that bees use this directional information in locating the food sources advertised in the dance. The study provides insights that may be of use in manipulating foraging behavior of honeybees for pollination of crops. (2002-12-13)

Penn Robotics Lab receives $5 million grant to develop robot swarms from MARS
University of Pennsylvania engineers have received a $5 million grant from the Department of Defense to develop large-scale (2005-05-17)

New Scientific Findings To Be Presented At Regional Meeting Of World's Largest Scientific Society, June 17 - 20
Medical isotopes and agricultural chemistry are among the topics that will be discussed here June 17 - 20 at the 53rd Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society. (1998-06-03)

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