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Regional seismic data help to locate September 2017 North Korean nuclear test
The epicenter of the Sept. 3, 2017, nuclear test explosion in North Korea occurred about 3.6 kilometers northwest of the country's first nuclear test in October 2006, according to a new high-precision analysis of the explosion and its aftermath. (2018-09-26)

Mega-landslide in giant Utah copper mine may have triggered earthquakes
Landslides are one of the most hazardous aspects of our planet, causing billions of dollars in damage and thousands of deaths each year. Most large landslides strike with little warning -- and thus geologists do not often have the ability to collect important data that can be used to better understand the behavior of these dangerous events. The April 10, 2013, collapse at Kennecott's Bingham Canyon open-pit copper mine in Utah is an important exception. (2014-01-07)

NASA's GPM examines weaker Tropical Storm Yutu's rainfall
Typhoon Yutu produced heavy rainfall as it passed over the island of Luzon in the northern Philippines. The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite provided data on that rainfall. The storm has since weakened to a tropical storm and triggered warnings in China. (2018-11-01)

Lasers, software and the Devil's Slide
Running for more than 1,000 kilometers along picturesque coastline, California's Highway 1 is easy prey for many of the natural hazards plaguing the region, including landslides. (2008-06-30)

Quick reconnaissance after 2018 Anchorage quake reveals signs of ground failure
A day after the Nov. 30, 2018, magnitude 7 earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska, US Geological Survey scientists Robert Witter and Adrian Bender had taken to the skies. The researchers were surveying the region from a helicopter, looking for signs of ground failure from landslides to liquefaction. (2019-04-26)

ATLAS telescope discovers first-of-its-kind asteroid
University of Hawai'i telescope discovers extraordinary asteroid with comet-like features that has researchers puzzled. (2020-05-21)

Landslides have long-term effects on tundra vegetation
Landslides have long-term effects on tundra vegetation, a new study shows. Conducting the study in North West Siberia, the researchers found that tundra vegetation regenerated rapidly after a major landslide event in 1989. Two decades later, differences in the vegetation of the landslide area and the areas surrounding it have evened out, but even after 30 years, the vegetation of the landslide area is nowhere close to the vegetation of the surrounding areas. (2020-09-28)

Ice shapes the landslide landscape on Mars
How good is your Martian geography? In a new research paper published in EPJ Plus, Fabio De Blasio and colleagues from Milano-Bicocca University, Italy, explain the extent to which ice may have been an important medium of lubrication for landslides on Mars. (2017-11-21)

Bees love blue fluorescent light, and not just any wavelength will do
Researchers have learned that a specific wavelength range of blue fluorescent light set bees abuzz. (2018-06-18)

Mine landslide triggered quakes
Last year's gigantic landslide at a Utah copper mine probably was the biggest nonvolcanic slide in North America's modern history, and included two rock avalanches that happened 90 minutes apart and surprisingly triggered 16 small earthquakes, University of Utah scientists discovered. (2014-01-05)

Landslides: How rainfall dried up Panama's drinking water
An aerial survey of landslides, donated by LightHawk, helps a Smithsonian scientist to evaluate the effect of a prolonged tropical storm on the water supply in the Panama Canal watershed. (2011-05-17)

3-D imaging reveals hidden forces behind clogs, jams, avalanches, earthquakes
When you walk on the beach, the sand supports your weight like a solid. What happens to the forces between the sand grains when you step on them to keep you from sinking? Researchers have developed a new way to measure the forces inside materials such as sand, soil or snow under pressure. The technique uses lasers coupled with force sensors, cameras and advanced computer algorithms to measure the forces between neighboring particles in 3-D. (2015-03-05)

As Oso disaster anniversary nears, kentucky geologists urge preparation for landslides
As the anniversary of the most fatal landslide in the history of the continental United States approaches, we are reminded of the importance of evaluating geologic hazards and communicating that information to communities that may be at risk, including Kentucky, where landslides were reported in Muhlenburg and Caldwell counties this month. (2015-03-12)

Great Barrier Reef protecting against landslides, tsunamis
The world-famous Australian reef is providing an effective barrier against landslide-induced tsunamis, new research shows. An underwater landslide has been found to have occurred some 20,000 years ago, causing a tsunami. Similar submarine landslides could occur without our knowledge but the Great Barrier Reef can absorb some of that potential wave energy. (2015-11-25)

New research puts 'killer La Palma tsunami' at distant future
The volcanic island of La Palma in the Canaries is much more stable than is generally assumed, Dutch scientists working at the TU Delft have found. The southwestern flank of the island isn't likely to fall into the sea -- potentially causing a tsunami -- for at least another 10,000 years, professor Jan Nieuwenhuis states in the September edition of the university's science magazine Delft Integraal. (2006-09-20)

Steep momentum gradients play a major role in coastal precipitation
Steep gradients of wind stress and potential temperature enable sustainable nearshore precipitation systems along the western coastal region of Korea. (2019-11-19)

The 2013 Bingham Canyon landslide, moment by moment
University of Utah geoscientists have revisited the slide with a combined analysis of aerial photos, computer modeling, and seismic data to pick apart the details. (2017-03-02)

Landslide along Alaskan fjord could trigger tsunami
Scientists noted that the slope on Barry Arm fjord on Prince William Sound in southeastern Alaska slid some 120 meters from 2010 to 2017, a slow-moving landslide caused by glacial melt that could trigger a devastating tsunami. These are some of the first measurements to quantify how the slope is falling there; the study also models a potential tsunami. (2020-11-12)

This week from AGU: Volcanic eruptions, ocean carbon, quake fossils and new landslide video
This week from AGU are items on volcanic eruptions, ocean carbon, quake fossils and a new landslide video. (2016-02-03)

U-M researchers map New Zealand landslides with satellites, drones, helicopters, hiking boots
A University of Michigan-led team of geologists and engineers is mapping surface ruptures and some of the tens of thousands of landslides triggered by last month's magnitude-7.8 earthquake in New Zealand. (2016-12-13)

Quest to find the 'missing physics' at play in landslides
A recent discovery in the study of landslides, using annular shear cell measurements of granular flows, confirms that two flow regimes -- an 'elastic regime' and an 'inertial regime' exist. The researchers discuss their findings in this week's Physics of Fluids. (2016-08-30)

USGS Sends First Science Team To Honduras As Part Of Reconstruction Effort
A team of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists will arrive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Tuesday, December 8 to provide scientific and technical expertise, including field work surveys on geologic, hydrologic and biologic impacts and risks still facing Central America. (1998-12-08)

Scientists improve model of landslide-induced tsunami
MIPT researchers Leopold Lobkovsky and Raissa Mazova, and their young colleagues from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University have created a model of landslide-induced tsunamis that accounts for the initial location of the landslide body. Reported in Landslides, the model reveals that tsunami height is affected by the coastal slope and the position of the land mass before slipping. The highest and most devastating waves result from onshore landslide masses. (2020-10-19)

Small quake clusters can't hide from AI
A deep learning algorithm developed at Rice University analyzes data from a deadly landslide in Greenland to show how it may someday predict seismic events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (2020-08-24)

2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances
The 2011 Mineral, Virginia M-5.8 earthquake was felt over an extraordinarily large area. A new study details landslides triggered by the earthquake at distances four times greater and over an area 20 times larger than previously documented for M-5.8 earthquakes worldwide. (2012-11-06)

NASA observes heavy monsoon rainfall in Sri Lanka
NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite constellation provided rainfall data after the monsoon generated large amounts of precipitation in Sri Lanka that caused landslides over the week of May 22. The monsoon continued to affect the island on May 30 when a weather advisory was issued for strong winds. (2017-05-30)

This week from AGU: Indian Ocean warming, 2 data blogs, debris flow video, & 2 new papers
This week from AGU: Indian Ocean warming, 2 data blogs, best ever debris flow video, & 2 new papers. (2016-01-27)

NASA analyzes heavy rainfall over Southern Thailand
Widespread flooding has recently caused the deaths of dozens of people in southern Thailand. Frequent and persistent downpours have resulted in record rainfall totals and NASA calculated rainfall over the region from Jan. 5 to Jan. 12, 2017. (2017-01-13)

Tsunami researcher makes big splash with landslide model
Using a 30-meter wave tank to simulate landslides caused by underwater earthquakes, a URI researcher is developing a model to better understand how tsunamis form and move across the oceans. (2002-01-31)

Rock stability research could make mining and construction safer
A University of Arizona College of Engineering research program looking at new methods of determining rock strength could reduce hazardous working conditions that currently cause thousands of deaths every year in mining and construction. (2012-01-20)

TRMM satellite calculates System 91W's deadly Philippine flooding
People in the southern Philippines are used to heavy rainfall this time of the year, but rainfall totals have recently been exceptionally high. (2014-01-17)

Largest undersea landslide revealed on the Great Barrier Reef
James Cook University scientists have helped discover the remnants of a massive undersea landslide on the Great Barrier Reef, approximately 30 times the volume of Uluru. (2017-02-07)

Taking a landslide's temperature to avert catastrophe
Duke engineers have developed a comprehensive model of deep-seated landslides and demonstrated that it can accurately recreate the dynamics of historic and current landslides occurring under varying conditions. The model points to the temperature of a thin layer of clay at the base of the landslide as critical to the potential for sudden cataclysmic failure. The approach is currently monitoring a landslide in Andorra and suggests methods for mitigating the risk of its escalation. (2020-06-15)

Scientists develop a system that predicts the behavior of tsunamis in less than 10 minutes
The group of Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Applications (EDANYA, from its abbreviation in Spanish) at the University of Málaga (UMA) and the Department of Languages and Computer Systems at the University of Granada (UGR) have created a simulator that predicts in less than ten minutes the behavior of tsunamis generated by landslides. (2017-03-13)

Landslide fatalities are greater than previously thought
Landslides kill ten times more people across the world than was previously thought, according to research by Durham University, UK. (2012-08-15)

Can satellites be used as an early warning system for landslides?
Researchers from Newcastle University (UK), Chengdu University of Technology, Tongji University, China Academy of Space Technology and Wuhan University (China) have been tracking the massive landslide which struck Xinmo Village, Maoxian County, Sichuan Province in China. (2017-07-04)

$4 million grant funds new UW RAPID facility to investigate natural disasters worldwide
A new disaster investigation center housed at the University of Washington and funded by a $4 million National Science Foundation grant will collect and analyze critical data that's often lost in the immediate aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes but can help create more resilient communities. (2016-10-05)

Landslides: Experts seek ways to mitigate losses, danger said growing due to climate change
Asia suffered 220 landslides in the past century - by far the most of any world region - but those in North, Central and South America have caused the most deaths and injuries (25,000+) while Europe's are the most expensive - causing average damage of almost $23 million per landslide. And, warn international experts, climate change-related increases in the number and intensity of storms, including typhoons and hurricanes, will produce in tandem a rising danger of landslides in future. (2006-01-17)

The protest vote prevails when a landslide victory is expected
Researchers at the Juan March foundation and the Duke University have analyzed the reason for casting a protest vote as a way of expressing unhappiness with a party during elections. Moderate voters are more likely to vote in this way than those at the extreme left or extreme right of the political spectrum. (2011-11-18)

Giant robot helps prevent landslides
Fighting landslides is dangerous work, but help from space is on its way. Recent testing in Italy has shown that the four-tonne Roboclimber can secure slopes without endangering human lives, thanks to innovations from Europe's space programmes. (2005-01-12)

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