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Evidence of ancient lake in California's Eel River emerges
A catastrophic landslide 22,500 years ago dammed the upper reaches of northern California's Eel River, forming a 30-mile-long lake, which has since disappeared, and leaving a living legacy found today in the genes of the region's steelhead trout, report scientists at two West Coast universities. (2011-11-14)

MIT tool determines landslide risk in tropics
Engineers at MIT have devised a simple yet effective system for determining an area's landslide risk, a tool that could help planners improve building codes, determine zoning and strengthen mitigation measures in mountainous tropical regions frequently hit by typhoons. (2007-06-26)

Respond consortium making maps out of satellite images to support Pakistan disaster relief
European and international aid agencies responding to the South Asia Earthquake have been supported by rapidly-produced crisis and damage maps based on satellite images. (2005-10-28)

NASA looks at Typhoon Mawar, now heading to sea
Over the weekend of June 2-3, Typhoon Mawar skirted the east coast of the Philippines bringing heavy surf, heavy rainfall and gusty winds that led to several missing and injured people. NASA's TRMM satellite and Aqua satellite showed heavy rainfall and cloud extent of the storm. (2012-06-04)

An accurate way of predicting landslides
A landslide can seriously injure or even kill people. Now, a new early warning system will be the first to employ geological data in tandem with the latest weather forecasts to provide a concrete warning in emergency situations. (2013-03-13)

Landslides will continue to impact U.S.
Scenic rock cliffs falling to valley floors, rocks ripping out mountainsides, mud and debris moving down valleys at deadly speeds, mines and caves collapsing, and ocean and river bluffs sliding into the water -- all describe one of the nation's most underestimated hazards -- landslides. Major rockfalls have been the main geological culprit in the landslide family of late. In the last month, at least 10 fatalities have resulted from rockfalls in Hawaii, Colorado, and California. (1999-06-24)

Ground movement risks identified by Terrafirma
Ground movements are responsible for hundreds of deaths and billions of Euros annually, and the threat they pose is increasing due to urbanization and land use. ESA's GMES Service Element Program is backing a project, Terrafirma, to help mitigate these risks. (2006-09-08)

Seattle subject of new landslide hazard volume
This latest Reviews in Engineering Geology volume from the Geological Society of America brings together a wide range of approaches to the application of state-of-the-art geologic engineering methods to landslide hazard analysis in and around Seattle, Wash. Developed as a response to a 1997 major landslide disaster affecting communities surrounding the Puget Sound, this volume includes both historical and recent perspectives on landslides and landslide mitigation in the Seattle area. (2008-10-30)

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