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Wellesley research: Life's origins may result from low-energy electron reactions in space
At the American Astronomical Society national conference press briefings, Wellesley Professor Chris Arumainayagam presents findings from the first systematic study to demonstrate that early building blocks of life may be produced when low-energy (< 20 eV) electrons interact with cosmic (interstellar, planetary, and cometary) ices. (2016-06-13)
Mainz physicists provide important component for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
After a two-year operational pause and two months after its restart in April 2015, the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN research center is now again recording data at energies as high as never before. (2015-06-03)
National consortium proposes 20-mile-long collider
Cornell University consortium will draft research and development plans for the next large linear accelerator. (2002-04-19)
Notre Dame researchers to lead new science data preservation effort
A new project led by University of Notre Dame researchers will explore solutions to the problems of preserving data, analysis software and computational workflows, and how these relate to results obtained from the analysis of large datasets. (2012-11-29)
Fermilab experiment discovers a heavy relative of the neutron
Scientists of the CDF collaboration at DOE's Fermilab announced the observation of a new particle, the neutral Xi-sub-b. (2011-07-20)
CERN collaborates with Voltaire on grid technology project
Geneva, Switzerland and Bedford, Massachusetts, US, 17 May 2004. The European Particle Physics Laboratory CERN and Voltaire, a leading provider of InfiniBand solutions for high performance Grid computing, announced today that Voltaire is contributing to the CERN openlab for DataGrid applications. (2004-05-19)
Energy Secretary Moniz announces 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award winners
US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced nine exceptional US scientists and engineers as recipients of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for their contributions in research and development that supports the Energy Department's science, energy and national security missions. (2015-05-21)
Physicists eager to begin analysis of data from new, higher energy run of LHC
When experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland start collecting the first 13-teraelectronvolt particle collisions data today, a long wait will be over for three University of Massachusetts Amherst physicists, who now begin some of the most exciting years of their careers searching for new subatomic particles, evidence of extra dimensions and the nature of dark matter. (2015-06-03)
World's largest scientific Grid sustains a million jobs per month
A milestone for scientific Grid computing was announced today at the launch of EGEE'06, a major conference on scientific Grids hosted by CERN and held in Geneva this week. (2006-09-26)
CERN 50th anniversary celebrations approach their climax
CERN's 50th anniversary celebrations step up a gear in September, and reach a climax with an official celebration on 19 October. (2004-09-08)
DFG establishes 8 new Collaborative Research Centers
On July 1, 2008, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) will establish eight new Collaborative Research Centers. (2008-06-03)
University of Rochester plays key roles in search for Higgs boson
July 4, 2012, was an historic day in science with researchers at CERN announcing the discovery of a new particle that is (2012-07-06)
Physics Experiment Produces Highest-Energy Electrons And Positrons Ever Created In Man-Made Accelerator
Physicists at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) in Geneva have created the highest-energy electrons and positrons ever produced in a man-made particle accelerator. (1998-06-02)
JHU SAIS to host conference on bioterrorism and infectious diseases
The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies will hold a daylong conference, (2001-10-30)
Tiny drops of early universe 'perfect' fluid
New data from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider confirm that small nuclei can create tiny droplets of a perfect liquid primordial soup when they collide with larger nuclei. (2015-08-31)
Synergy between biology and physics drives cell-imaging technology
Developing techniques to image the complex biological systems found at the sub-cellular level has traditionally been hampered by divisions between the academic fields of biology and physics. (2008-06-02)
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