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Using AI to predict where and when lightning will strike
Researchers at EPFL have developed a novel way of predicting lightning strikes to the nearest 10 to 30 minutes and within a radius of 30 kilometers. The system uses a combination of standard data from weather stations and artificial intelligence. (2019-11-08)

Scientists find that lightning is good indicator of volcanic activity
Although it's been more than a year since Mount Augustine had its memorable eruption, work continues for University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers. The work of Alaska Volcano Observatory employees from UAF's Geophysical Institute will be appearing in the upcoming issue of the journal Science. (2007-03-28)

This Week from AGU: Weak solar activity could expose aircrews to higher radiation
Impending weak solar activity could expose aircrews to higher radiation levels. (2017-04-05)

Bats may benefit from wildfire
Bats face many threats -- from habitat loss and climate change to emerging diseases, such as white-nose syndrome. But it appears that wildfire is not among those threats, suggests a study from the University of California, Davis. (2019-12-05)

Oregon has its share of fire storms
Oregon, one state above California, is also having its share of fire storms and weather concerns. Five large fires/complexes are alight in the southwest corner of the state and all started on the same day with a region-wide lightning storm. (2018-08-07)

NOAA's GOES-S, T and U satellites are shaping up
As NOAA's GOES-R satellite goes through mechanical testing in preparation for launch in October 2016, the remaining satellites in the series (GOES-S, T, and U) are also making significant progress. (2016-01-08)

How does the sun's rotational cycle influence lightning activity on earth?
A collaborative research team in Japan has taken the first steps to understanding how the sun's rotational cycle influences lightning activity. They found answers in an unusual source -- diaries dating back to the 1700s. (2018-07-17)

NASA-NOAA satellite sees smoke from multiple fires in New Mexico
The USFo rest Service's Gila National Forest reported four naturally caused fires on July 4, 2019, and three of them generated enough smoke to be seen from space by satellite. (2019-07-05)

Hurricane Oscar on satellite imagery: A one-eyed little monster with a tail
Of course, tropical cyclones have one eye and with Halloween on the horizon, false-colored infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite brought out that eye in this small tropical monster with a tail of thunderstorms. (2018-10-30)

Signals from distant lightning could help secure electric substations
Side channel signals and bolts of lightning from distant storms could one day help prevent hackers from sabotaging electric power substations and other critical infrastructure, a new study suggests. (2019-02-26)

NASA satellite finds the world's most intense thunderstorms
A summer thunderstorm often provides much-needed rainfall and heat wave relief, but others bring large hail, destructive winds and tornadoes. Now with the help of NASA satellite data, scientists are gaining insight into the distribution of such storms around much of the world. (2006-10-26)

Fiber-optic cables capture thunderquake rumbles
Underground fiber-optic cables, like those that connect the world through phone and internet service, hold untapped potential for monitoring severe weather, according to scientists at Penn State. (2019-12-11)

Rare gamma-ray flare from a distant star disturbs Earth's daytime ionosphere
On Dec. 27, 2004, scientists detected the largest gamma-ray burst ever recorded. It came from a magnetar -- a neutron star with an enormous magnetic field -- 50,000 light years away. Its powerful rays penetrated deep into the ionosphere, the electrically conductive layer encircling Earth. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Stanford electrical engineering Professor Umran Inan will describe what scientists learned from this rare and dramatic atmospheric disturbance. (2006-02-19)

Earth science on the Space Station continues to grow
Two new Earth science instruments are scheduled to make their way to the station Feb. 18 on the SpaceX Dragon capsule. (2017-02-16)

Humans responsible for more wildfires than lightning, longer season and larger fire niche
A recent first-of-its-kind analysis of wildfire records over 20 years shows that human-started fires accounted for 84 percent of all wildfires, tripled the length of the fire season and dominated an area seven times greater than that affected by lightning-caused fires. Humans have 'a remarkable influence' on modern US wildfire regimes, they conclude. (2017-02-27)

Study: Ozone from rock fracture could serve as earthquake early warning
New research, published this week in the journal Applied Physics Letters, suggests that ozone gas emitted from fracturing rocks could serve as an indicator of impending earthquakes. (2011-11-17)

Thunderbolt of lightning, gamma rays exciting
University of Tokyo graduate student Yuuki Wada with colleagues from Japan discover a connection between lightning strikes and two kinds of gamma-ray phenomena in thunderclouds. The research suggests that in certain conditions, weak gamma-ray glows from thunderclouds may precede lightning bolts and their accompanying gamma-ray flashes. (2019-06-25)

A lightning strike in Africa helps take the pulse of the sun
Tel Aviv University's Professor Colin Price has developed a more definitive and reliable tool for measuring the sun's rotation when sunspots aren't visible -- and even when they are -- based on observations of common lightning strikes on earth. (2009-11-11)

Technofossils -- an unprecedented legacy left behind by humans
A new international study by academics from the University of Leicester highlights the unique nature of fossil footprint left behind by mankind. (2014-03-25)

Training course for chronic fatigue syndrome or ME is effective for children alongside specialist care
A training course that aims to ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome is effective and probably cost-effective when provided alongside specialist care for children with mild to moderate illness, finds a trial published by the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood. (2017-09-20)

Scientists locate parent lightning strokes of sprites
A research team from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported the location results for the parent lightning strokes of more than 30 red sprites observed over an asymmetric mesoscale convective system (MCS) on July 30, 2015 in Shandong Province, China. This is probably the most productive sprite-producing thunderstorm system ever reported in China. (2018-09-17)

Fires in the Yucatan Peninsula in April 2014
April is in the middle of the dry season, which runs from January through May in this region, and naturally coincides with fire season. (2014-04-25)

UNH researchers find unusual phenomenon in clouds triggers lightning flash
In a first-of-its-kind observation, researchers from the University of New Hampshire Space Science Center have documented a unique event that occurs in clouds before a lightning flash happens. Their observation, called 'fast negative breakdown,' documents a new possible way for lightning to form and is the opposite of the current scientific view of how air carries electricity in thunderstorms. (2019-04-10)

High above the storm clouds, lightning powers gamma-ray flashes and ultraviolet 'elves'
Using instruments onboard the International Space Station, researchers have observed millisecond pulses of gamma-rays produced by thunderstorms, clarifying the process by which these flashes are made, and discovering that they can produce an ultraviolet emission known as an 'Elve.' (2019-12-10)

University of Minnesota engineers make sound loud enough to bend light on a computer chip
University of Minnesota engineering researchers have developed a chip on which both sound wave and light wave are generated and confined together so that the sound can very efficiently control the light. (2014-11-26)

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2019
ORNL story tips: An additively manufactured polymer layer applied to specialized plastic proved effective to protect aircraft from lightning strikes in lab test; injecting shattered argon pellets into a super-hot plasma, when needed, could protect a fusion reactor's interior wall from runaway electrons; ORNL will celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Liane Russell on December 20. (2019-12-02)

Chasing thundersnow could lead to more accurate forecasts
The job of one University of Missouri researcher could chill to the bone, but his research could make weather predicting more accurate. Patrick Market, associate professor of atmospheric science in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is chasing storms in the dead of winter in order to release weather balloons that will produce data about the little-known phenomenon of thundersnow. (2009-01-13)

Cassini cameras spot powerful new lightning storm on Saturn
Following the recent detection of Saturnian radio bursts by NASA's Cassini spacecraft that indicated a rare and powerful atmospheric storm, Cassini imaging scientists have spotted the storm in an unlikely fashion: they looked for it in the dark. (2006-02-14)

More lightning news from inside hurricanes and tornadoes
Three news shorts from the Lightning Conference - 3D lightning imaging using interferometry, Hurricane lightning is muted, and Getting up close and almost too personal with a tornado. (1999-06-16)

Study defines thunderstorm asthma epidemic conditions
Researchers are exploring new ways of predicting thunderstorm asthma outbreaks that may one day provide early warnings for health professionals (2017-04-19)

Measuring the human impact of weather
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has announced today world records for the highest reported historical death tolls from tropical cyclones, tornadoes, lightning and hailstorms. It marks the first time the official WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes has broadened its scope from strictly temperature and weather records to address the impacts of specific events. (2017-05-18)

Happy Camper and July fire complexes in California
The Happy Camp and July Fire Complex can both be seen in this Aqua satellite image from Aug. 23, 2014. (2014-08-25)

Circadian light may relieve depressive symptoms in stroke rehab patients
Circadian lighting should be considered as part of rehabilitation unit environments, researchers said. (2017-02-22)

Study provides a new method to measure the energy of a lightning strike
By investigating 'fossilized' sand cylinders made by lightning strikes, sometimes thousands of years old, a University of South Florida geology professor's study provides a unique history of lightning and a new method to measure the energy contained in a single strike. (2016-08-03)

2.4 percent faster swimming with the dolphin kick
Professor Hideki Takagi, at the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Tsukuba and his colleagues, through joint research with Descente Ltd., have succeeded in developing a new high-performance swimsuit with a 'kick assist system' that improves the power of the dolphin kick. (2015-11-18)

Study shows lightning adds to ozone level
Lightning may be Mother Nature's greatest show on Earth, but scientists now know it can produce significant amounts of ozone and other gases that affect air chemistry.It can be responsible for as much as 90 percent of the nitrogen oxides in the summer and at the same time increase ozone levels as much as 30 percent in the free troposphere, the area that extends 3-8 miles above the Earth's surface. (2003-03-19)

Storm elves and sprites recorded on video
A team of Spanish researchers has made a high-speed recording of elves and sprites in storms, fleeting and luminous electric phenomena produced in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Their analysis of these observations has been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. (2010-06-10)

New NASA technology helps forecasters in severe weather season
NASA is providing new technology and satellite data to help forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) create the best possible forecasts of severe springtime weather. (2004-04-28)

How earthquakes deform gravity
Researchers at the German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ in Potsdam have developed an algorithm that for the first time can describe a gravitational signal caused by earthquakes with high accuracy. Tests with data from the 2011 earthquake near Fukushima show that the procedure could help to improve earthquake early warning systems in the future. (2020-02-21)

Ammonia sparks unexpected, exotic lightning on Jupiter
NASA's Juno spacecraft -- orbiting and closely observing the planet Jupiter -- has unexpectedly discovered lightning in the planet's upper atmosphere, according to a multi-institutional study led by the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). (2020-08-05)

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