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Scientists discover cells that control inflammation in chronic disease
A new type of immune cell that can be out of control in certain chronic inflammatory diseases, worsening the symptoms of conditions like psoriasis and asthma, is described for the first time this week in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. (2009-11-17)

GroPep to pursue promising asthma drug following preclinical study results
Adelaide biotechnology company GroPep has completed preclinical efficacy studies of its T-cell peptide drug candidate, in models of psoriasis and asthma. GroPep will undertake a market feasibility assessment for the use of the drug in asthma but will cease development for psoriasis. (2005-12-14)

Penn researchers find psoriasis patients at increased risk for heart attack
Psoriasis is an independent risk factor for myocardial infarction, and this risk is greatest in young patients with severe psoriasis, according to Joel M. Gelfand, M.D., M.S.C.E., assistant professor of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and lead author of the study that appears in the Oct. 11 issue of JAMA. (2006-10-10)

A multi-institutional study may offer clues for the treatment of some autoimmune diseases
Preliminary data confirm the hypothesis that use of the PNP inhibitor BCX-1777 to elevate plasma dGuo results in elevation of cellular dGTP and a corresponding reduction of leukemic T-cells. An evaluation of the clinical efficacy is scheduled to be determined in several Phase II clinical trials. Additionally, these data support use of PNP inhibitors in treatment of other T-cell proliferative disorders, such as psoriasis and rhematoid arthritis. (2004-04-19)

Immune cells make appendix 'silent hero' of digestive health
The research team, a collaborative partnership between the groups of Professor Gabrielle Belz of Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, and Professor Eric Vivier at the Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, France, found that innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are crucial for protecting against bacterial infection in people with compromised immune systems (2015-11-30)

Protein may be key to psoriasis and wound care
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder in which skin cells proliferate out of control. For some hard-to-heal wounds, the problem is just the opposite: Restorative skin cells don't grow well or fast enough. In a paper published in the June 21, 2012 issue of Immunity, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine describe a molecule that may lead to new treatments for both problems. (2012-06-21)

Study shows over 200 mobile apps related to dermatology
A surge in mobile apps related to dermatology has allowed scores of smart phone users to track and diagnose a wide range of skin diseases, but doctors are urging caution, according to a study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (2013-09-25)

Promoting wound repair
Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have identified a major role in promoting wound repair played by a mysterious type of immune cell that resides mainly in the skin and gut--the gamma-delta T cell. The findings, published in the current issue of the journal Science, should be important for scientists who are interested in treating diseases that arise from epithelial cell disorders, like asthma, psoriasis, cancers, and inflammatory bowel disease. (2002-04-25)

Psoriasis patients at increasing risk for range of serious medical conditions
Patients with mild, moderate and severe psoriasis had increasingly higher odds of having at least one major medical disease in addition to psoriasis, when compared to patients without psoriasis. Reporting findings in JAMA Dermatology, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, concluded that the severity of disease, as measured by the percentage of body surface area affected by psoriasis, was strongly linked to an increased presence of other diseases affecting the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas. (2013-08-07)

Cell death protein could offer new anti-inflammatory drug target
Scientists in Melbourne, Australia, have revealed the structure of a protein that is essential for triggering a form of programmed cell death, making possible the development of new drugs to treat chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. (2013-09-05)

Pilot studies to look at how mind drives or prevents disease
The newly formed Rochester Center for Mind-Body Research (RCMBR) today launched its first three pilot programs to explore how depression, personality and stress contribute to disease in the aging body. The announcement coincides with the center's annual board meeting, research presentation day and the kick-off of a mind-body lecture series. (2005-05-18)

Discovery of a new signaling mechanism may lead to novel anti-inflammatory therapy
A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine has uncovered a new signaling mechanism used to activate protein kinases that are critical for the body's inflammatory response. (2008-07-17)

Increased risk of skin cancer for psoriasis patients given ciclosporin
The risk of squamous cell cancer of the skin is increased in patients treated for psoriasis with ciclosporin in addition to photochemotherapy, conclude authors of a study in this week's issue of THE LANCET. (2001-09-27)

NICE gives backing for the use of advanced biological therapies to treat severe psoriasis
The U.K. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today issued guidance for the use of the targeted biological therapies, Enbrel® (etanercept) and Raptiva® (efalizumab), to treat adult patients with severe plaque psoriasis. However, top experts have expressed their concerns that many patients across Europe could still be denied treatment with this newest class of drugs due to funding issues. (2006-07-26)

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